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Unable to settle for knowing just one thing, Aimee Kuzenski has turned her life into a quest to know all the things. With degrees in both theater and electrical engineering– and a voracious interest in the world around her– she spends her days as a technical writer and her evenings writing fantasy, science fiction and romance. She also practices Filipino Stick Fighting, which could be the best stress relief ever.

Her first novel, Eye of the Storm, is a modern fantasy about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. She’s currently working on the sequel to that book, as well as a romance novel about swingers and non-monogamy. When not writing, Aimee gobbles up Movies, TV, Books… And her friends’ time.

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Nick Furi is a comic nerd, marketing enthusiast, degree holder, hopeless romantic and enjoyer of all good things. When Nick isn’t reading comics and contributing to IMJ Comic Book Review and IMJ Odds & Ends with Nick Furi columns, he is doing one of 3 things: 1) Watching Netflix 2) Enjoying a tasty pint or 3) Writing poems, songs and stories that no one has heard or read. Note: He can possibly be found doing all of these things at once. Nick has been a regular commenter on IMJ and is excited to become a contributor.

P.S. Furi is pronounced Fury… So, yeah… He’s a superhero!

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Pete Mohs is a musician in Minneapolis who’s been playing instruments for most of his life. Pete’s earliest musical memories are piano lessons in the second grade and singing way-too-loudly at grade school concerts. These days, his instrument of choice is the guitar– and he has a small family of them. (He does have a favorite, just don’t tell the others.)

Pete’s been playing guitar since the day after his 18th birthday, started his first band six months after that… And hasn’t stopped dreaming of being a rock star. He’s recorded acoustic instrumental music, songs with bands for compilations– and a full album. He currently plays guitar in the Minneapolis cover band FlashMob!.

An avid golfer, Pete can often be found on the course (when it’s nice out) or watching it at home swinging his clubs in his living room. This, of course, is when he’s not practicing his guitar.

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Simon J. O’Connor was born in Ireland but bred in France– and graduated from a Business School in Bordeaux. Simon is currently living in Paris. where he is only getting started with his adult life. When he is not wandering the Parisian streets looking for trouble (like the badass he is), Simon fills his life with a huge amount of books, comics, music & movies. He’s a huge fan of Arcade Fire & The Pixies… Fell in love with Russian authors (especially Tolstoï and Dostoïevsky) a long time ago, and has a profound love for Terrence Malick films. He also adores Monet and used to spend hours at the MoMA staring at Water Lilies when he was living in NYC.

When he’s not being a geek, he likes having crazy parties in classy apartments, and he never says no to a good adventure– ask him to run aimlessly across the globe with you, or to simply do something stupid and childish, and he’ll do it happily. After all, do you really think there will ever be enough madness in one’s life? Allons-y Alonso! As a helpless dreamer, he still believes he’ll finish (surely tomorrow, or the day after!) the collection of short stories he started writing a while ago. One of his dearest projects is to publish this book someday. Here’s to hope!

Besides his weekly comic book review for IMJ, look for Simon’s monthly column debuting soon!

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Stephanie M. Wytovich is the Poetry Editor for Raw Dog Screaming Press, a book reviewer for Nameless Magazine, and a well-known coffee addict. She is a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association and a graduate student in Seton Hill University’s MFA program for Writing Popular Fiction. Stephanie’s poetry collection, HYSTERIA, can be found here.

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MSpot is heavily involved in film and video making. His professional works include everything from music videos, documentaries to sports broadcasts—and even wedding videos (when he needed the money). He has been operating on YouTube under the username TheMSpot since March 2009. The anonymity allows him to speak his mind without his reviews or views affecting him professionally.

He originally planned to use his YouTube Channel as a place to post video reviews of comic books, graphic novels and movies. Before jumping into the fray, he decided to check who was out there doing what—which eventually lead to the creation of his own Blog and this “spot” as regular contributor to the Inveterate Media Junkies site.

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Blake Hausladen is a salesman— not the yucky used-car kind, but a put-a-good-book-in your-hands-and-convince-you-to-read-it kind. He has survived two decades in the financial industry armed with degrees in English, Finance, and Operations, and is happiest when researching and writing the books he means to sell you. Beware the handshake.

Blake currently works in Chicago and writes in his free time. You can find Blake on tour promoting Native Silver Book Two of the Vesteal Series. (See his schedule at Rook Creek Books.)

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What can you say about Ed… Other than he wastes money he can’t afford on comics nobody reads, movies nobody likes, and rock bands that broke up ten years ago… Or that ghetto beer he drinks is destroying his brain and that questionable food he eats is clogging his chest? Hopefully he’ll get his act together before it’s too late! A BIG PLUS: In person (and in emails) he’s very polite.

Ed can be found at his Site YouTube

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Lliana Bird has established herself as a diverse and eclectic presenter, having worked across a variety of entertainment mediums from Radio and TV, presenting documentaries, culture shows and music shows. Not only a talented presenter, Lliana also writes, produces and pitches her own shows for Radio and Television. She currently hosts the Saturday & Sunday 4pm – 8pm shows on Xfm 104.9 in London.

Besides her extremely popular work as a Radio Presenter for Xfm, Lliana has worked extensively for the BBC. Shew has now graciously agreed to lend her talent to the IMJ Podcasts and become “THE VOICE” of the Inveterate Media Junkies NetworkAs a new SURGE of activity begins with at least TWO entertainment related PODCASTS planned per month! IMJ is very lucky to have Lliana– and we hope to continue to utilize her fabulous talent even more as IMJ continues to grow!


Irene L. Pynn writes fantasy and light science fiction for adults, young adults, and children. Her work spans novels, plays, transmedia events, and more. Most of her work focuses on internal conflicts told through speculative metaphors: From Light to Dark is a high fantasy that features a Romeo and Juliet theme. In it, two teens from opposing worlds come together to resolve the conflicts of their ancestors. For the release of that novel, Irene also wrote and produced a transmedia event called Creepy Luny Inn’s Radio Adventure Show, aka Myth of the Seeker with her alternate reality group, Pistolsniffer Industries. This was an interactive radio drama and treasure hunt that allowed listeners to vote on the outcome of each episode.

Irene has served as a writer and video editor for Pistolsniffer since the group was founded, and she has worked on other alternate reality games such as Man of the People, Purity Towers, and LARP Hard. She also works as the creator and main writer for the email-based text adventure game, Transition Village. Irene is currently a student in University of Central Florida’s Texts and Technology PhD program, which basically means fewer people give her funny looks for reading her text books on Kindle. For the most part, Irene writes what she likes to read, which are character-driven stories of alternate realities. She likes to throw her characters into alternate worlds to see how they live their “normal” lives in the midst of magical or technological changes.

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