CCW 3.102: LAST RANTS! WTF JMS?! (& have comics reached the end of the road)

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20 Responses to CCW 3.102: LAST RANTS! WTF JMS?! (& have comics reached the end of the road)

  1. mattcd42 says:

    Is it more official to respond here, on the ccw blog, on just on youtube anymore? Also isn’t triple posting cheating? Though you should cheat, because you all should be winning.

  2. PILKK90 says:

    all hail the might of IMAGE!

  3. Awesome Elliot and what a great episode. Interesting to hear about the dying industry. Oh and how I am looking forward to reading the Earth One hardcover I won Jose…hehe
    I actually never read a Superman Origin Story(got 5 books in total) there might actually be something in there for me…?

  4. I’m with Insideman in saying that you can comment anywhere you want. If you wanna make a comment here and repeat it elsewhere, I have no problem. If you guys only comment here and not on the CCW*BLOG, no worries. The CCW*TV blog will have it’s place in the CCW Nation, as does the IMJ blog. We want you guys to feel free to talk wherever you feel most comfortable. 🙂


    • Insideman says:

      Elliott is spot on.

      Inveterate Media Junkies was conceived as a way for JOSE to grow and chart new aspects of his career.

      That’s it.

      He and I are determined to make the IMJ website the best it can be.

      There is room for everyone to play and no act has been undertaken in an effort to exclude anyone. From the number of hits this site is getting everyday, we are GROWING… And we hope more and more people joining the conversation.


      (Except raving assholes. You’re not welcome here.)

  5. TheMSpot says:

    Fuck the mainstream!!!

    I think that’s been Kirkman’s personal mission statement since 2003. 🙂

    • Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

      And he has going gangbusters ever since!

      The tv show had 8 million total viewing (including the reairing ratings) the season finalle. I think a mini marathon of all 6 episodes back to back helped too on AMC Sunday night.

      Kirkman is King!

      Quality comics — superhero & zombies

      As a mainstream reader (mainly DC), I will confess I read The Walking Dead first from my monthly stack of comics before I read my stack of Superman comics (then the rest of my stack afterwards). It is THAT good!

      I read Invincible in HC format & double dip w/ the Walking Dead in HC as well.


      • mattcd42 says:

        I love a lot of Kirkman books too, but I think he’s so good now, because he was given a chance to bounce back from a few misses. For instance I honestly believe Tech Jacket was not a strong comic, don’t get me wrong there’s worse, but seeing how that played out I think had him take a slightly different direction with Invincible at some point.

        But long live the Walking Dead and Invincible, great stuff.

        • Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

          True & I dont know about his Battle Pope comic (non Cataholic person here) or his werewolf comic, Astounding Wolf-Man.

          The point I am making is he did his time at Marvel, indie & worked through Image to be the “big cheese maker” making some cheese at Image.

          I wish him & Image comics very well.


          I still miss FELL.

      • wyoung316 says:

        With “8 million total viewing”, I’d declare The Walking Dead *is* mainstream now. Hope the quality stays high *cross fingers*.

  6. SmokeyClocks says:

    they killed off doctor voodoo and this is the first i heard of it? i guess since they aren’t planning an event around his death and rebirth he doesn’t get the same coverage. so who are they going to have be sorcerer supreme?

  7. Mike F says:

    “How long have you known about Joe Quesada running that shithole?”

    hahahah, Best line!!

  8. Deemar says:

    Been gone a minute.

    Image has been doing some good stuff lately, I’m really looking forward to Butcher Baker:The Righteous Maker

  9. Locusmortis says:

    Monthly comics are new to europeans?

    Spirou? Pilote? Metal Hurlant

    And Acme Novelty Library is shit now? When did that happen?

    • J. says:

      I personally LOVE Acme. I was just using it as an example of a “hipster” comic. And I don’t know where the “monthly comics are new to Europeans” thing came from. Elliott says some really dumb shit sometimes. 🙂

  10. wyoung316 says:

    Did no one like the JMS Brave N Bold issue featuring WW/Zatanna/Barbara Gordon?

    • constantanius says:

      I loved that issue, in fact I liked it almost more than his first issue with dial H for Hero with Batman. Very good stories in that series. Now I only wish they would come out more than once every 6 months or whatever it’s been since the last one!

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