Sunday Morning Sequentials™- Shane Carey’s The Mediators™ 3.4.12

Welcome to The Mediators™

What you are reading is a certified internet webcomic phenomenon. Read by THOUSANDS (and by that, I mean the 1st installment has had well over 10,000+ reads in just one week), The Mediators™ deserves every bit of the praise being heaped upon it.

We always knew that Inveterate Media Junkies was the perfect place for webcomics. Our previous offering was very popular too… But this… This is just NUTS.

Heap your praise on Mr. Shane Carey! We don’t do anything but press the “publish” button.

Here are all the pages (so far)…

The Mediators are © and ™ 2012 by Shane Carey and appear here with his express permission.
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8 Responses to Sunday Morning Sequentials™- Shane Carey’s The Mediators™ 3.4.12

  1. Morlock50 says:

    Impressive preview.

  2. ed2962 says:

    Very nice, Shane! Do you have a deviant art page or gallery online somewhere?

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