Inveterate Media Junkies™ PODCAST #4 All New!

“The one where Ian tells Jose that Scott Snyder and Jock’s Detective Comics #871 is his pick for the BEST COMIC of 2010!”

DECEMBER 7, 2010


We hope you have as much fun listening as we did making this podcast!


‘Tis The Season To Tell It Like It Is… And Insideman Ian MacMillan and Comic Retailer/Webmaster/Vlogger & Blogger Extraordinaire Jose Melendez prescribe a MASSIVE LUMP OF COAL as  a “present” for the ill-advised, ill-conceived and illogical REBOOT of Buffy the Vampire Slayer– the EXACT same film being promoted by a slew of powerful filmmakers who have decided it’s “A-OK” to proceed WITHOUT the participation of Buffy’s Creator and Guiding Master, Joss Whedon.

Not satisfied with simply sampling that cold, pitiful bowl of winter gruel, The Boys then turn their attention to Dan Slott’s second “solo” issue of Amazing Spider-man– Issue #649. Unfortunately, things are much worse than were initially anticipated and look to be going downhill fast. Listen in SORROW as Peter Parker REGRESSES back to his bumbling, immature, lying persona of 20+ years ago! Sadly, this is the among the book’s LEAST offenses. WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS NUMEROUS RANTS & CAN BE ADDICTIVE TO PEOPLE WHO ENJOY ACTIVE INTELLIGENT DISCOURSE ON COMICS.

NEXT UP: Batwoman #0. KATE KANE is one of Jose’s favorite characters from the Batman Family. Find out if Issue #0 meets ALREADY HIGH expectations or defeats Mr. Melendez INSIDE the PODCAST! Cringe in fear as Ian– ever in need of realism– takes the writers to task for one of the silliest time snafus to ever appear in Modern Comics.

SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST, Jose and Ian serve up a HEALTHY EXAMINATION of ONE of 2010’s BEST COMICS (if not the ABSOLUTE BEST): Writer Scott Snyder and Artist Jock’s Detective Comics #871.

Already SOLD OUT and SLATED FOR A 2ND PRINT, sit back with a smooth cup of Apple Cider and warm the cockles of your heart as you discover that, in fact, these TWO COMIC BOOK GRINCHES BOTH REALLY DO HAVE HEARTS… As long as they are DISCUSSING QUALITY COMIC BOOKS written and drawn by TALENTED, CONSCIENTIOUS CREATORS, that is.

It is a discussion you do NOT want to miss… As you’ll learn more about WHAT MAKES A GOOD COMIC than you EVER thought possible– and in just a few minutes!


ALL in ALL… A JAM PACKED HOUR (PLUS a few more BONUS minutes!) sure to INFLAME & INSPIRE. You’ll laugh, You’ll cry… But BEST of all, you’ll FEEL LIKE A COMIC FAN!

Hosted by Jose Melendez and Insideman, the Inveterate Media Junkies Podcast is a no-holds barred straight-forward examination and opinion forum concentrating on virtually ALL forms of media and pop culture, including: Comic Books, Television, Film & Music.

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65 Responses to Inveterate Media Junkies™ PODCAST #4 All New!

  1. ok got it. will listen to it later as i trudge throught the mountain of snow as i take the dog for a walk later.

    check your inbox insideman an early christmas present awaits you

  2. MyComicLife says:

    Awesome podcast as always…
    loved the mini shadowland rant, its true…i still dont believe that Andy Diggle wrote that shit, could have been an Andy Diggle LMD that Quesada has laying around in his basement, come to think of it …he could be having alot of different LMD’s for different writers……………………………Bendis………………..

    • Mike F says:

      I completely agree. Joey Q saw that the DD book was selling and he pushed him to do an event. There’s NO FUCKING WAY it can get so bad so quickly. Its not normal, and I trust Diggle. He was thrown under the bus EVEN AFTER Joey Q said no more events and tried to cover it up as an event by called it a LIMITED SERIES.

    • Insideman says:

      I loved it too, MCL.

      I wasn’t expecting it though… As we had not discussed it beforehand. That was PURE PASSION per Mr. Melendez.

      This week, I am going to surprise Jose with my RAMBUNCTIOUS RANT on JUGHEAD DOUBLE DIGESTS!

  3. dammit you guy’s always get me at the end with song 2 god i do love Blur

  4. Venom829 says:

    Yet another great podcast guys! My best guess as to why we in Canada got our comics on Wednesday, and you git your comics on Thursday, is that we have Thanksgiving Day in October, and you get it in Novemeber. That’s my best theory.

  5. mattcd42 says:

    To the Spider-Man enemies is something I’ve noticed in all Marvel books. It seems like creators have reign to just kill or change up any ‘old’ enemies they want, and certainly new ones. With two exceptions. The first is if the character has a book or mini of his own currently or within ‘recent’ history. Second is if the character was written by Stan Lee, where even if they changed, they will always revert to their original imagining.

    This shows in the scorpion currently. Or any time that Marvel is unsure of their base characters that they revert to their golden age, the silver age.

    • Insideman says:

      A very cool observation Matt.

      Maybe Stan got that clause put into his last Marvel Pay-Off. (Sly, intelligent Bastard!)

      Speaking of which, I shit you not– I chatted to Stan Lee at the MALL… And then I chatted with Dennis Franz at The Gap… Who I promised to write a show for, like, immediately.

      And then I called Jose on the phone and forgot to tell him I saw and spoke with both of them! CRAZY!

      • mattcd42 says:

        That is crazy… just crazy enough to happen to you!

        I hope your conversation with Mr. Lee was more highbrow than his part in Mallrats, and better than his interview with ilikecomicstoo. (a youtube reviewer if you don’t know, and if you ever want to hear an angry rant, inquire about that)

        Also youz guyz now are gonna have me go and see if I can get that Detective Comics issue. Dangnabbit, I just can’t say no to a good comic, or oreos.

        • Insideman says:

          I was taking my handicapped friend on our Annual Christmas Trek to the Mall™… So I took her to the mall where most of the “celebs” shop.

          I actually think I had more fun than she did… As I was hoping for a HUNKIER sighting for her.

  6. I remember Andy Diggle’s Dark Reign: Bullseye. The first 4 issues where quite good but the last issue was delayed by many months and when it came out it was mind-boggling crappy.

    great show guys.

  7. Mike F says:

    Since it wasn’t brought up I’d like to ask: What did the IMJ think of the Flash becoming Parallax?

  8. Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

    I got off Daredevil w/ Brubaker looks like I avoid a trainwreck just in the nick of time on that one. I like Big Time arc on Amazing as if Peter has his shit together a new girlfriend but I would like Carlie to find out who Spidey is sooner rather than later to mix things up. As for the old/new hobgoblin I don’t have a dog in that hunt so I will keep quiet on that but I give Amazing 5 stars out of 5 stars & will give Slott & Co. two more issues to see where the arc is leading to & give it a fair chance to play out. Batwoman #0 was a solid primer book or preview book 4 stars out of 5 stars of story/art. As for Batman doing detective work on Batwoman yes Batman would have figured it out much sooner. If Synder’s Detective is a sequel to Winick’s run on Batman in terms of quality storytelling; I will get the HC of that run ASAP but I did like the preview pages of Detective I read. I will not compare spiders to bats since I didn’t read that full issue of Detective.

    Get Luthor out of Action ASAP make a Superman book again my mini rant to add to the feedback.

    • Insideman says:

      You’ll have to MAXI RANT that sometime, Matthew!

      • Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

        I am a BIG Superman fan since 1983 & hardcore since the Byrne revamp in 1986. I remember when there were 4 yes 4 Superman monthly books & specials equaling to 52 Superman books a year for many many years. Then Man of Steel series & most recently Adventures went back to the Pre-Crisis Superman vol. 1 number + issues of Adv. leaving to the new numbering of Superman vol. 1 returning. I have more ENJOYMENT from Supergirl than Action Comics because it references the death of Adam Grant w/ a editors note & has a solid team of writer/artist for many years that is ending new month sob. As for Luthor in Action I FUCKING HATE IT — I had the creepy Lois robot that Lex sleeps with & talks to. Plus Action is a Superman book not a damn Luthor book. Make another Lex Luthor miniseries to focus on him but I want Superman vs Luthor not Luthor fighting other villains in a Superman book. JMS (or now non JMS) Superman is the only in continuity Superman book with Superman in it doing the walking America tour & helping people tour especially the people in need like the kid w/ parent/spouse abuse or various other issues in society. Superman/Batman walks the line of in or out of continuity.
        I like JMS on Superman it isnt great but is the ONLY Superman book I have left w/ Superman in it after the long WONK +LSoNK + War of Supermen mini events. I want more Superman in my Superman books & that includes Action. Supergirl is a STRONG companion book as a Superman fan I do enjoy w/ Supergirl & Lana Lang & will miss Gates & Igle.

        Matthew (I am better now MAXI rant over)

    • mattcd42 says:

      Oh boy, I just got the complete run of Dardevil recently, and just got the early Bendis stuff, Now it sounds like I have some pain to look forward to as I keep reading.

      • Mike F says:

        You do my friend You do. The Bendis stuff is probably the greatest comic from Marvel period. If I knew how bad it was gonna get after he left, I would of dropped it early… but….. I… CAnnn’t…… (idk just a fan of the character i guess)

        • mattcd42 says:

          I’d argue that to death, Gail Simone’s run on Deadpool and Agent X is still my favorite stuff ever, with Joe Kelly’s Deadpool in Second with Priest’s run on Black Panther in third.

          Then you know.. NFL superpro or some avenger comic, cuz their all the same.

      • Deemar says:

        Thats the good Bendis your in the clear

  9. Mike F says:

    I am a die-hard DD fan and I tried to live Shadowland, I bought them all (not the tie-in’s, I only bought Blood On the Street/Bullseye One shot) but I just fucking hate it. The DD line was still good to me, but the SL issues just ruined it for me.

    Also, I just wanna ask Jose since you work in the market, do you know WTF happened to Joe the Barbarian 8?? I can’t even find it on the site…

    • mattcd42 says:

      I really liked the Spider-Man tie in actually, I felt it was a cool exploration of a B character and in some ways akin to an Immortal Iron Fist issue, which I consider to be a gem of a run in Marvel’s history. That and I’m a Spidey whore.

    • J. says:

      Joe The Barbarian #8 is supposed to ship in the next couple of weeks.

  10. TheMSpot says:

    Another great podcast.

    I’d agree that Joey Q has some degree of input when it comes to what happens to Spidey and Daredevil. They are clearly his favorite characters in the Marvel U just look at the Cup O’ Shit, I’m mean Cup O’ Cool Aid, wait that’s not right either, Cup O’ Joe icon when it use to be on the (which the new design sucks by the way) and the two characters on the banner were none other than Spidey and Daredevil perched on a rooftop drawn by none other than, you guessed it, Joey Q. We all know the bang up job he’s done on Spidey (I can’t bring my self to calling him Spider-Man anymore since Marvel clearly has no intent on having the character grow or mature) so it stands to reason he has some input on Daredevil especially being editor-in-chief, and now chief creative officer. Also, we all know it’s because of editorial mandates that caused JMS to leave Marvel, and I can almost guarantee you that it was the same for why Kirkman left as well. I have a theory that Kirkman wanted to write a Spidey story or wanted to write for ASM and/or Ultimate Spidey, and for whatever reason wasn’t allowed an instead of eating the shit, up and left.

    That was a long way around to saying fuck Joey Q, and fuck whoever Agent_M is.

    Sorry, that last part was for personal reasons, but I still think Joey Q should stop meddling in things he clearly has no sense for.

  11. Deemar says:

    Not a big Buffy guy, but even I know that’s a bad idea.

  12. Sai011 says:

    I just stick to checking the website then scribing. Thats great there are more contest. They should leave buffy alone. The green goblin gang sounds like the jokerz from batman beyond. I am glad I stop buying marvel comics years ago, also that I have all most come to a complete stop of reading marvel comics (from hearing about daredevil, I should). This was my first time reading a batwoman comic. I thought it was $3.99 and when I bought it I was suprise that it was $2.99 and was happy. I agree with jose, I like dick better then bruce as batman (Bruce will always be the original). I wonder if it will be like this when damian takes the cowl. Seems like snyder would be a good replacement after grants work with batman.

  13. TheMSpot says:

    My question is where does Grayson go after this? Will he remain a Batman? Go back to being Nightwing? Or, something new?

  14. ed2962 says:

    Another fine podcast!

    Prizes for the new contest: Yes! Old school Avengers and old school Titans! I grew up on this stuff! Old school BMB, this was happening when I gradually got back into comics! Yes!

    The Joss/Buffy situation: Here’s a guy that’s known for writing and directing being told he can be involved with the re-boot of his character, but he can’t write or direct it! This kinda reminds me of a story I read about Doug Moench. Supposedly, Marvel came to him a few years back and said, “We’re bringing back Moon Knight and doing it the old way. We’re having different writers send in pitches, ya wanna try out?” Doug said, “Wait, I’m the guy that wrote the old Moon Knight. If that’s what you want, why should I have to try out?” Marvel said “Because we’re Marvel!” Doug said, “No thanks.”

    Spiderman: You guys think it’s bad having Peter act like a bumbling teenager again? Just get ready for Gwen Stacy to make her return to the 616 universe. She’ll be in the movie re-boot and that’s all the excuse Joe Q will need. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure there’s still a Gwen clone wandering around out there if not a couple.

  15. Ironmuskrat says:

    An amazing podcast guys, and a lengthy one also, three beers long by my count =)

    The Buffy reboot, loved the show, don’t know what to think about a new movie. Too soon perhaps? My golden rules for remakes… If the original cast is still young enough to star in the remake, don’t do.

    That being said, my feeling on anything Buffy related is invalided by the fact season four is my favorite season of Buffy.

    Spider-Man? Sorry, much like the Avengers, I just can’t bring myself to read it anymore.

    Daredevil: Shadowlands.. thankfully I took Jose’s advice and stand away from this one.

    Batwoman #0- i guess i am in the minority on this one, i thought it was basically just a primer on the new Batwoman for new readers unfamiliar with Kate Kane. I mean it was a good issue, but I just didn’t get anything new from this story that I didn’t already know from reading Greg Rucka’s detective issues. I was much more fascinated by the rough breakdowns for the issue one book, i am looking forward to this new series.

    Detective comics #871- Hands down, the best thing I have seen from DC in almost a year, cool writing , cool art.. Batman doing… wait for it… some actual detective work to solve a mystery. Many very cool moments written by Scott Snyder, I am very much looking forward to reading the next issue. One minor complaint, $3.99.. but the the fact I am willing to overlook the price on this one says a lot about it.

    Once again great Podcast Jose and Ian… every week is an improvement and i am looking forward to just not the new Podcasts, but the new banner art and website changes.

    • J. says:

      I think I had about 5 beers while recording this episode. 🙂

      Detective will be going down to $2.99 in January.

      You were smart in staying away from Shadowland.

      And since you liked Buffy Season 4 the most you are no longer allowed to talk about Buffy on this blog. Ever. 😉

    • Insideman says:

      This week’s Podcast was actually about 2 minutes shorter than last week’s show.

      We need to take up a collection and get IM some Tennessee Sippin’ Whiskey.

      To be used only in emergencies such as Zombie Outbreaks and New IMJ Podcasts, of course. 🙂

      Thanks for the other kind words, IM. Jose and I have worked amazingly well together from the start… And I believe we are both becoming very comfortable with this NEW FORMAT and the ebb and flow of our various ranting styles. 😉

      The website will continue to evolve. We are attempting to have it all switch over in the first week or two of the New Year. We’ll see. Jose and I are both perfectionists– so we can see the tweaking going on for quite awhile.

  16. Insideman says:

    A big thank you to EVERYONE for their well wishes.

    We don’t do this for profit. Jose and I both appreciate all your kind words and creative criticisms.

    It’s nice to know so many people can still be COOL COMIC BOOK FANS and ENJOY THE MEDIUM.

    • mattcd42 says:

      Dudes it’s always appreciated, I think we all know it takes more time then some days it rightuflly should to put these things out, THREE CHEERS FOR IMJ!

      • Insideman says:

        Thanks Matt!

        There’s a big difference between just DOING SOMETHING and DOING IT RIGHT.

        The time is absolutely worth it… And it is nice to see projects come to a successful fruition. We both thought that this latest podcast could be the best so far and it seems we were at least on the right track (with more to still do). It is also very satisfying to know everyone is enjoying themselves.

        We’re learning new stuff every day… And that’s always fun too… It doesn’t hurt that one of my best friends is a professional Sound Mixer that has been nominated for FIVE Academy Awards. He’s been a wealth of help.

        And we’re also teaching each other stuff as well. Why just last night, I taught Jose how to PERMANENTLY BAN someone from posting on this very site! 😉

        • Ironmuskrat says:

          I just hope Jose uses his new superpower for good, not evil 8)

          • Insideman says:

            Believe or not (and I don’t want to to tarnish his REP as a RANTER) but Jose is often the voice of reason almost every time I’m about to go ballistic. I am very protective of the site and the ideas herein because this is a BIG VEHICLE that will serve Jose well in expanding his options going forward.

            When we first started IMJ, another well known crap-site lifted one of our ideas almost completely. We trashed our idea immediately. Since then, several other sites have borrowed heavily from us– if not downright copied our format or parts of our format.

            That’s been the only downside to the whole endeavor because neither J. or I feel that copying is the “sincerest form of flattery”. If you have worked as long and as hard as I have in Hwood, you know that all you have are the “rights” to your “work product” and if people take your ideas and use them as their own (or some bastardized version as their own), it completely sucks.

            But what are you going to do? Everything’s “free” on the internet(s), right?

            And anyway, Jose has thankfully taught me to be indifferent to the whole deal. He is certain that people can tell the difference between the originals and the copiers and that they know who the copycats are… And I agree with him. Especially since we’ve been receiving unsolicited emails from people with the subject line saying something like, “Separated At Birth?”– with a link to a copycat site or an identical post hitting EVERY POINT contained in one of articles.

            Here’s the main reason why I’ve got a zen attitude about this whole issue: Jose and I have been brainstorming A LOT and we have instituted maybe 1/100th of our ideas? Hell, our ideas are mating with each other and having new ideas while we are sleeping.

            Speaking of sleeping, sometimes late at night– when most everyone is asleep– we’ll screw around with the site & take “screen grabs” of it so we can make our final design decisions later. So if you happen to see that, fear not.

            We have so many ideas for the podcasts, it is ridiculous. We can’t throw them all in or the podcasts would be 5 hours long each week– and that’s if we rotated ideas! We came up with a segment the other day that was SO F’ING FUNNY and OUTRAGEOUS that we laughed about it for almost 10 straight minutes.

            Let’s just say NO ONE has EVER had the balls to do some of the things we are going to do next year and it is going to be fun.

            We also have some BIG NAMES lining up for shows in the New Year. We are also still planning MONTHLY INTERACTIVE LIVE BLOGCASTS to start after the New Year too.

            I BETTER SHUT UP. I’ve gone on way too much as it is… A certain J. is probably gonna SMACK me when he wakes up!

  17. Insideman says:

    One other thing, we really have fun with the fine people who post here but we want to urge EVERYBODY who comes to the site to speak their minds! As long as you follow the simple rules, you are free to post anywhere on the site. We are receiving THOUSANDS OF UNIQUE HITS every day, GROWING SUBSTANTIALLY EVERY WEEK and we want to encourage EVERYONE to post. Even though you may see many of the same people posting on the site, [lease do NOT let that deter you from testing the waters. We love our regulars (we call ourselves “Junkies” and we wouldn’t take a Million Dollars for our friends) but all you non-commenters should know that virtually everyone who posts here is very respectful, quite nice and fun.

    In short, the Inveterate Media Junkies website is NOT an INSULAR SOCIETY.

    We want to hear every opinion from every person who wants to offer one. This is NOT the kind of place where– if you post for the 1st time– you will be humiliated as a “Newbie”… Or worse, SHUNNED. IMJ does NOT work that way and NEVER WILL work that way.

    If you know GOOD people who enjoy all types of media– invite them in. One thing though: please do NOT go to other sites and start blindly posting that people should come here and comment. This always ends messy… And you know why? Because 99.999% of the time, only assholes respond to a spam-like offer like that. The key to this idea is alerting QUALITY, DECENT PEOPLE… We DON’T DISCRIMINATE HERE, EVER… So we don’t care about race, religion & creed or sexual preference. Other than for assholes… We DON’T SUFFER assholes. So don’t be going on ADULT FRIEND FINDER and blindly talking us up, OK? 🙂

    Jose and I are both amazed and blown away by how successful the site has become in such a short amount of time. We also feel extremely fortunate— so many people have responded so positively. Frankly, it took us by surprise. We just figured we would have a little more breathing room to start everything– but that “grace period never occurred– and you know what…We think it’s great!!! Neither Jose or I are types that shrink from a challenge. We are going to do our absolute best NOT to disappoint ANY of you. (Except the assholes reading this. Any assholes can expect to be very disappointed.)

    Hold on tight. We’re just getting started!

  18. MyComicLife says:

    i was thinking, since 2011 is upon us already, will you guys do a special post or podcast about the BEST and WORST comics that shipped in 2010.
    Especially on the trades.
    That would be cool.

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