For the entire month of September, Bags & Boreds™ will be changing our format a bit and focus the column on the relaunch of the DC Universe. We thought it would be fun to give the books a try and see which ones stand out from the rest. We will feature an in-depth review for the BEST OF THE WEEK™ and compressed reviews for the remaining titles of interest. I’ve been waiting for this week since the big announcement so lets jump right in!

Action Comics #1
Written By: Grant Morrison
Art by: Rags Morales

There have been MILLIONS of books published throughout comics history. We’ve had mystery comics, suspense comics, romance comics– but we’ve only ever had one “Action Comics… Quite possibly the most important comic book ever created. This is the book that would introduce Superman– the poster child for the then fledgling superhero genre… A character that would go on to inspire hundreds of millions to do good over a 70-year span. So seriously… If revamping their entire publishing line– a decision that may shake the very foundation of the comics industry as we know it– wasn’t enough pressure for DC Comics… Do you think restarting and remaking the most famous character and comic book of all time might be?

Since the announcement of DC’s New 52, the book that had me the most excited was Action Comics. Then when DC stated that Grant Morrison would be at comic’s helm, I knew that we would be in for something special. No character in the DCU needed as much help to bring him back to glory than Superman. I’ve heard all kinds of the excuses from various comics journalists why the character has never truly been revised or revamped– including the Golden Goose excuse. In case you’re not familiar with this, the Golden Goose excuse means that Superman is to Warner Bros what Mickey Mouse is to Disney… Therefore WB would never allow creators to take major chances with the Kryptonian… Even if that unfortunately meant we we’re saddled with some fairly mundane stories (with the exception of one or two good tales that somehow slipped through the mandate every few years) for decades.

Given that, you can certainly understand my excitement when I found out that one of comics most talented and intriguing writers would be taking The Man of Steel in a bold new direction. With the overwhelming critical and retail success of All-Star Superman (one of those aforementioned genuinely good Superman stories), it is no surprise that DC decided to allow Grant Morrison to lead DC’s biggest boy scout into the 21st Century… And it was a decision that definitely paid off in a big way this week.

Action Comics #1 follows the same formula as Justice League #1– as it is set sometime in the past of the New DCU continuity. The decision to use an earlier timeline in the latest JL has been polarizing to some. Yet, if you read my review of that issue– you’ll know immediately that I (at least) am enjoying the risks that DC has been taking. I like that they are placing some books in different eras of their new continuity. To be fair to the detractors: Action Comics can afford the luxury of using this device since Superman has two feature books to himself… Whereas the new Justice League comic is meant to standout as DC’s flagship title and may throw many new readers off by being set in the past.

In the end, it is up to the creators to sell you on their premise… And regardless of how you may feel about the approach with JL, I can guarantee you’ll barely think about it when you read this comic book.

First issues of new comics need to accomplish specific things if they want readers to come back for more. The most important thing a new comic must do? Introduce the main characters and make sure said characters are engaging and intriguing. Morrison smartly features Superman from the beginning and keeps him a constant force throughout the issue. He even goes so far as to feature Supes in nearly every panel… While making certain that the rest of the narrative flows so smoothly that you’re never left missing the boy in blue.

What else does a #1 issue of this magnitude need to do to work? Well, if it’s called Action Comics it damn well better have some action… And no other book that came out this week had as much action in it. Very smart. We get to watch a young Superman doing all of the things that we expect: Stopping bullets with his bare hands, using his X-Ray vision, shooting beams from his eyes and standing up for justice… Which he believes Metropolis is lacking.

That’s why we love you, Superman! That’s why we’re glad you exist. That’s why we need you in our lives…. To become the very thing that each person wishes they could do be.

But what is a Superman without a great cast of characters? In addition to getting a proper introduction to the Big Blue, we also get to see Lois Lane doing what she does best– beating her competition by snagging the next big story. Jimmy Olsen is by her side and the maniacal Lex Luthor is exactly where we expect him to be too… Going after Superman.

Rags Morales’ art is absolutely beautiful, amplifying an already great story. His attention to detail and his ability to sell the reader on motivations using carefully rendered character expressions is near perfect. Little vignettes thrown in by Morrison– and expertly drawn by Morales– will also undoubtedly please fans old and new.

Suddenly, all is right in the world.

Reading this book made me so excited for what’s to come in the DCU that I truly can’t see how this initiative could fail. I fully understand that this is a bold statement made off the back of one book but I truly believe a massive transformation is on the horizon for this industry. For the first time in a very long time Marvel will need to take a back seat to DC and let them steer the comics industry for a while. Action Comics #1 is a prime example of why this is possible and well within DC’s grasp to accomplish.

I think we sometimes forget what we want– or even need– from a superhero story… And that, sometimes, the best ideas are the simplest. Superman is back… And as long as we can get stories from creators that remember what makes him– and the other characters in the DC Universe so great– there’s no place to go except, Up! Up! And Away!Animal Man #1
Written By: Jeff Lemire
Art By: Travel Foreman and Dan Green

This issue served as a great introduction to Animal Man. If you’ve never read Grant Morrison’s legendary run, then this issue will be the perfect entry point to learn about the character. Along with great art, this book carries a psychedelic change of pace from the rest of the books released this week– as only an Animal Man book can.

Batgirl #1
Written By: Gail Simone
Art By: Ardian Syaf and Vincent Cifuentes

I was hoping for an explanation as to how Barbara Gordon can now walk. I didn’t get it. Still, I was pleased to see that the spirit of what has been making Batgirl a fun book to read for the last two years was not completely lost. (Although it almost was.) I’m also glad to see that DC decided to keep Alan Moore’s Killing Joke within the Barbara Gordon mythos. The comic satisfactorily reintroduces us to the original Barbara Gordon– and we get a nice cliffhanger to boot.
Detective Comics #1
Written By: Tony Daniel
Art By: Tony Daniel and Ryan Winn

I wasn’t a fan of Daniel’s run on Batman, so going into this issue I was a bit worried. I was hoping that Detective #1 would receive the same care and thought that Action Comics did. No such luck. Just more of the same from Daniel here. As the first of the main Bat books to be released under the New 52 banner, this issue provided little to care about– with the exception of an average cliffhanger. I’ve never dropped a Batman or a Superman title and I don’t intend to start now (I’m too much of a fan) but that doesn’t mean I like this.

Green Arrow #1
Written By: J.T. Kruk
Art By: Dan Jurgens and George Perez

Some of the changes made in the new DCU are bringing new life to their characters. Oliver Queen definitely falls into this category. He’s set up here as a Steve Jobs zillionaire techie type– as references to the Q-Pad and Q-Phone would infer. They also decided to make him a lot younger and more relatable to the new reading audience that DC is going after. Unfortunately though, the overused plot devices had me barely scraping by as I read this book. I repeatedly had to stop reading out of boredom from bad dialogue. Instead I decided to enjoy the great art by Dan Jurgens and George Perez. This title will need to do something amazing next month to get my repeat business with issue #3.


Justice League International #1
Written By: Dan Jurgens
Art By: Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan

I love a good team book. But what I love even more is a book that offers a fun and plausible team formation. There’s nothing like the moment a new superhero team gets together and shares great dialogue. Part of what made J.M. Dematteis and Keith Giffen’s original JLI so memorable was the humor and wondrous dynamic shared between the team members. Jurgens does a great job recapturing the essence of the old title and infusing it into the new team. We get a look at the new headquarters and a new team jet! That’s what I want out of a team book, baby! Dan Jurgens had a big week and made me excited to be reading this book. It’s the freakin’ Justice League International, people!

Stormwatch #1
Written By: Paul Cornell
Art By: Miguel Sepulveda

To be fair, I am not very savvy in the Wildstorm Universe… But we need to remember that with the new team now in the DCU Proper— I shouldn’t have to be. As I read this book I got the sense that I was supposed to know who these characters were already. Obviously Apollo and the Midnighter are easily recognizable as the some of the most popular Wildstorm characters– but some of the others had me cracking open old issues of The Authority attempting to remember who’s who. The plot was all over the place and the fact they are now attempting to portray Apollo as the most powerful being on Earth– even as he now shares the place with Superman— is fucking outrageous. I know I’m in the minority but I never really cared for Apollo and reading this book did nothing to change my mind, as he seemed to bitch and moan in every scene he was in. As much as I wanted to like it, I simply couldn’t get past my confusion.

Swamp Thing #1
Written By: Scott Snyder
Art By: Yanick Paquette

Based on J.’s Open Thread comments, most of you were probably looking forward to this book– and for good reason. I too have jumped onto the Scott Snyder bandwagon and have no doubt that he will eventually reign supreme as one of the big guns at DC. Swamp Thing #1 definitely helps the writer toward that goal, as it was one of the best books of the week. I’ve only read a few of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing trades but Snyder’s approach seems to make the character and his world much more accessible. As I read this issue, I got the distinct sense that the average reader wouldn’t need to know a damn thing about Swamp Thing to enjoy this book– which is no small feat for such a complex character that has been around for so long. Accompanied by Yanick Paquette’s great art, this issue was a fun, quick read and has me excited for the stories to come. If you missed this book (which I’m guessing most if you didn’t) go get it right away! Hawk and Dove #1
Written By: Sterling Gates
Art By: Rob Liefeld

This was one of the titles that I had me on the fence before I even cracked the cover. Having never read a Hawk and Dove story before, I felt a bit ignorant as I thumbed through the pages. Though the story was enough to keep me engaged for a while, eventually Rob Liefeld’s art took me right out of the book. It may have been something as simple as the horrible Hawk uniform and the ridiculous spikes coming out of his suit. Mark Waid once said, “Really good art can lift a really bad story but really amazing story cannot lift mediocre art.” I understand that art is extremely relative so there’s a chance that you may enjoy this. As for my opinion on the matter…
O.M.A.C. #1
Story and Art By: Dan Didio
and Keith Giffen

The last book I read this week was O.M.A.C. #1. I almost didn’t purchase it because I was just as unfamiliar with this character as I was with the Hawk and Dove duo. Nevertheless, I decided to keep an open mind and give it a whirl. By the end, I was having so much fun that I wanted more! Not much can be said on the plot side… However it never seemed to me that the plot was Dido and Giffen’s biggest concern. Instead, they seemed more intent on just showing us what will make O.M.A.C so much fun… Seemingly satisfied to let any real story develop at a later time. I guess we’ll know for sure if I am right next month or if the creators really do have nothing up their sleeves to surprise us. On a sheer fun level though– you should give this comic a try if you have an extra THREE BUCKS to spare.

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36 Responses to Rick Huerta’s BAGS & BOREDS™- DC’s NEW 52 REVIEW SPECIAL EDITION

  1. PhilBetaGAMMA says:

    Of the books l’ve picked up; H & D: I knew what I was getting in2 n it was a nice trip 2 memory lane, but l certainly wouldn’t want 2 live there. …….Agree w/ your assessment.

    SwampThing: I had serious issues w/ this issue. …Understood your assessment.

    What l haven’t seen;
    Omac: I dislike Giffens art more than l do Liefelds, plus theirs no nostalgic vibe i get from it, i hated it when he drew the Legion n the Defenders, back in the day!

    G.A.: Never a fan of the archer, & if Jurgens is the lead artist, pass. 2 me he’s the epitomy of “house”. His drawing’s solid, but w/o passion, or pizazz!

  2. jocrlujr says:

    O.M.A.C. was a last minute decision based on the preview pages that were released, and I gotta say that I loved every second of it. I agree with everything you had to say about it.

  3. TheMSpot says:

    Action Comics #1 to me was the last half of Smallville done right.

  4. Allfather says:

    Thanks for the reviews Rick! I agreed with 5 out of the 8 you and I both read. Here is a brief synopsis of what I thought of the new DC books I picked up this week and last (in the order I read them):

    Justice League #1: Lee’s art was fine (as always), but only featuring 3.5 (I’m counting Cyborg as the .5) of the characters on the cover, I felt DC blew it big time here. This was the number one HUGE shot of attracting new readers and instead of giving us a big, exciting team superhero story, we get an origin story with just the big 3 male DC heroes (they were also obviously overconfident that the Green Lantern movie was going to be huge – whoops). This issue needed the entire team fighting a decent villain while showcasing all of their powers. Would I have loved that? Maybe or maybe not but at least that would have been more directed to “the masses”. Grade: D+

    Action Comics #1: With the way JL #1 turned out, this should have been the first title released. Good, fun story featuring a Superman that is not yet completely God-like. I have never been a big fan of Superman comics because it is very difficult to come up with a captivating story about someone who can basically do anything. Most have failed, but Morrison succeeded with All Star Supes so I have faith in this title. I like this “weaker”, inexperienced Superman! More interesting! Grade: B+

    Swamp Thing #1: I only know the Alan Moore Swamp Thing, but I already love the Scott Snyder Swampie. Creepy story with wonderful art – I know I’ll be buying this title every month. Still have not read a Snyder story I disliked – he is perfect for this title. The 3 scientists that got their heads twisted around? Awesome. Grade: A

    Batgirl #1: I was really, really looking forward to this and I could not be more disappointed. Just corny and dumb. Just WAY too much inner dialogue going on. It didn’t bother me that they did not explain how Babs can walk again, it’s just that I didn’t feel this was in any way the character we have all loved over the years. I read it a second time just in case I was insane the first time I read it, but….Grade: D

    Detective Comics #1: This is the first time I read a comic written by Tony Salvador Daniel. I’ll say he is an iota better than the writing of David Finch. You are correct, that is NOT a compliment. Batman dialogue from pg. 6: (as the Joker escapes through a window) “Forget about it Joker. You can’t run. I OWN the night”. Yeesh. He is desperately trying to copy Frank Miller and Jim Lee from “All Star Batman and Robin” and we all know how great that was. Grade: D

    Animal Man #1: My only exposure to AM is a couple of Morrison issues back in the day and I really don’t have much memory from them. However, this new book is GREAT. It might be a little more enjoyable for me since I’m a family man, but the story and pacing is perfect. The art is wonderful too but there are a couple of shocking scenes that make me beg for the next issue. I can’t wait for this title to crossover with Swamp Thing (Snyder has assured in interviews that this will happen). Snyder and Lemire are very good friends so this is something I’m really looking forward to (The Red and The Green – bring it on!). Grade: A

    Justice League International #1: This book is simply FUN. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of team books, but I like a team that has a representative from different countries (and one from the galaxy). Even though I have only read a few comics with him in it, I think Booster Gold with his outgoing personality is a great choice to be the leader of the team. Playful banter with an interesting-enough threat happening equals good times. THIS is what the “prime-time” Justice League’s book should have been like. Grade B+

    Stormwatch #1: I wasn’t planning to pick up this book since I still had the awful taste in my mouth from the first time I read them back in the Image nineties, but I’m glad I did. This is an entertaining story by Paul Cornell with very good art by Miguel Sepulveda (who, I admit, I’m not very familiar with). I have read some “The Authority” trades but was never overly impressed by them. But, I’m a sucker for decent sci-fi stories and the fact that Apollo could be as powerful as Superman? I welcome it. Grade: B

    Batwing #1: Let me get this out of the way: the art by Ben Oliver, IMO, is gorgeous. The story by Judd Winnick is decent, but uneven. At times, I thought it was a little juvenile with too much inner monologue, but at other times it was very well done and entertaining. I did not care for the villain’s name: “Massacre”, but I was intrigued enough with the cliffhanger to stay on board for at least another issue. Grade: B-

    Men Of War #1: I had zero plan of picking up this title (especially because it was $3.99), but I thought the cover was kind of cool and I grabbed it anyway. I’m actually glad I did because I thought it was a pretty well done war comic with the shadow of a prominent hero in the background. I’m not that into war comics but the story and art held my interest enough to get the next issue. Grade: B

    • Rick Huerta says:

      Men of War was pretty good. I didn’t include it in the review, but I’m a sucker for war themed books. After reading the original run on G.I. Joe Cobra though, I have higher standards for military themed books.

      As for Batwing, I simply can’t get behind photo reference artwork. It’s truly an eyesore for me. There are few artists that can nail the concept down, but once I saw the preview pages I didn’t even bother.

    • J. says:

      Cripes, Allfather. I agreed with every one of your reviews. Seems the learner has now become the master. But remember, if you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. 😉

  5. Ryan Schaefer says:

    Great reviews Rick! Gotta say though, I loved Stormwatch. I’m a WildStorm geek and I thought Cornell did a good job condensing the universe down into the DCU. It went a little fast, but was still lots of fun. I didn’t hate Detective as much as I thought I would, but yeah, the dialogue was wayyyyyyy bad. Action was good, but the Clark Kent parts reminded me of old Ultimate Spider-Man, just not in a great way. Still a good start by Morrison and I’m in for the long run. Animal Man and JLI knocked it out of the park and really harkened back to my favorite Morrison and Giffen runs of each. Awesome column!

    • J. says:

      I have to say I loved Stormwatch too. I haven’t followed any of the Wildstorm books (except for Brian Wood’s DV8) for like a decade. Cornell did a GREAT job writing that book. It was a fun read and I actually laughed out loud a couple of times. I really thought Cornell did a good job of introducing the characters and letting you know what their powers were. I agree that there were some he didn’t really get into like the Engineer and “Jenny Sparks” but I have faith he’ll get there eventually. Because I enjoyed Stormwatch so much I am now willing to give Cornell’s Demon Knights a chance. I was very much on the fence about it before.

      • Rick Huerta says:

        I find it interesting that you found the intro to the characters so seamless since I thought this was one of the books major faults. I went into the book knowing very little and with exception to the threat in the story, I felt the same coming out of it. I think the books weakest points were when it came to character development.

        Also, this may be due to the fact that we’re getting somewhat of an origin story, and it’s possible that we’re getting a totally different version of the character, but i don’t remember Apollo being so defiant.

        • J. says:

          Well, they did tell you all what The Projectionist, Jack Hacksmoor, Apollo, Harry Tanner (Swordsman) and Martian Manhunter were all about (Cornell laid out what the big bad was all about, too). That’s like half the team. At least they showed the whole damn team unlike that piece of shit Justice League #1. And the cliffhanger ending to this issue was 100 times better than the Justice League ending. I know customers who have never given a shit about Wildstorm before and walked away enjoying Stormwatch way more than Justice League.

          Some people are just tired of the same old shit (me included) and that is EXACTLY what Justice League #1 (and half of this week’s DCnU #1’s) were. Opening your mind to new experiences is a great thing. I am now at a place where I can appreciate writers who are thinking outside of the box. I patiently await for the day that others come to join me on this blissful plane..

          If you enjoy Animal Man, Batwing, and Swamp Thing there is no reason not to like Stormwatch.

          Also, Batgirl was a piece of shit. Pure and simple. If you want to know the details of why” then just listen to our next podcast. I’m not saying it will be Battle of the Cowl hate but it will be close.

          • Rick Huerta says:

            The cliffhanger was almost identical to the JL book. Superman kicks the shit out of Green Lantern and makes his little comment to Batman. In Stormwatch, Midnighter kicks the shit out of everyone and makes his little comment to Apollo. Am I missing something or isn’t it the same exact ending?

            • J. says:

              Ya, you missed it. Superman KO’s GL and faces Batman while saying ” So….what can you do?”. Midnighter takes out Stormwatch and tells Apollo, ” I’m the Midnighter. With your help, I can kill every evil bastard on the planet. Interested…?”

              There is no fucking doubt as to which book I am looking forward to the most. Midnighter’s last line is infinitely more interesting that Duperman’.s. We have no idea what Apollo and Midnighter are going to do in the next issue. As for Dupes and Fats, there will be a fight caused by a misunderstanding but in the end they will join forces to beat a common foe. Fucking BORING ASS SHIT! Geoff Johns majored in “Cliched Superhero Storytelling 101”. Give me Paul Cornell over Geoff Johns any fucking day of the week. Stormwatch will be more interesting and overall a better read than that shite Johns is squirting out of his ass on Justice League. People who hated Captain Britain and Agents of Atlas are bound to hate Stormwatch. Mostly because they are fucking idiots who have never read a GOOD comic in their short, pathetic lives. But hey, this is just my opinion. I’m sure no one else agrees with me.

              • Rick Huerta says:

                No, Agents of Atlas was fantastic. As for the Johns’ storytelling, although I think that most of what he writes is cliche’, I’m also sure that the amount of flexibility that DC gives him is also limited since he writes mostly A list characters. His run on JSA in the early 2000’s and his later run on Justice Society of America was probably my favorite stories from him.

                Back to the books. I’m willing to bet that the thought of having no idea what Midnighter and Apollo are gonna do is ridiculous. It’s gonna follow a similar formula where Stormwatch is gonna play their tug of war with Midnighter for Apollo’s trust and eventually team up to also defeat a common foe. I’ll bet the house on it.

              • TheMSpot says:

                I think my next column will be, “Why I Liked Stormwatch #1, It Was Better than Justice League #1, Na-na Na-na Boo-boo, Stick Your Head in Doo-doo.”

                • Rick Huerta says:

                  I’m not sure how the comparison to JL got started exactly, but to compare them based on the sole fact that they are both a team book seems unfair. A better comparison would have been Justice League and Justice League International which was a way better book in my opinion.

    • Rick Huerta says:

      Thanks for the kinds words Ryan. I know what you mean in regards to the Ultimate Spider-Man comment. The original Ultimate Spider-Man was a real slow introduction. If I remember correctly it took 5-6 issues before we ever saw him in costume. I remember thinking that it was going slow at the time, but when I re-read it a few years later it was so much fun to have such a decompressed story. I’m hoping we get something similar out of this.

  6. Stamps says:

    Rick! fantastic reviews man. I’ve definitely got to agree with you about Detective and Batgirl. The lack of explanation about Barbara left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. And Jesus Detective was painful; typical Daniel I’m sad to say. Even the cover looks like total shit.

    • Rick Huerta says:

      Thanks Stamps. The interiors were a lot better than the disgusting cover. Why DC decided to go with Daniels is beyond me. More of the same if you ask me. I think Greg Rucka would have been suited best for a book like Detective. I’m pretty sure he’s not exclusive to Marvel.

  7. Insideman says:

    By the way, Oliver Queen being younger… As young as he looks on that cover?

    Very, very bad idea DC. VERY bad.

    • Rick Huerta says:

      They probably figured that if they kept him the same age he would be older than half the rest of the DCU…which now that I’ve said it out loud may have been interesting.

  8. I’m really enjoying your reviews Rick! I have enjoyed all of the New 52 books that I’ve read so far. That would be Justice League, Batgirl, Action Comics, and Swamp Thing. Action has shown the most promise so far. I really want to read Stormwatch now. I am a HUGE fan of Captain Britain and MI13 and I also enjoyed Cornell’s run on Action as well, so he has built up great faith in me.

    Also, was Batwing any good? I haven’t heard anything, good or bad, about it…

    • Rick Huerta says:

      Despite my initial feelings about the art, I decided to go ahead and give it a read. As I suspected, the art made it near impossible to care about what was going on in the story. I just can’t get into that photorealistic art. The faces were over exaggerated and look ridiculous and the two pages of gore seemed like a cheap attempt to make the book seem “grown up.” The parts of the book I enjoyed the most were the ones that carried mostly a silhouette of the characters which made it easier to absorb the dialogue. As I mentioned before, if that style of art is your cup of tea then you may enjoy the book.

  9. kurumais says:

    i did not want to like animal man at first i wasnt going to pick it up but then decided to tune in see the take on the book and drop it i dont need to add to my comic expenses but it was absolutely terrific its my dc pick of the week

  10. kurumais says:

    justice league international was ok jurgens is a solid but unremarkable writer and i find his art dependable i did groan at one point when he put in the ” they’re just robots we dont have to hold back!” cliche at least he was nice enough to switch it up to they’re just contructs let er rip
    otherwise a by the numbers team comic

  11. kurumais says:

    my book of the week was the red skull just a great historical fiction story johann schimt is still years away from becoming the villain we all know he is a street thug trying to survive in the crazy closing days of the weimer republic right before the night of the long knives. its gripping and engaging story telling i felt more like i was pulled along then actually reading

  12. PhilBetaGAMMA says:

    My two cents on JusticeLeague is this; I don’t like Geoff Johns, I do like JimLee, but I had some probs w/ no.1. There’s some begrudging props I’m gonna give 2 Johns, & there’s some grief I’m gonna give 2 Lee. I”m gonna make a vid on it, & hope 2 post it either here, or on the next open thread. Stay tuned 8)

    • Phil? PhilbyDay? Hey man, how’s it been! I haven’t talked to you in a long time!

      I agree too, altho lately I’ve been not a fan of Jim lee either, he’s getting too slow.. Azzarello had a whole Europe themed Batman Story… Batman in Europe??? by Brian Azzarello???? I wanna see that comic! but Jim Lee couldn’t even finish 1 issue… He’s gotta work harder imo

      • PhilBetaGAMMA says:

        Hey Mikey, yeah its me, the one n only. Though let me clariry: I’m still a fan of Lee, it’s just that I don’t think he’s got the FIRE anymore, regardless; I’d take Lee at 85% over most of 2days big two’s 100%ers, it’s just there’s something specific that Lee messed up on IMO that I think needs addressing, and I haven’t heard any1 else talk about it, at least not as it pertains 2 the Jusice League.
        On an unrelated note; How’s the music coming along, Mike? Got anything else poppin on soundcloud? Junkie themes, perhaps?

        As far as Lee/Azzerello goes, I don’t know how much of that is Lee, but l do know that Azz has quicckly become one of my least fave writers. JimLee turned in some stellar work 4 a twelve pt. Superman that Azz wrote, & it ende up being a twelve issue snooze fest, & don’t get me started on 1st Wave (Ylkes!!) Plus I’m on the fence about 100Bullets as well. Not 2 mention, the one time l saw him interviewed, he seemed quite the douche, but that’s just me 🙂

        Good talkin’ 2 ya, Mike!

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