Jimmie Robinson’s BOMB QUEEN Original Art FOR SALE! Buy art from Bomb Queen vs Hack Slash NOW!

Everybody who has read Inveterate Media Junkies for more than four seconds knows just how much we love Mr. Jimmie Robinson, the creator of the fabulous Bomb Queen & Evil and Malice Save the World!

Jimmie was the first creator to see the promise we were building into the Inveterate Media Junkies site. He’s been a fan and a huge supporter from Day One. For that– and many, many other things– he will have a special place here– for always.

Jimmie’s brand new, super cool one-shot comic, Bomb Queen vs Hack/Slash was just released and he’s already auctioning off the beautiful art from the book!

To top these sales off, Jimmie is also GENEROUSLY giving away another FREE piece of Bomb Queen art (his choice) and a signed copy of the Hack/Slash vs Bomb Queen comic for every art page purchased!

That’s TWO PAGES of ORIGINAL ART and a FREE SIGNED COMIC for the price of  just One Piece of Original Art!

Here are the two pieces he is currently selling (and he’s adding more pages today– as soon as he can!)


Click on each page to be taken directly to the individual auction!

Pooch puts the SMACKDOWN on Ashe!

Bomb Queen puts the SMACKDOWN on Cassie! 🙂

Please Bid Early and Bid Often!

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One Response to Jimmie Robinson’s BOMB QUEEN Original Art FOR SALE! Buy art from Bomb Queen vs Hack Slash NOW!

  1. hackslash2020 says:

    Oooww..thats really cool stuff…Coincidence or not but today I was staring at an empty wall at my home(as I moved my tv/xbox to the other room) and I was thinking I really need something cool to hang on that wall..and this might be the coolest thing ever..

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