How Toy Story 2 Almost Got Completely Deleted [Video]

Yes, almost the entire film. Before release.

If this isn’t a testament that people should be allowed to Work From Home, nothing is…

(And yes, one of the narrators sounds almost like Danny Pudi.)

[Via Deadline]

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2 Responses to How Toy Story 2 Almost Got Completely Deleted [Video]

  1. Matthew Guy says:

    The person that typed in those commands that almost deleted Toy Story 2 without the backup would have been the story of an executive strangling an employee akin to Homer Simpson & Bart Simpson. It would be Bill Bixby green eyes glowing time up OH! you are going for the you are going down.


  2. NicktheStick says:

    And to think one of my favourtie (fav being the first one) almost got entirely deleted/delayed, and may not have been the same if it wasnt for that mother working at home. Crazy!

    Oh and I accidentally posted with the wrong email address…. So this might be doubled…

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