Cool Covers for Comics Shipping October 2011

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13 Responses to Cool Covers for Comics Shipping October 2011

  1. philbyday says:

    #1 Unexspected has that Moebius meets G Darrow vibe, My fave of the lot.
    #2 Children’s Crusade loox like Yu inking Cheung
    #3 Hellblazer if that’s Fabry, I like that it’s toned down from his usual fare, if not, two thumbs up 2 whoever did the cover.
    #4 Agent Of Shade Shades of Corben w/ a touch of BWS (old version)

  2. Insideman says:

    Wonder Woman is WEARING PANTS in Issue #2.

    Not that I wouldn’t want to wear (watertight) pants in a sea of blood… But I.AM.SO.CONFUSED!

    • philbyday says:

      I think from the last major Marvel/DC xover… Reed gave Diana some unstable molecules 4 those just in case moments 🙂

  3. Stamps says:

    Oh I’ve missed these cover posts. I really enjoy them. All the good covers and none of the shit.

    Men of War #2, Batwoman #2, Abe Sapian: The Devil Does Not Jest #2 are the three I like the most.

  4. NicktheStick says:

    I think my top three (in no particular order) are:

    Unexpected #1
    Batwoman #2
    DCU Presents #2

  5. Allfather76 says:

    I really like this new (to me) feature.
    It’s tough but I would say my top 4 in no particular order are:

    DCU Presents #2
    Unexpected #1
    Abe Sapien: The Devil Does Not Jest
    The Red Wing # 4 (I just love the covers in each issue in this series)
    Locke & Key: Clockworks #3

  6. Lots of good stuff coming! (well, good covers at least 😉 )

  7. God Damn October is going to be pretty. Too many good ones to name a favorate but I really like;
    Unexpected by Grampa, anything he does is amazing.
    DC Presents
    Lock & Key

  8. Morlock50 says:

    So…what’s this Unexpected comic about? Who’se publishing it?

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