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  1. NicktheStick says:

    So I just finished reading Locke and Key volume one. 😀 Wow that was great! I was actually frightened by this tale. Not that it was super scary but it did have some pretty creepy elements. I really enjoyed the way that Joe Hill scripted/plotted the book. The reveals were very well done. The panel reveal with the mother and the axe was pretty intense. My favorite reveal though was with Bode in the well and the echo appearing. I was not expecting that at all.

    I rarely get creeped out by comics or anything that is written, but this was an exception. After the first couple of shock moments, I was always turning the page and expecting something. I am glad that it didn’t because then I got comfortable and then I turned the page and BAM!

    Since my regular floppy list is low this week I will be picking up the next volumes (assuming my store has them – they tend to be one of those ones that go like hot cakes – no matter how many they bring in). Definitely an entire 5 (if not more) steps up from my last nights read of Identity Crisis.

    • sai011 says:

      I believe I pick one of them for free comicbook day this year.

    • Allfather76 says:

      If you think Vol. 1 is good, wait until you read Volumes 2-4! It only gets better. Locke and Key is absolutely one of my favorite comics being done today.

      If you can, I recommend picking up the hardcovers – the presentation of them are beautiful (although the paperbacks are very nice as well).

  2. megamanx4ever says:

    This show is the most METAL show ever.

  3. megamanx4ever says:

  4. philbyday says:

    Wishful wednesday? :-

  5. Insideman says:


    Hey, it’s Rob Metcalfe’s Birthday today!

    Please join Jose and I in wishing Rob-ot a very Happy Birthday!

  6. Allfather76 says:

    Here is a link to the DCnU “New 52” commercials that will be running on TV and in Movie Previews:

    I’m not any kind of marketing major, but I just don’t see how this is going to attract any new comic book readers (which is what their commercials should be trying to reach out to). If I did not know much about comics, I don’t think I would have much of an idea of what these commercials are. Just my opinion.
    I do admit that developing a commercial to bring in brand new new comic book readers is a pretty difficult thing to put together – and I don’t think they pulled it off here.

  7. kurumais says:

    yahtzee reviews cathrine today over at the escapist

  8. NicktheStick says:

    Gah… Yesterday I gave notice for my job that I’m done in a week and a half and now I just don’t want to be here. It is so hard to care in this last little bit. I just want to be done and start my new job/have school start already.

    • Insideman says:

      Well, what/where are you currently working?

      Certainly we can get creative and think of something for you to do! 😉

      • NicktheStick says:

        I work in a warehouse picking orders for and industrial and safety supplier. I walk around a pick product. It keepsme busy but I really don’t want to be there anymore. I am really sick of working in a warehouse. I have done it for 6 years and I am only 21. Granted most of that has been part time, but enough is enough for me.

        • Insideman says:

          Damn! And you went and took all the fun out of it when you said you work for a “safety supplier”.

          Safety first… Can’t be screwing with that! I was dreaming of such cool things… 🙂

          Your need to get out of that warehouse is COMPLETELY understandable, Nick. You’ve done your time. Dream big! Do BIG things!

          • NicktheStick says:

            Well I start a retail job in a couple of weeks. Now I here that that is not much better, but at least it will be a change, which will be a huge help I think. Though I have to start working on that portfolio if I want to get a job with an ad agency….

  9. Guess who finally got his permit?


    • Me in Canada, you in Minnesota (If I can recall) if corerectm I am…SAFE! 😀

    • Congrats CBD, but be careful…I made like 10 crashes in the first 3 years of having my license…10 years passed with zero crashes.. I still have to pay a lot of $ for my car insurance XD

      • bello1234 says:

        I got into an accident the day I got my license and have been involved in 2 fender benders other than that I’m allright

      • Allfather76 says:

        10 crashes? Damn! I’m hoping they were not all your fault……

        • 9 out of 10 times It was my fault..4 times I crashed into another car, 1 time which was really not my fault..another one was caused by someone that drove to a red light chased by police so the people infront had to brake hard so I hit their bumper..but the guy that was chased was never caught so I had to cough it up..the other 6 times I lost control in the corners ending in a ditch or hitting a street pole after doing a 360 XD..The stupidest one was when I lost my patience because it took forever for my friends to get into my car so I drove backwards with the right door open, hitting a fairly obscure pole that completely ripped of the door, while all my “friends” where crying in laughter.

  10. This thread has a lot of videos that kick ass in it. Didn’t wanna reply that to all of them, figured I’d just state it here once 🙂

  11. May I just say that Rick Remender and Tony Moore make one hell of a creative team? I read the first issue of FEAR AGENT and LOVED IT and read the first 3 issues of VENOM and thought it was great. I must get EVERY issue of F.A. NOW.

    I am really digging the new VENOM comic. My only complaint is that the coloring is really muddy, and I think Moore’s art really excels the most with light coloring or no coloring at all. Not to say the art was bad, it’s just that the coloring really did a bit of a diservice to the art. I cannot tell you guys how relieved I am to see Flash Thompson in good hands after that GOD-AWFUL ASM .1 issue. I was SO HAPPY to see how Remender wrote Flash. He wrote him pretty much exactly how I wanted to see him being written as the new Venom.

    I also loved Remender’s letter in the back of the first issue of F.A. I think every aspiring writer or current writer, ESPECIALLY Sci-Fi writer, should read it. He talks about how sci-fi always has been and always will be about the wonder and not about the politics of Sci-Fi, which I completely agree with. I enjoy the new Star Wars animated series, but the #1 problem I have with it is that a majority of the senate scenes or scenes with politics in it bore me to tears.

    Is Remender and Moore’s run on PUNISHER any good?

    • A lot of people didnt like the concept of Frankencastle but it was an enjoyable read for me. I also liked the first 6 issues when he tries to assasinate Osborn and fights the Sentry(lol)

      • I’ve also been liking Uncanny X-Force much to my surprise. Granted I’ve only read the first two issues, but I have liked it so far and it takes A LOT to get me to like an X-book these days.

        • bello1234 says:

          Loving Uncanny X-Force I have been enjoying Venom but due to budgetary reasons I actually had to drop Venom…maybe I’ll pick up the book in trade format from now on

        • ed2962 says:

          I’m late to the party on X-Force. I just read the first 3. I thought it wasn’t bad. I might pick up the next couple.

    • Tiger Topher says:

      Remender and Moore’s run on Punisher was better than it had any right to be. I thought I’d hate the whole Franken-Castle thing, but it ended up being pretty enjoyable.


    LEGO SUPERHEROES!!! I am going to get EVERY SINGLE one of them! They are the movie versions, but STILL! Oh crap… it just occured to me that the lego DEADPOOL might be the shitty movie version. Dangit… I won’t buy that if that’s the case. DOESN’T THIS LOOK AWESOME!? A LEGO WONDER WOMAN HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?!?!?


    Here is a picture of the lego Wonder Woman:

  13. Allfather76 says:

    I just finished watching Episode 16 of the 5th season of Buffy: “The Body”. Holy shit that was some of the greatest TV I’ve ever seen. The acting and directing was just unbelievable. I cannot believe I’ve never watched this show up until about a month and a half ago. It’s so great I can watch every episode on Netflix streaming – it’s like opening a little Christmas present every time I watch the next episode.

  14. kurumais says:

    why is kevin smith not going to make movies anymore? an article about him splitting his movie hit somebody into says its his last film.

    • bello1234 says:

      Because all of his movies after chasing amy are either average or shitty

    • SmokeyClocks says:

      if you go look at his talk at comic con this year he goes in depth about it. He stated he is releasing Red State and then making one more movie and then he is out. To generalize he finds the medium/immediacy of creating podcast to fit his creative process more so than movies. I also think he may be worn out by Hollywood. There are plenty of videos on youtube so It may be easier to just look one up to get his whole view.

  15. J. says:

    I couldn’t really care any less about the Spider-Man video games. Having said that…

    • J. says:

      Oh, man. Dynamite is going to ruin the shit out of the Shadow…because that’s what they do to properties they have the rights to.

      • TheMSpot says:

        I know. It’s surprising, given the fact that Conde Nast pulled to license from DC all them years ago after Chaykin and Helfer fucked with the character. But I’m assuming it was between Dynamite and Moonstone, and since from what it sounds like Dynamite made a better offer and no one reads Moonstone comics anyway. Dynamite wins and I lose. But who knows, (please, NO The Shadow Knows!) maybe Conde Nast will have some pull in what will be aloud to fly.

  16. J. says:

    Konami = Capcom = Cheap, greedy bastards

  17. MicahSkin says:

    Thought I couldn’t link something gayer than Cazwell? How you all underestimate me…

    BTW Jose, if you boxed up a lovely Orange Power Ring and Battery Blakest Night think to ship to CO, thanks, I got it.

  18. VictimPrime says:

    Here is today’s daily dose of Nerd!

  19. Pobra says:

    So, for my birthday my Dad gave me his ENTIRE record collection.
    In it are many AMAZING albums from the likes of:
    The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Elton John, The Who, The Guess Who, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Lou Reed, The Velvet Underground, The Eagles, Simon and Garfunkle, David Bowie, Rush, The Kinks, AC/DC, Etc…

    Now I REALLY need to get me a record player. can anyone recommend any decent, AFFORDABLE players?
    I have been thinking of switching to vinyl for a long time now and this is the push I needed to finally do it. Thanks!

    • Stanton makes a decent player…

    • VictimPrime says:

      If money is an issue, I would take a look around at local thrift stores or even some yard sales in your area. You might be able to pick up a turntable from the 70’s or 80’s for a decent price. I would look for a Technics or Kenwood player, but really anything you can pick from from those two decades would be a very serviceable turntable for the price.

      If you do find an older record player you might have to buy a new needle for it, but chances are you will still spend less money than you would buying a new player these days.

    • J. says:

      Vinyl? Pfffffttt. I only listen to music on wax phonograph cylinders.

    • Pobra says:

      Thanks guys. I was thinking of getting a newer player so I can digitize some of the records, but they seem to be quite pricy. An older player is probably what I’ll end up with… Unless I can get my hands on a phonograph of course… Just not sure if I’ll be able to find ‘Abbey Road’ on wax cylinder 😉

  20. J. says:

    After watching this I now feel the need to start drinking early tonight.

  21. J. says:

    This made me laugh. Only Marvel would try to sell us on the fact that a $3.99 comic is a “bargain”.

    • Allfather76 says:

      That made me crack up. I was checking my twitter feed earlier and saw it mentioned somewhere that Marvel was “slashing” their X-Men/Wolverine title and I thought “good, it’s about time they rip off something good from DC”. Then I clicked on the link above.

      “But hey man, it’s extra-sized dude – that IS a bargain”……Marvel really thinks their shit smells like freshly bloomed flowers.

    • VictimPrime says:

      Wait, is this another X-Men reboot? Wow! How many times has that happened in recent years?

      Hell, if I was Marvel I would jack up the price to $10 and rename it: Uncanny X-Men: Suck it Bitches #1 and then laugh as the money comes rolling in anyway.

    • Insideman says:

      And CBR is just the outlet to reprint that FUCKING PRESS RELEASE.


      P.S. Sadly, I would buy X-Men: Suck It Bitches #1 for a crisp $10 Bill.

    • NicktheStick says:

      That is pretty funny. Though did anyone else notice that horrible (what I am assuming is the) cover? Wolverine’s head does not look right and his shoulder looks ten times bigger than the rest of his body. Also the arm looks a little long, I don’t know about you but my arms don’t go all the way to my knees.

    • Morlock50 says:

      I wonder how many pages is this “extra content” they’re talking about. Or whether it’s actual story or wiki padding.

  22. I just got back home for being gone since Sunday, so now it’s time to sit on the couch and watch Project A-ko. 🙂

  23. Insideman says:


    IMJ NATION… Rob’s taking a break on King Pobra while he deals with more important life matters… So if you haven’t read KP yet… Check out the ARCHIVE TAB under the site banner above… As it will be up only until this Saturday.

    After that, the archive will be gone and will not return until the next Chapter of the King is in the can. (Which, hopefully, will be sooner rather than later.)

    What that means: Jose and I are completely REVAMPING Sunday Morning Sequentials. We’ve always had the goal of making this section look just like the old-fashioned Sunday Comics Section from the Newspapers… And we’ve already lined up some fantastic talent for the relaunch.

    But If you have friends or acquaintances that would like to produce a weekly Comic Strip (gag/funny or serious) or a weekly 2 page Comic Book like segment– let us know… And we’ll consider adding them to our already growing roster of NEW Talent. One criteria: THEY MUST BE SERIOUS about the weekly commitment.

    They will not get paid but their work will be seen and enjoyed by tens of thousands of people. The exposure alone is PRICELESS.

  24. J. says:

    If any of you are on Twitter and not following Scott Snyder, you should be. He’s been talking for the last half hour about what he has planned for Batman and it sounds awesome.

    • philbyday says:

      4 some reason my twitter won’t allow me 2 have more than 96 follows, any more than that, some1 always gets deleted, but I will check Snyder out Just gotta see who I no longer follow regularly Not Kelly Hu, I just followed her. She’s not particularly interesting, humorous, insightful, and whatnoy, but…damn, that’s Kelly Hu 🙂 =)

    • I definitely follow Scott Snyder on Twitter. He’s such a nice guy. He has personally messaged me TWICE to thank me for buying and enjoying American Vampire and Severed. I can’t wait to see what he’s going to bring to Batman and Swamp Thing.

    • kurumais says:

      snyder is one of the few creators that im genuinely excited to see what he going to do next here is hoping for long and successful and happy career for him

      • Allfather76 says:

        Snyder’s a great person to follow on twitter – he usually tweets cool announcements before they hit internet sites.

  25. J. says:

    Haven’t been to this site in a while but it’s still a lot of fun.

    • 2 years ago(no, i had a date through a dating site(never again)… The girl was 25, divorced and with a 4 year old daughter.which is kinda akward in my country, as most of us do these things after we passed 30…anyways..she did look hot..So on the first date I was sitting in her living room with her daughter next to me while she was upstairs..I was getting more uncomfortable, thinking I am not ready to be a (surrogate) dad, questioning my own manhood but no matter how I tried to surpress my feelings.. I felt a case of nausea coming up to the point I wanted to throw up, but for some reason the daughter was ahead of me and vomited on me instead..After the clean-up,I had some time to know the girl.and all she was rambling about was that she was very proud to be narcissistic and wanted to be even more narcissistic..I thought: wait a minute, isnt that a disorder? why do you want to be like that? So i told myself that maybe she came out of an abusive relationship…but when I asked her about her broken marriage she told me she didnt want to talk about it or be reminded of it..which really bugged me ..had a second date which was fun…but the third date never came because I couldnt reach her anymore by phone or email(she lived 60 miles west so). She called me back three weeks later, saying she had a serious case of meningitis, ended up in a wheelchair but now she was recovered and wanted to see me again.I felt bad for distrusting her but deep down I didnt trust her…so I told her I was done..Thank god because…I checked her facebook account a year later to see what she was doing and…she had another daughter…which through my calculations meant that she got pregnant during the time she was dating me or was in her “wheelchair”….scummy bitch XD

  26. kurumais says:

    tucker stone over on comixoogy does a fun break down of the new 52
    here a quote about tony daniels detective that made me smile ” If you aren’t sick of Tony Daniel Batman comics yet, then here’s another chance to get sick of them.”

  27. kurumais says:

    team ico is taking longer then expected with their last gaurdian game and as much as i am dying to play it i say take as long as you want . theyve proven that they are going to give you a game that is completely unique and incredibly imaginative. so if that takes longer so be it i can hold of with the ico and shadow of colusus ps3 imports

  28. Marvel gives Fear Itself more issues.

    I’m confused. I thought all .1 issues were going to be $2.99? Guess not. Fear Itself is THE MOST decompressed event I’ve EVER had the DISPLEASURE of reading. It truly is awful. It does NOT merit these extra issues, let alone 7 issues. Fuck this.

    • Tiger Topher says:

      I guess Marvel figures they can move a few more copies of these books by making them seem like part of the main series and not just unnecessary tie-ins.

    • kurumais says:

      marvel’s been teasing a bunch of stuff the forgiven the fearless etc i saw somebody post it might be the big vampire thing marvel’s been hinting at for months

    • Blanchard says:

      Fuck you Marvel.

      That is all.

    • And let’s all remember that stores are STUCK with a LOT of Flashpoint tie-ins 🙂

      • Locusmortis says:

        typical marvel and their shitty business practices. people think they’re signing up for a 7 issue series and are then told its 10 issues….or 7.3 issues….fucks sake

        • kurumais says:

          i dont know if you ever watched the comic review show on youtube called pete’s basement but ramon stopped his fear itself review and apologized to the viewers for even reviewing a piece crap like fear itself it seemed very spur of the moment and spontaneous and he seemed genuinely sorry i thought it was pretty cool

          • Locusmortis says:

            I used to watch it but quit because there was only one of them that wasn’t a moron. I might check it out again to see if its improved.

  29. kurumais says:

    hayden panetiere as namora?

    • philbyday says:

      Wow…that shot was crazy! I clicke n saw Hayden 4 about a second, then it switched 2 Britney Spears w/ additional thumbnails. I’m guessing, it wasn’t suppose 2 do that? Anyway as far as Hayden goes; “Maybe, Namorita?

  30. Locusmortis says:

    so Marvel selling $3.99 comics with 20 or less pages….I take it this will be the subject of part of a future podcast?

    • Seriously? They’re doing that? Those fuckers at Marvel make me want to give up collecting comics. I cannot take much of their bullshit any longer.

      (Don’t worry I’ll still collect comics, but only those from companies who actually give a rat’s ass about the industry and the fans who graciously give them their paychecks).

      • Locusmortis says:

        yeah apparently one issue of Moon Knight had 19 pages for $3.99. Thats 19 bendis decompressed pages!


        • Allfather76 says:

          Hey, they gotta pay Bendis more cheddar now that they extended his contract. All Bendis all the time over there.

  31. Hey can you guys explain the Things we HATE! section at the bottom, I don’t quite understand. Thanks! 🙂

  32. NicktheStick says:

    With all the current news about Marvel and how they are just being fuckig dicks, it almost makes me think that they are trying to get people to stop reading comics… Or at least make it so the Marvel Zombies don’t bu any of their competitors books. They seem to have some pretty shadey business practices going on over there. I know we get business ethics rammed down our throats in school, and now I know why, because of companies like Marvel that have no ethics. For shame Marvel, for shame.

    • I think it is their way of trying to make amends for them having no way to compete with DC for the rest of 2011, and it is incredibley pathetic.

      • NicktheStick says:

        This is likely, but do they, or even disney for that matter, realize that there is such a thing as bad publicity. They might think they are getting in the comics news and that it is a good thing, but brand recognition, loyalty and how the brand is viewed is a huge thing. This just give DC the opportunity to take over number one, not just for a few months but entirely. This is because Marvel is appearing to be giant douches which has a negative effect on them while DC appears to be actually trying to help out it’s consumers and the industry. I hope this is what happens.

        • Allfather76 says:

          Marvel is just a bunch of over-confident raging dickheads – since they have owned the majority of the market share (since forever I think) they feel they are practically invulnerable and can do whatever they want to fuck people out of their money. And it works way too often.
          I don’t really know if DC will become #1 after the New 52 comes out but I really hope so. It’s the only way Marvel will ever get humbled and maybe start to change their business practices.
          In my ideal world, Image would keep doing what they are doing, get bigger, and take the whole motherfuckin thing over – but that will not happen anytime soon. Just wish the majority of comic fans out there would wake the fuck up and stop buying shitty titles blindly.

  33. Insideman says:

    Does anybody know of an Alt Rock Station that just plays a regular rotation of good tuneage between 2pm and 6pm PDT?

    I cannot listen to my fave XFM London during this time or ALT Nation (Channel 36 on SiriusXM) because of the horrifyingly bad DJs. Just play the music, you duds!

    Another internet radio station or SiriusXm channel to the above Alternative Rock stations would be GREATLY appreciated.

  34. J. says:

    Dear Hollywood,

    Knock it the fuck off already. If you can’t come up with new ideas please just close up shop. And, hey, Ridley Scott! You’re not fucking helping at all, mate. Not every film needs to be a god damn franchise.

    Sincerely yours,


    • Allfather76 says:

      Agreed. It’s so pathetic how creatively bankrupt they are since they have agreed to announce the following:

      Prequel or Sequel? Dunno.
      The script? Dunno…uh, we’re working on it. I think.
      Bring back Harrison? Dunno…probably not, but….dunno.

      Just create something completely original and interesting for the love of god! Don’t just take a great movie that became EXTREMELY popular over the years and decide to make a movie related to it just so you can get people to the theaters because “Blade Runner” is in the name of the title. Fuckwads.

      • Bring back Harrison Ford? And see Deckard as a 70 year old Grandpa hunter?

        Yeah, Hollywood needs to gets glory back. There was a time when every country dreamed of working there…. now every country pretty much avoids it, as would I.

    • TheMSpot says:

      Not to mention that Rock’Em Sock’Em Robot movie starring Hugh Jackman or this little chestnut:

  35. J. says:

    Want to see how one of Marvel’s “Top” editors treats Marvel customers?

    • Morlock50 says:

      When are these Zombies gonna wake up? Marvel is the publishing equivalent of the Soup Nazi.

      • Locusmortis says:

        I saw that thread on CBR a few days ago and I found it hard to believe at first that that was actually Steve Wacker because he was posting like an utter troll. If I spoke to any of the people that my company provides services to i would be sacked, it is completely unprofessional and an examplar of what Marvel is like these days. Its sad that someone like Ralph Macchio retires this week and we are left with people like Quesada, Brevoort, Alonso and Wacker in charge.

        This is the kind of shit that Wacker comes out with “I think “some” people are troubled if Marvel uses too many staples. “Some” are just troubled we still exist”

        So people are not allowed ask questions of Marvel and its employees now? Customers are not allowed express legitimate concern and complaint these days? Who the fuck do they think they are? Do they think they have a god-given right to have our money and for us to not wonder “WTF?” sometimes?

        As I said here before, I fucking love Marvel comics and have done for many years but Marvel through its treatment of older creators and their families and through its treatment of its own fans over the last few years, has poisoned and destroyed that love. Fuck you Marvel.

    • I absolutely hate Stephen Wacker. He comes off as a total troll and a bully. He’s basically telling people to shut the fuck up and take the B.S. we’re being fed.

      Hey Wacker, if you keep treating people like shit people are going to stop buying your comics.

      Wake me up when Marvel does something that doesn’t fucking piss me off.

    • TheMSpot says:

      It was a simple yes or no question. One Marvel could have answered in one of their shitty press releases. Is Marvel reducing their page count? A question he didn’t even have to answer. Which he didn’t. Instead, he comes off glib and thinking he’s SOOOO fucking funny. I’m not even surprised. You know what would have surprised me? If he answered the guys question in a clear and concise manner.

  36. NicktheStick says:

    So I just got home and awaiting me when I got there was: 1) Ryan Ottley Sketch book which is absolutely gorgeous. Which I also have to ask anyone else who has purchased that what issue did you receive that was signed? I got issue #64 ( to look at the cover of that issue .) I also received in the mail today was Firefly the complete series (which is one of my favorite series besides LOST). AND, yes there is more, the David Michelinie Spider-man Omnibus. The one thing that Marvel can get right is that it is shrink wrapped!

    What a good day! 😀

    • NicktheStick says:

      Also I recommend that everyone support the best artist alive (in my opinion) and go buy Ryan’s Sketch book on his website! Do It! You know you want to!

      • Locusmortis says:

        Yup, I highly recommend it too. Also I didn’t realise it is a hardcover so that was a bonus too 🙂

        I got issue 63 with mine.

      • Insideman says:

        Damn it! I bought it… OK? (And I don’t buy sketchbooks!)

        Ryan says he’s sending you BOTH your cut of the profits… 😀

  37. Tiger Topher says:

    Anyone interested in seeing the trailer for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance?

  38. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the trailer for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

    • I didn’t know this was a sequel. I honestly thought it was a reboot.

      Under the impression that this was a reboot I was mildly interested to see who would be in it, but as soon as I found out this was a sequel and saw Nic Cage’s face… well you get the picture… oh and the pee joke at the end? REALLY?

      I actually haven’t seen the first Ghost Rider, nor do I have much interest to see it.

      • Allfather76 says:

        CBD – do yourself a favor and DO NOT see the first one.

        • Allfather76 says:

          I’ll go out on a limb and recommend you don’t see the sequel either.

          (Wow – I hope we see him shit fire too!)

          • Insideman says:


            I didn’t mind the pee joke that much… And I would have loved it if they had added the shit fire thing too. 😀

            I’m going to go see this… I know. I know.

    • sai011 says:

      Hated the first film and not liking the second. I also dont like into the comics where the change it so that there are a whole bunch of ghost riders thats just bad stories.

    • Insideman says:

      Until we start the IMJ Intern Program, of course.

      We will too… As soon as Professor Melendez finishes constructing the Danger Room.

  39. SmokeyClocks says:

    Abed, Jason Stackhouse, and Steve Zahn…Ill check it out


    AWESOME for reading manga on Ipad things or digitally. Cant wait to see more added to VIZ SIGNATURE, even tho their translations suck, they still publish great titles 🙂

    • Insideman says:

      Since I just a bought new 27″ Apple desktop, I am actually holding off on the iPad until they come out with the iPad 3. By then, I am hoping the Viz and the other new iManga site– — come to their senses and charge less than cover for their digital books.

      As long as I can still buy NEW physical Manga for 30% to 50% off cover– I will NOT be paying a premium– or FULL COVER PRICE– for a digital copy. On the other site, you don’t even get to download a copy– so far… So if they go out of business, you are shit out of luck.

      See this article for more info:

      If there is some great out of print series that I can ONLY buy digital for cover price (I’m not into paying $50 for OOP copies of single Manga volumes either)– then I will gladly do that.

      Somebody would get SMART (& RICH) VERY QUICK– if they started stocking translations of all the titles that Tokyopop left us hanging with UNFINISHED RUNS on. Certainly there would be a HUGE market for the UNPUBLISHED VOLUMES of all those books and all it would cost is translation, some art and scan fees… No printing or shipping fees (the biggest cost of physical publishing).

      Makes me wish I had the connections. I would do this TOMORROW.

      • Even so its putting good materials in that fad. So those people, non comic readers might be shown something new and epic 🙂

        • Insideman says:

          “Fad?” Tablets aren’t a fad, Mike. (I said the same thing about smartphones.) 😀

          I saw a program similar to the UPS machines you SIGN when you have a delivery.

          The app is on the tablet. You type up a purchase order, or present a patient with a medical order and they sign the tablet and the records are automatically filed at the home computer. Orders are being filled before the salesmen get to the parking lot or the Doctors leave the patient’s hospital room.

          There’s also a company incorporating a FINGERPRINT scanner that will authenticate signatures– to cut fraud on fake orders down to zero.

          I predict one day that every student and every salesman has one.

          Otherwise, I TOTALLY AGREE with you. ANY service that widens the MANGA MARKET (or any segment of any comic market) is IMPERATIVE and great news!

  41. I wonder what current DC comics will be regarded as legendary runs later on? I know for sure, within a few decades, Rucka’s BATWOMAN will have likely gained more respect and followers…

  42. Just came across this on yt, and wanted to know what IMJ thinks of this guy’s opinion:

  43. kurumais says:

    rage quit catherine

    • J. says:

      Can’t tell if serious.

      If this is for real this guy fucking sucks at video games. I found it enjoyable though. I hate rage quitters. 🙂

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