My Pull List™ – Insideman’s Weekly Hardcover & Graphic Novel Picks for 11.3.10


If you are a comic book floppy lover, then this might be a light– or disappointing– week for you. But since I am a 99.9% “Wait for the Hardcover or the Trade Paperback” kind of guy– this is one of those “take it in the shorts” weeks for me.

1 DC Statue, 1 DC Absolute Edition and 2 Marvel Omnibi– ALL in the SAME WEEK?!? My mailman’s gonna KILL me (unless he dies trying to deliver all this stuff first!)

Seriously, are they f***ing kidding? Does anybody at the distributor bother to look at these release lists and maybe, just maybe mutter, “Wonder if Marvel wouldn’t mind releasing one of their Omnibus Editions next week?” The answer, sadly, is “No”– especially since they probably have THREE MORE similar collections to release in SEVEN DAYS anyway.

Arcana Comics, I did my best to support you. I purchased a ton of your Graphic Novels SIGHT UNSEEN (read 40+ books). Even though I was woefully disappointed with at least half of them, I continued to buy… As if I were under some sort of obligation to blindly support every member of the independent comic book press.

I finally woke up a couple of weeks ago and made a deal with myself: I would no longer buy books from Arcana Comics if I could not locate at least a 3 to 5 page preview for each collection.

Please note, I do not feel as if I was suddenly being overly demanding as a consumer by making that demand either– as I generally do NOT even bother to read the previews I do find. I just look at the samples to see if I am attracted to the vibe of the art– and if I think the book is telling a decent story. If I don’t like what I see, I move on. Conversely, if I remotely think a preview is headed in a direction I will enjoy– I buy the damn thing.  No more questions asked.

Once I purchase enough of a company’s books, I have a very good idea— “Yes” or “No”– whether or not I think I will enjoy their subsequent output… Or sometimes the uneven quality & creativity within a publisher’s line will put their works in that iffy hit-or-miss category.

Unfortunately for Arcana, their books have generally fallen firmly in my nebulous “middling” zone. To add insult, the company has seemingly made it near impossible to locate any previews for their books. This drives me mad. Since I can no longer tell if I am about to spend anywhere from $15 to $20 on something I may very well NOT like… I have decided to honor the deal I made with me— and pass on every single Arcana title I cannot find a preview of.

No preview. No money.

Arcana’s lack of preview material cost my fave retailer close to $65.00 USD in sales this week. I am sure this depresses them and believe it or not– upsets me greatly as well… Because, remember– I wrote at the beginning I have always tried to support Arcana.

We live in the days where one piece of relatively inexpensive software can easily produce a comic book preview. Yet, Arcana DOESN’T make previews of their books readily available. (For the record, I do NOT count discovering 3 or 4 uncolored, unlettered pages on some unknown artist’s website as a professional promotional effort by Arcana.)

This amazing lack of promotion leaves me stuck believing one or two things (if not both) about the company: Either they are amazingly shortsighted in their promotional/sales efforts or they know that many of their products suck.

So instead of spending good money on the iffy unknown, I put the $65 I saved toward a Marvel Omnibus that I had been undecided on due to the overall cost of my weekly bill.

Arcana, I cannot be the only one frustrated by your lack of promotional foresight.

3 (Three) GN – Arcana: Strike One!
Absolute All Star Superman HC – A no-brainer
Arcana Team-Up GN – Arcana: Strike Two!
Avengers X-Men Maximum Security GN – Late Nineties? No thanks!
Bartimaeus  Vol 1 GN
Batman and Robin Deluxe Edition Vol 2 Batman Vs Robin HC

I love the one word PULL QUOTE from the EW Magazine... As if this ONE WORD is enough to convince a buyer to plop down $24.99 for this book. Do these kind of assumptions make you feel like a sheep... MUCH?

Batman Battle For The Cowl GN – Anybody watch CCW*TV back in 9/09 knows about Jose’s famous THREE VIDEO rant against this book!
Boys Vol 7 The Innocents GN
BPRD Vol 14 King of Fear GN
Classic Jurassic Park Vol 1 GN – Classic? Really? Makes you wonder if they thought “Classic” and “Jurassic” just sounded cool together. (‘Cause they do!)
Cold Space GN

Mean. Mean. Mean.

Denys Wortman’s New York GN – Gorgeous art
Doctor Who Coming of Terraphiles HC – Prose Novel
Doctor Who Only Good Dalek GN

The vast majority of reviewers in the UK (this book hit there first) call this GN the BEST Doctor Who comic in a long time-- maybe ever!

Ghostbusters Haunted Holidays GN
Green Hornet Year One GN
Green Lantern Agent Orange GN – Own the Hardcover
Heroic Age GN
How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less HC

Love books like this!

Human Target GN
Icons: DC & Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee HC – Expensive and I have seen Jim Lee’s art
Kill Shakespeare Vol 1 GN – Ready to try
Lady Death Origins Vol 1 GN – I cannot wholeheartedly recommend this on any level
Little Lulu Vol 25 GN
On the Case with Holmes & Watson Vol 2 GN – May Holmes & Watson can find Vol 1. I never saw it for sale.
On the Case with Holmes & Watson Vol 3 GN
Sense and Sensibility HC – Sucker for a TRUE classic. Warning! NO raptors or Zombies!
Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale HC – Sure. Why not?

Serenity Now!

Sgt Rock The Lost Battalion GN – Own the Hardcover
Shadow Double Novel Vol 42 SC
Shadowflame GN – Arcana: Strike Three!
Siege GN – Only if I am out of toilet paper
Squadron Supreme by Mark Gruenwald Omnibus HC

Don't let that $1.25 in the corner of that old comic book cover reproduction fool you! That's just Marvel's way of reminding you how much they are gouging you for when you buy this Omnibus!

Thor by Michael Straczynski Omnibus HC
Transformers Spotlight Nefarious Vol 1 GN
Turok Son of Stone Archives Vol 7 HC
Velvet Rope GN – Arcana: Strike Four!
Wonderdog Inc GN

Bakuman Vol 2

Jose talks a lot about this Manga... I wonder if the TRACK SUIT / COMIC BOOK STORE motif has anything to do with it?

Crimson Hero Vol 14
D. Gray-Man Vol 19
Genkaku Picasso Vol 1


If this is as cool INSIDE as it is on the OUTSIDE..

Hikaru no Go Vol 21
Shonen Jump Dec 2010


DC Chronicles: Superman Statue- Already lovin’ on this here!

BAD ASS SUPES as sculpted by Tim Bruckner

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One Response to My Pull List™ – Insideman’s Weekly Hardcover & Graphic Novel Picks for 11.3.10

  1. PILKK90 says:

    i couldnt find bakuman in 2 comic shops today, either it sold out or they didnt bother putting it up yet

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