Insideman’s Pull List™ Hardcover, Graphic Novel & Manga Picks for 4.6.11

As predicted, last month’s surprisingly weak END OF THE MONTH Ship Week brought us this: The 1st of the Month Dump™.

As I seem to note with alarming calendar-like precision every month, some comic book publishers– and the lone major comic distributor– don’t seem to give a rat’s ass about you or me. Either that, or they have no clue how to conduct business to the benefit of their customers– by spreading out this HUGE VOLUME of product.

Faced with 40 or 50 Hardcovers, Graphic Novels and Manga coming out on ONE WEDNESDAY alone… You’d think SOMEONE would give a shit about this embarrassing OVERLOAD of product shipping ALL AT ONCE. You’d think.


Archie: Art of Dan DeCarlo Volume 2. Published by IDW.

I really attempt to keep my personal feelings about a Writer or Artist out of ANY commentary or review I make of his or her work.

But this is one of those cases where I feel fine breaking my rule because Dan DeCarlo was SUCH a nice man. A wonderful artist but also a great person. Always super cordial to his fans & generous to a fault.

The 1st volume of IDW’s Archie: The Art of Dan DeCarlo was a wonderful collection of some of Dan’s earliest Archie-related work. This volume has more of the same– but leaps ahead in Dan’s career– bringing a whole new overview of DeCarlo’s artistic genius.

I am always thrilled when I get to watch an artist mature– and watching Dan’s work evolve over the years has always been a special treat. It seemed as the world “grew up”– so did Dan’s work– and, as a by-product, the Teens from Riverdale matured as well.


Aaron and Ahmed HC
Archie Best of Dan DeCarlo Vol 2 HC – PICK OF THE WEEK!
Avengers Prime Premiere HC – BENDIS is writing the AVENGERS!
Boys Vol 8 Highland Laddie
But I Can’t Do Anything Else Art of Rob Schrab HC –  No art books for me.
Chaos War
Chicagoland Detective Agency Vol 2 Maltese Falcon
Chicks in Capes (Prose)
Conan Vol 10 Iron Shadows HC
Dark Age Dominion Vol 1
Die Hard Year One Vol 2 – RUNNER-UP PICK OF THE WEEK!
Doctor Horrible Sing Along Blog Book SC – Not a comic book
Fables Vol 15 Rose Red
Farscape Uncharted Tales Vol 3 D’Argo’s Quest
GI Joe Tales From the Cobra Wars (Prose)
Green Lantern Secret Origin (New Edition Movie Cover) – Own the Hardcover
Grimm Fairy Tales Vol 9
Iron Man Industrial Revolution Premiere HC
Legends of the Scarlet Blades HC
Madman Atomica HC –  Already own this collection in various other editions
Marvel Super Stars Magazine #2
Marvel Zombies 5 – Own the Hardcover. (It’s fun!)
MGM Midnight Movies It & Motel Hell – GUARANTEE the MOVIES are BETTER!
MMW Atlas Era Strange Tales Vol 4 HC
More Tales of Zorro SC
My Boyfriend is a Monster Vol 1 & Vol 2
Our Army At War
Outlaw Prince
Peanuts Happiness Is A Warm Blanket Charlie Brown HC
Red Better Red than Dead
Shadowland Power Man HC
Star Trek Khan Ruling in Hell – Surprised this is the 1st time this has been explored
Superstar Vol 1 As Seen on TV HC – Intriguing
Technopriests Vol 3 Perfect Game
Time Masters Vanishing Point
Torpedo Vol 3 HC – ALWAYS up for this CLASSIC!
Transformers Sector 7
Vanguard Frazetta Classics Vol 1 Johnny Comet SC – Own the Hardcover
Whisperer Double Novel Vol 4 – More cool Pulp reprints from Sanctum Press!
Yesterdays Tomorrows Vol 1
Zombies Vs Robots Adventure – Own the Hardcover


Animal Academy Vol 7 Hakobune Hakusho
Blue Exorcist Vol 1 MANGA PICK OF THE WEEK!
Butterfly Vol 1
Clean Freak Fully Equipped Vol 1
Demon Sacred Vol 4
Dengeki Daisy Vol 4
Eensy Weensy Monster Vol 2
Eyeshield 21 Vol 35
Happy Café Vol 7
Maid Sama Vol 8
Natsume’s Book of Friends Vol 6
Nura Rise O/T Yokai Clan Vol 2
Pavane For Dead Girl Vol 1
Pokemon Adventures Vol 12
Prince of Tennis Vol 41
Red Hot Chili Samurai Vol 4
Rosario Vampire Season II Vol 4
Sakura Hime Legend of Princess Sakura Vol 1
Seiho Boys High School Vol 5
Skip Beat Vol 23
Skyblue Shore Vol 2
Slam Dunk Vol 15
Starcraft Ghost Academy Vol 3
Warcraft Shadow Wing Vol 2

Die Hard Year One Volume 2. Published by BOOM!

Huge fan of Die Hard. Really. If you’ve ever read the ORIGINAL Jeb Stuart screenplay, you would seriously have to wonder why any suit felt the need to bring in Steven E. De Souza to write anything on it.

I did NOT think I would like this prequel series. But I LOVE it. It is written by vet Howard “American Flagg” Chaykin– who has the snappy, testosterone heavy Die Hard-ish dialogue down to a science.

There is NO POS BOOK again this week! Although I am STILL attempting desperately to wipe Mark Millar’s NEMESIS shitstain out of my memory banks. Oh, to be a desktop computer.

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    nice bit of manga this month

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