DC’s NEXT LUCKY TWELVE – The Next DC NEW 52 #1 Comics Shipping 9.21.11

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20 Responses to DC’s NEXT LUCKY TWELVE – The Next DC NEW 52 #1 Comics Shipping 9.21.11

  1. Stamps says:

    I really like the Batman and Nightwing covers. The Nightwing one especially. The Green Lantern cover is probably my least favorite.

  2. PhilBetaGAMMA says:

    Batman n Catwoman l’m mildly intrigued by. About six of ’em l’ll have 2 see the interiors. BoP, l like Jesus Saiz but l don’t think enough 2 get beyond those most horrid costumes. The Outlaws’ Liefeld meets Sienkiewicz, no thx, H n D were enough. As much as l want WW in her own ‘good” ongoing, l
    can’t stand Azz, & have no faith in what he might bring 2 the character. l’d rather give JMS another shot, than Azz a 1st one. As 4 covers, 4 covers sake goes; 1) Universe Presents 2) Nightwing 3) Catwoman, 4) BlueBeetle 5) Supergirl

    • kurumais says:

      i wasnt going to get BoP either phil for the same reason but i saw preview somewhere on the web and the interiors looked good black canary looks a whole better then i would have guessed it went from a skip it to a try it

      • PhilBetaGAMMA says:

        I can’t even imagine, Kuru..I’m gonna hit up some sites 2 see if l see anything like u’ve seen. I’ll be back.8)

  3. kurumais says:

    nightwing is my favorite dc character but seeing how snyder handles bruce instead of dick as batman is what im looking forward to most not sure about capullo though
    interest wise
    batman, nightwing , wonderwoman with try its on blue beetle and BoP
    coverwise dc presents, red hood , legion , and nightwing

  4. Isn’t there a new cover for Batman #1?

    • Insideman says:

      Yes, it is right here:

      In all seriousness, we are going with the original cover/promo images. The few that have changed haven’t been that big of improvements to me (Green Arrow)… And any new images of unreleased comics are hard to come by. I’m still wondering if Wonder Woman will have any pants.

  5. Insideman says:

    I love the Catwoman cover. Would smack whoever decided to use pink on it.
    The Blue Beetle cover almost looks MORE MILITARISTIC than any Beetle cover in recent memory.
    The Red Hood and the Outlaws cover is just.really.bad.

    • PhilBetaGAMMA says:

      1st comment; agreed, though l don’t get the pink reference.
      2nd comment; agreed
      3rd comment actually not being a Rockafort fan 2 begin with, l thought it was alright (4 him)

      • Insideman says:

        Phil the street surface on the left of the Catwoman cover is colored PINK (or it might show as Mauve or Purple on some monitors).

        You can actually see the white street paint… Crosswalks, etc… But the street is PINK… That’s what I hated.

        As far as Rockafort is concerned, it may be good for HIM… But you know how I feel about comparing different piles of shit. 😀

  6. J. says:

    Batwoman was the only comic I needed this week. And next week? The GD Wonder Woman.

  7. Allfather says:

    I am looking forward to Batman and Wonder Woman the most. I know OF Greg Capullo’s art, but I don’t think I own one comic that he drew interiors for (I thankfully haven’t read Spawn since the 90’s). So I can’t say I really like or dislike him, but I am a little worried he is the artist for this title. Snyder has not disappointed me yet, so I really hope they mesh well.

    I’m looking forward to Nightwing, Catwoman, DC Comics Presents, and Supergirl as well. I’m not very familiar with Deadman, but the cover to DC Comics presents is pretty sweet.

    The covers? I guess in order I like: DC Comics Presents, Supergirl, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Nightwing.

  8. NicktheStick says:

    I think i am only signed up for some of these: Batman, Wonder Woman, Blue Beetle, Nightwing

    I think though that I will likely get Catwoman, Supergirl, DC Presents and maybe one or two more. I actually like most of the covers of what I plan on getting so It is a bonus. 🙂

  9. 1. Wonder Woman
    2. Batman
    3. DC Universe Presents
    4. Catwoman
    5. Nightwing

  10. In an interview with Scott Snyder he said that he and Kyle Higgins are talking back and forth about their titles, so I’m looking forward to seeing Batman and Nightwing crossing over. I’ll be picking up Catwoman and I’ll probably end up getting Wonder Woman, but I’m waiting for some feedback from the first issue. As for the covers, I like Batman and Nightwing.

  11. VictimPrime says:

    Favorite covers!

    1. Batman #1- Badass, but is it that the Scarecrow cowering in fear at the sight of Batman’s enormous, armor plated codpiece?

    2. Catwoman #1- Cool shot of Catwoman relaxing after a hard day of stealing shit, but really does she have to take her bra off like that? People are watching!

    3. Supergirl #1- I like the cover, don’t know about those thigh straps though.

    4. Nightwing #1- Nightwing is a badass, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look quite so menacing.

    5. Wonder Woman #1- Everything I liked about her redesigned costume, and all the crap I hated not there.

    Books I plan to get next week?

    See above…

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