Danielle Young in San Diego – The Road To Comic Con 2014

Danielle Young in San Diego BannerSDCCThe Road To Comic Con
By the time you read this, we should be safely in a foreign land– specifically San Diego California– home of the San Diego Comic Con. As anxiety and unfathomable excitement sets in, we’ve been inundated with nuggets of delightful news coming forth on a daily basis about guests, exclusive toys, and world premieres.

A quick summary of some of things we hope to see (so far):

THURSKiefer Sutherland, Hulk Hogan, Dean Norris, Seth Green, Jack Black, Sean Bean, Key and Peele, Jack McBrayer, Dan Harmon, Frank Miller, George RR Martin, Adam West, Rob Corddry, Aisha Tyler, Robert Kirkman and BETTY. FUCKING. WHITE.

FRIEvangeline Lilly, Adventure Time Cast, David Boreanaz, Troy Baker, Kurtwood Smith (Red Foreman!), Kirsten Schaal, Sansa, Arya, Jamie, The Hound, Brienne of Tarth and Jon Snuhhh of GOT, Chris Parnell, Jim Rash, Mike Tyson, Daniel Radcliffe, Robot Chicken (with Breckin Meyer!), the creators/cast of Rick and Morty, H Jon Benjamin and the Bob’s Burgers cast, the Archer cast (complete with Judy Greer), the Arrow cast, Kevin Smith and Kevin Conroy!


Matt Groening, Warner Brothers Studios and TV, James Spader, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller, Weird Al, the Cast of True Blood, John Barrowman, David S Goyer, MARVEL STUDIOS with Kevin Fiege (and *GUESTS*), DC Entertainment, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Michael Chiklis, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Emma Roberts, Chuck Palahniuk and David Fincher, the Mythbusters… And many, many more. This is the BIG guest day!

Sesame Street, Kevin Bacon, Sons of Anarchy cast with Katey Sagal (*swoon*) and Guillermo Del Toro

Of course, there’s also huge number of comic book creators– as well as many other members of the professional comic book and media community– who will be making appearances. It’s all very overwhelming. This being our first year, it’s so hard to decide whether or not to spend the entire weekend waiting in lines, or to spend the time exploring and mingling amongst our people. Apparently, lines for Saturdays ‘Hall H’ events– which include Marvel, Legendary Pictures, Dreamworks Animation, Sin City and Warner Brothers– starts lining up at 2am. Oh boy.

Comic Con Hall H Line

On top of all of the stresses of planning our weekend, I’ve also put together my very first cosplay. Here is what I have learned so far:

•  1.    PLAN AHEAD!! I had the idea in my head for months on end, but I didn’t start physically seeking out pieces of my costume until a month or so ago. I ordered custom contacts from a website that I have never used before– and they were lost in the mail once already.

DANI_ROADTOCOMICCONPHOTO1_19072014•  2.    Check out thrift shops and eBay before buying expensive, pre-made costumes. I have managed to put together a costume on a budget, and thanks to Value Village I have an entire outfit for about $20. A wig from eBay was about $10, plastic toy weapons came from the Dollar Store and water based body paint from Michaels craft store was about $12. Not only is it cheaper overall, but it is a lot more satisfying to piece together something bit by bit.

•  3.    Try out your costume a few times before the big day! I took one night to put together my face and let it sit for a while, just to see how it would hold up to activity and wear and tear. Though it may not hold up nearly as well in California heat, I have a pretty good idea of how long it will take to put together every morning.

And so here we sit, just hours before our very first trip to San Diego Comic Con.

Be still, my heart.

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Weekday Afternoon Music

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IMJ Daily Links™


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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Extended trailer

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Extended 5-minute ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ clip

Past ‘Hellblazer’ writers weigh in on ‘Constantine’ TV show

New stills from ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies’

AMC expands ‘The Walking Dead’ with ‘No Man’s Land’ mobile game in 2015

New ‘TMNT’ trailer

Hayley Atwell confirms Peggy Carter will return in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Edgar Wright plans ‘Baby Driver’ for next film

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 promo banner

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Executive producer of ‘Gotham’ talks cops and superheroes

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IMJ Pics of the Day

Famous Chunkies Series by Alex Solis

(Click on any illustration to see LARGER images!)

Solis created this fantastic series to “raise awareness about unhealthy eating”.

All the art is fun– but also on point. With the Turtles voracious love for pizza, they would weigh at least 500 pounds each by now.

[Xombie Dirge]
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Irene L. Pynn’s The Princess and Her Playstation™ – The Vegetarian’s Guide To Eating Pokémon!

Irene L Pynn The Princess and Her Playstation™ BannerPikachuVegetarian Guide Banner

We’ve all been there: Endless travels from town-to-town battling gym leaders, defeating little kids, impressing guys and gals alike… And then one hot afternoon, you find that lunch didn’t really satisfy, and you’d like a snack before dinner. You check the trees– bare. You check the ground– dry. You check your pockets– Pokémon.

So, which ones can you eat?

For a large portion of the world, there’s a simple answer to this: Any of them. As long as you’re a meat-eater, every Pokémon you own is fair game. Sizzle ‘em up and chow down.

But what if I’m a vegetarian?

In this case, the answer is a little more complicated. I’ll have to ask you some questions about your diet.

Are you a vegetarian because of health concerns? (See our “HEALTH” section!)

Are you a vegetarian because of ethical concerns? (See our “ETHICS” section!)


(Please Note: This HEALTH section refers to the health of the diner– not the Pokémon.)

There are many health concerns that lead to vegetarianism, so for brevity’s sake I’ll stick to two of the most common dietary restrictions: NO meat at all and NO red meat

If your doctor has told you to avoid all meat, your motivations may be different– but you can skip down to the ETHICS section of this analysis because the outcome for your meal may be the same.

But perhaps you avoid only red meat, and you still call yourself a vegetarian. In this case, there are some delicious Pokémon on the menu!


Pidove is a great and tasty option for the hungry Pokémon master who’s also watching his cholesterol. Once you’ve plucked and prepared this feathery flying type, you have a dish of tender, almost sweet Pokémon poultry that anyone will agree tastes better than the cage-grown, plastic-wrapped Pokémon they try to push on you at the supermarket. You’ve trained this Pidove. You’ve let it fly free at your side for weeks. You’ve bonded. Now it’s time to eat.

Remember: A happy Pidove is a delicious Pidove.

Yeah, but I’m not really into fowl…

MagikarpWell then, consider frying up your Magikarp. This is an uncommon recipe for a common Pokémon, and it can really hit the spot! If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even bake this delectable companion in breadcrumbs and (low-fat) butter.

However, those whose physicians have warned against eating red meat should avoid many creatures, lest a higher dose of Lipitor be in your future. The Pokémon to cross off your diet include, but are not limited to the following:

Mareep, Tepig, Miltank, Skitty or Pansage

Always use your common sense and your Pokédex to help determine whether eating a particular Pokémon is right for your diet.


Okay, so you avoid meat because you have an ethical concern– rather than a personal health concern. There is actually more than one way to address this, as well: You refuse to eat the meat of anything that is clearly an animal, or you refuse to eat the meat of anything that is clearly sentient.

If we want to, we could get seriously existential about the meaning of the words “animal” and “sentient.” But you’re hungry, so let’s get going with simple definitions:

Anything we call an “animal” will be something that is not a plant. Anything we call “sentient” will be something that demonstrates it can think and interact with the world around it.

This is where we face a difficult question. Is a grass-type Pokémon a plant? For instance, if you are an ethical vegetarian who refuses to eat anything that is an animal, can you eat a Bulbasaur?

BulbasaurNo. I’m sorry, but you cannot eat Bulbasaur.

But it looks so yummy!

You’re right. It is, if you cook it properly.

However, an ethical vegetarian cannot justify cooking and consuming Bulbasaur. Though it is, indeed, a “grass type” Pokémon, it is not actually grass– any more than Pikachu is electricity or Oshawott is water.

Bulbasaur is clearly a reptile (which makes it a good option for the non-red meat eaters!) that simply harnesses the power of plants for use in battle.

The bulb growing on Bulbasaur’s back is technically actually fine to eat– but only if it falls off on its own. Removing the bulb WILL result in serious damage to Bulbasaur– who uses it for energy… Therefore, it cannot be recommended as an option for ethical vegetarians.

It is also worth noting that Bulbasaur is a grass AND poison type Pokémon. This means a chef must take extra care when preparing this particular dish, as it can lead to serious indigestion– and even a lack of appetite for eating Pokémon in the future.

But do not despair, ethical eaters! A few Pokémon actually are plants. These include, but are not limited to the following:

Sunflora, Bellossom, Petilil, Sunkern or Cherubi

Sunflora by Kevichan

In fact, if you manage to gather several of these, wash them up and chop them in a large bowl! You’ll have one of the most satisfying salads ever made!

Finally, for those ethical vegetarians who refuse to eat anything with sentience, there is only one answer to the question of which Pokémon you can eat:

Sorry. All Pokémon think and interact with the world around them. All Pokémon are essentially pets or wild creatures– and that means you’re just going to have to go hungry until you hit the next town… Where you can order a delicious dinner that meets your dietary requirements.

Come to think of it, you can even share some dinner with Pidove when you’re done.

[Bulbasaur by Emu Toons, Sunflora by Kevichan]
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Insideman’s Weekly Stack™

INSIDEMAN'S WEEKLY STACK LOGOWeekly Stack 7.16.14Weekly Stack 7.16.14 Banner

The Weekly Stack™ for 7.16.14– profiled soon in an all new Insideman’s Pull List!

This Weekly Stack weighs in at 25 Pounds 7 oz
(11.65 Kilograms or 1.835 Stone)
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Boom! Studios Comic Book Previews: The Amazing World of Gumball #2 + Bravest Warriors #22

Amazing World of Gumball #2 Cover A

The Amazing World of Gumball #2
Writer: Frank Gibson
Artist: Tyson Hesse
Release Date: July 23rd

Gumball and Darwin might have done of lot of things that could be considered immature and dangerous in the long years that they’ve been alive, but none of that even comes close to what they’re about to do in this issue. May Anais have mercy on their souls…

Bravest Warriors #22
Writer: Kate Leth
Artist: Ian McGinty
Release Date: July 23rd

The Bravest Warriors know how to save the universe and they know how to save it good! But what happens when it’s the universe’s time to save them? It’s going to be a crazy mission but maybe the universe is up to it, and if not, then hopefully Catbug will come up with something. Right?

Bravest Warriors #22 Cover A

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