NO TAKERS!™ The ATOMIC ROBO Replacement Offer That WASN’T!

I started this MONTH-LONG OFFER on a whim, as a hopefully COOL WAY to emphasize my true UNDYING LOVE for all things Atomic Robo.

The only thing, I did NOT ask Creators Brian Clevinger & Scott Wegener if it was “OK” before I did it. I mean, I thought they would be cool with it– but this is the INTERNET… I apparently can’t recommend a great place to buy a chocolate cake to some comic professional on Twitter without them responding like a snarky asshole. And I was offering to replace any 5 Readers ATOMIC ROBO Graphic Novel purchases with a BRAND NEW FIRST PRINT COPY of the Superman Earth One Hardcover… Providing that the dissatisfied reader supplied me with a scan/copy of their receipt and a simple line or two of why they didn’t like the book. (And regardless of what you may or may not think of the latter J. Michael Straczynski hardcover– that original Superman story was one of the best-selling books in the last 12 Months… And these were FIRST PRINTS! Whoo Hoo!)

It was a definite risk… As I worried that I might unintentionally piss off two pros whose work I really, really respected. But as is always true, I did it anyway. And then I tweeted them both and told them.

I write the above only because I want you to know– EXPLICITLY— that neither Brian or Scott knew about this wacky idea. In fact, I am certain until I tweeted them that first time about a month ago that they had never even heard of Inveterate Media Junkies.

But they were more than cool when I contacted them… So thankfully, I was able to take my finger off the DELETE POST button. Hell, both of them were even kind enough to RETWEET our NUMEROUS weekly tweets on the subject. To me, their promoting our promotion was a BALLSY move from two gentlemen who obviously stand SQUARELY BEHIND their creation.

How fucking refreshing.

No “What the fuck are you doing?” emails. Nothing but laughs and thanks. And, not to let the cat out of the bag… But we’re hoping they’ll have a surprise for the IMJ Nation™ (if Mr. Wegener ever has a break in his super busy schedule)!

Until then, we’ll still be reading– and telling people about– the outstanding quality that is ATOMIC ROBO.

And for the curious? We received 242 SUPER Supportive Emails— with over TWO HUNDRED PEOPLE stating that they were first time buyers/readers. That is an amazing, exciting response– especially when you know that TENS of THOUSANDS of comic fans read about the offer and over 200 told us they bought/read the series in some form for the very first time. (It’s a cardinal rule that at least 10 people buy, read or became extremely interested in the subject of your promotion for every person that writes in about the promotion.)

And NOT ONE email with a sales slip, requesting a REFUND.


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10 Responses to NO TAKERS!™ The ATOMIC ROBO Replacement Offer That WASN’T!

  1. philbyday says:

    Atomic Robo has always been one of those books much Rusty n His Giant Robot ( or whateverr the name of that series was) that I’ve always wanted 2 try on a whim, but just hadn’t worked up the nerve.

  2. sai011 says:

    This looks really good, I have been looking for a comic about robots. Thats why I am going to school for to learn how to build robots, I want to become a robotics engineer.

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