Starring Adam West – The Documentary

“Starring Adam West”– the Documentary by Filmmaker James Tooley– has been FULLY FUNDED at!

The documentary focuses on Adam’s magnificent life & career… But will also CHRONICLE the continued struggles of his friends and family as they attempt to get the prestigious actor honored with a STAR on Hollywood’s fabled Walk of Fame.

This shouldn’t be such a hassle.

Back in the day it was SUPER PRESTIGIOUS to be on the cover of LIFE MAGAZINE

After all, LASSIE has a star… And the list of actors of a much lesser stature and talent that DO have stars would literally be too long to rationally list in this article!

To finish the documentary (primarily to pay for the expensive rights to include footage from Adam’s frequent appearances on TV shows & films), Tooley turned to cool internet fundraising site to raise $30,000 USD.

Inveterate Media Junkies donated to help complete Starring Adam West and in our small way helped make what will surely be a SUPER COOL film a reality!

Please Note!

This is not a vanity attempt to further stroke the ego of an already pampered actor. This is an attempt to honor a deserving man within a profession that abandoned him after he achieved amazing success.

In the end, it’s NOT curing cancer– but it IS all about RIGHTING a WRONG. And BATMAN would be ALL OVER  that!

Check out the EXTENDED FUNDRAISER TRAILER and learn more about KICKSTARTER here (video also in the MONDO VIDEO widget in the IMJ Website’s SIDEBAR)!

Adam’s wonderfully supportive daughter, NINA

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