Inveterate Media Junkies™ 12 Days of… [Video #1]

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6 Responses to Inveterate Media Junkies™ 12 Days of… [Video #1]

  1. Stamps says:

    Cute. Jose as a penguin makes me laugh

  2. ktnish88 says:

    I LOVE these videos! These will give me a serious laugh for the next 12 days. Thanks, Ian and Jose.

  3. Locusmortis says:

    I’m not sure if thats funny or disturbing! ;)

  4. msj3rrica says:

    that made my day!! Jose u should send that out as ur xmas card lol ;-D

  5. Adam727 says:

    Elliot as a walrus would be funny lol

    Good job, guys!

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