Secret Kitten! One of the Most Shocking Vid Shorts Ever Made

Trapped in a world she never made, a young girl dreams of a glittery place free of pain and strife… Only to constantly be persecuted by her brothers and sisters… Having to fight for every scrap of food. The only time this five month old Kitten, named Secret, can ever be at peace is in her dreams… Where she has a hunger for games overflowing with fish-filled streams and fields of wild catnip.

This is the story of one preteen’s life… Her bitter struggle caught Live on Video for the audience’s enjoyment. Will her dreams ever become reality or will her brothers and sisters win out? Only time will tell.

Sometimes you post stuff because you can. Other times, you hesitate… Wondering if your audience can handle the content. This shocking short has been sitting in our post files for over a year.

Its time has finally come!

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2 Responses to Secret Kitten! One of the Most Shocking Vid Shorts Ever Made

  1. kurumais says:

    awwwww sleeeepy kittehs

  2. J.Jimenez says:

    That was very hard to watch. It will haunt me for the rest of my days… Oh, what a world!

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