Rick Huerta’s BAGS & BOREDS™- Reviewing WEEK TWO of DC’s NEW #1 Comic Books

Week 2 of the DC Relaunch found me enduring lines at comic stores for the first time in years! It’s fun to see people coming out and buying books again but are we just going through another false speculation boom… Or, as DC promised, are these titles delivering on the promises of a brave new comic book world? Lets delve into Week 2 of “The New DC 52” and start to find out!

Resurrection Man #1
Written By: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
Art By: Fernando Darning

As the IMJ Book of the Week™ came to a climactic close, there were two things on my mind: One was how much longer it seemed to take to get through Week 2 of the DC Relaunch (for reasons I’ve yet to determine or understand)… And Two: How much reading Resurrection Man #1 made it all worthwhile. Now I know it seems inexplicable that reading comics all day can seem like a chore… But it can be and sometimes is– especially when you are attempting to make your column deadline. If you’re in this to be fair-minded (and not paid to present a certain opinion like some “reviewers” from some PUFF SITES I won’t mention), then you’re doing everything possible to give every book its’ proper due… Mindful that you also have to get to work writing your reviews.

Let’s forget that pressure for now and discuss how refreshing Resurrection Man #1 truly is. I’m still amazed that it is in my hands, considering HOW DEEPLY OBSCURE this awesome character was before this week.

This guy was a little more than a tiny spot on my “Comics Radar” when DC made their New 52 announcements. I wasn’t familiar with the character from the creative team’s original run– though I was very familiar with the Abnett and Lanning’s stunning work on Marvel’s Cosmic Comic Book Line. This week (for once), I actually did save the BEST for last… And this comic was good enough to boost my opinion of DC’s output this week by entire letter grade.

Who is Resurrection Man? That’s usually the key question you have to at least partially answer to successfully launch a new #1 issue– even more so when you’re dealing with a relatively unknown quantity like RM. This kind of comic needs to not only appeal to new readers– but resonate with returning die-hard fans as well. I had never read a Resurrection Man comic in my life, so I was happy this first issue was NEW reader friendly… So friendly that I never felt gypped that the writers didn’t provide us with an origin story.

Which is good, because Resurrection Man #1 starts by throwing us smack in the middle of a big story arc. Finally, some writing that doesn’t assume the reader is a complete idiot and can’t figure out a character without having to have their heads beaten in with gobs of expository dialogue filled with the “hows and whys”! As a seasoned reader, I think I’ve just grown tired of origin stories… Which is why I was pleased to skip it here.

We are even treated to a great opening monologue… Best of the week, hands down. But use of this device can be as problematic as it is pragmatic: It can successfully guide the reader through important establishing plot and character moments or it can create a complete and complex mess that comes off as near-unfathomable. But the words here immediately grabbed me and piqued my interest in the character and what he was feeling– while simultaneously giving me several snapshots of who he is.

We’re then treated to vague understanding of how RM’s powers work and the mission he is on. (In this particular case, the reason behind this mission is a mystery– even to him.)

What a clever idea! A hero that repeatedly resurrects in order to accomplish a specific goal. The premise seems vaguely familiar, yet refreshingly original– at least in the superhero genre. Almost like Night of the Living Dead meets Quantum Leap. Lanning & Abnett also continuously find new ways to keep us guessing– which is an extremely good thing.

When RM meets a mysterious figure that knows what he’s all about, the comic makes a deliberate tonal shift. This leads to an exciting, beautifully drawn mid-air battle sequence (they’re on a plane when the $%*# hits). This double page spread– great for story development and obviously great looking– brings me to the tipping point of what made this issue GREAT: Fernando (Justice League: Generation Lost) Dagnino’s art is utterly jaw dropping. This book will no doubt bring huge, much-deserved attention to the Spanish artist. His clean and detailed lines bring out the dynamic in each panel– which, in essence, gives each page in the comic its’ own personality.

By the end of Resurrection Man #1, all the excitement is nicely packaged into a COMPLETE story. Still, as I turned to that last page– I couldn’t help but want for more. This book has me excited for the paranormal world DC has lined up for us– mainly since Abnett and Lanning have such a great track record for staying dedicated to their projects. As long as THIS creative force stays on THIS book, we can only assume that we will continue to get a fantastic comic.

Batman & Robin #1
Written By: Peter J. Tomasi
Art By: Patrick Gleason

As DC attempts to release a Batman-centric comic book every seven days, this week we get Batman and Robin. Since Grant Morrison left the book over a year ago, my interest in this comic has purely been focused on the characters and unfortunately not the creative team. Thankfully, Peter J. Tomasi’s Batman & Robin #1 brings back the dynamic that I didn’t realize I was missing when Damien Wayne was brought into the Bat-fold.

Damien brings just the right amount of independent “Yin” to Batman’s “Yang”– while still maintaining a great chemistry between father and son. The first half of the comic had fantastic art by Patrick Gleason. Strangely, the second half seemed a bit rushed. The result was straight up Batman book that took no dramatic risks nor deviated from what I expected. It wasn’t bad but it was also nothing that I haven’t read in many a Batman story before. That said, it was the inconsistent art that kept me from giving this book the “Bag It” tag.

Batwoman #1
Written By: J.H. Williams and W. Haden Blackman
Art By: J.H. Williams

Probably the most hyped book of the week also delivered exactly what I thought it would: Amazing art with a not so amazing story. I’m sure you’ve already read about how great this book is from various other comic book sites. You might fall into the same trap that I almost fell into by actually believing those reviews. But reading this comic I couldn’t help but wonder: Did I really like it or was I just trying to convince myself that I did because I so desperately wanted to?

I’m sorry, but despite how beautiful this book is, I cannot confidently advise you that you will receive anything groundbreaking story-wise.  An okay ending– and I’ll definitely buy the next issue… But, all-in-all, nothing great.

Deathstroke #1
Written By: Kyle Higgins
Art By: Joe Bennett

This comic was a blind side smack in the face. A runner-up for my IMJ Book of the Week™, this was the first story in a long time that had me laughing out loud within the first two pages. A fast and fun ride, Deathstroke #1 was another great example of what I want out of my comic books: Comedy, action, suspense and a fantastic twist ending that I didn’t see coming. A great start for a great character. I can’t wait for the next issue.Demon Knights #1
Written By: Paul Cornell
Art By: Diogenes Neves

Paul Cornell’s Demon Knights #1 was another great surprise this week. Set in a completely different era than the rest of the new DCU, this book is certain to scratch any fantasy fan’s itch. This is DC’s take on the medieval, with a heaping dose of old-fashioned sword fighting and magic. If curses cast by Camelot’s Merlin, action and intrigue are your thing– then this book is a MUST BUY!Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1
Written By: Jeff Lemire
Art By: Alberto Ponticelli

I’m not sure what’s in the water over at DC but so far all of their non-superhero books have been stealing the NEW 52 show. Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1 is no exception. Let me describe the book to you in two words: Creature Commandos. That’s a concept I can get behind! Frank is the Team Leader who recruits a Werewolf, a Mummy medic and an Amphibian/Human scientist. Together they fight a shit-load of other monsters. This comic is a freakin’ monster mash of fun and has arrived just in time for the fall. Go get this now!Green Lantern #1
Written By: Geoff Johns
Art By: Doug Mahnke

I’m not exactly sure what DC’s trying to do to Hal Jordan but it IS obvious that they are taking him in a different direction. In Justice League #1 he’s basically a total douchebag— which, at least, made him a little different from what we are used to. Geoff Johns then takes the douchebaggery to the next level in Green Lantern #1, as his “new” Hal is a broke ex-fighter pilot who can’t pay the bills. This douche is so low that he’ll even use the pretext of a romantic dinner to ask his girlfriend to co-sign a lease for a new ride he can’t get credit for. I’ll admit that as much as I love the traditional Hal Jordan, this new spin on the character made the GL book fun to read– the best since Blackest Night ended. With Hal no longer wielding a ring, we also see Sinestro turning into a Green Lantern. For my money, this was the best DC superhero comic this week.Grifter #1
Written By: Nathan Edmondson
Art By: Cafu

I don’t blame DC for trying to put their spin on a Wolverine-type character– but perhaps they could have been a little less blatant… With Grifter’s mutton chops and greasy hair being a dead giveaway to their intentions. But hey, that’s all right. The book was fun and made me want to come back… Which is more than I can say for some of DC’s other nascent offerings.

With the exception of never allowing Grifter  to fully suit up, I am behind the creators’ building their action/mystery storyline a bit slow. The basics: Grifter is taken captive and knocked out for an unknown amount of time. Now there are people after him. And we finally do get a nice close-up of Grifter with his trademark mask– which I admit amped my inner fanboy for the next issue.Legion Lost #1
Written By: Fabian Nicieza
Art By: Pete Woods

My only BURN IT! of the week, Legion Lost #1 had me dozing off in the middle of the day. I’ll readily admit I’ve never cared for the Legion of Super Heroes. Sadly, DC’s Relaunch hasn’t done anything to change my opinion. It’s still a bunch of characters that I don’t care about doing a bunch of things that I don’t care about. The art was okay– making this first issue somewhat tolerable… But when I was done with the book, I wanted my 20 minutes back. Unfortunately, like this comic– they are now lost to me forever.Mister Terrific #1
Written By: Eric Wallace
Art By: Gianluca Gugliotta

Okay, I’m going to tread lightly here, in hopes that I don’t offend anyone.

I truly believe diversity in comic books is very important. I also believe that we are all equal. And I believe that we should treat everyone like we want to be treated. That all said, reading Mister Terrific #1 made me feel stupid– or at least like the creator was attempting to make me feel stupid.

When I read my comics, I want two very simple things: Good story and Good art. I’m such a fan that I’ll even sometimes tolerate a little mediocrity in the medium I love. What I will NOT tolerate: Creators “talking down” to me. Case in point: I don’t need to be reminded that our lead character is African-American. Yet writer Eric Wallace does– or more, specifically, has Mister Terrific do it for him in the Fourth Panel on Page Four. Looking at two onlookers, he says, “…A simple, ‘Thanks Black guy for saving us from a homicidal lunatic wearing weaponized body armor’ will do.”

Yes, he actually says that.

I decided to ignore this very out of character moment for Mister Terrific and continued to read what was actually a great story with great art. Then, it happened a second time– Page 15, Panel 3. Mister T’s date (an uncredited Power Girl)says to a jealous Aleeka, “I get it, it’s because I’m a WHITE GIRL isn’t it?” To which Aleeka replies, “And I’m a BLACK WOMAN, which means I’m built to handle things you can’t even imagine or never had to.”

That’s the EXACT MOMENT this book EARNS its BORED TAG. It’s a real shame that the writer felt the need to beat us over the head with the obvious, as the rest of this book was enjoyable. It’s all just so REGRESSIVE. Consider my rating a slap on the wrist for Wallace ignorantly underestimating the intelligence of the comic book audience. I’ll still buy the next issue but if this becomes a constant theme in the book– then I will no longer be interested.Red Lanterns #1
Written By: Peter Milligan
Art By: Ed Benes

This book was not what I was expecting… And I doubt that it will last more than a few story arcs before being inevitably cancelled. I don’t think Atrocitus (the lead Red Lantern) is a very relatable character. Even as an anti-hero he’s not that interesting. This book has some pretty annoying Red Lantern-speak too. The big A’s idea of turning over a new leaf so he can fight injustice throughout the galaxy also makes him MUCH LESS menacing. Actually, in the time that I’ve written this mini-review, I can’t really think of anything memorable enough to recommend it to you. In other words, I’m…Suicide Squad #1
Written By: Adam Glass
Art By: Federico Dallocchio

When I saw that Harley Quinn was front and center on the cover of this book, I immediately thought this was going to be a new take on Gotham City Sirens. Boy, was I wrong. This very adult book has military-style torture scenes featuring some of DC’s baddest people. The plot is ultra simple: It’s a VILLAIN team book, where an unknown entity puts some of the DCU’s biggest degenerates together to carry out missions of murder and mayhem. I can’t say that there was anything deep here, but it was a quick read and lots of fun.Superboy #1
Written By: Scott Lobdell
Art By: R.B. Silva

My final book of the week is Superboy #1. When Jeff Lemire’s take on the character published last year, I gave it a try… And I couldn’t get behind it. The character was a bore and kind of a dick. This is where the NEW DC 52 continues to amaze me: This new Superboy comic gives us a different kind of story that is actually quite engaging. Superboy has been genetically altered with the D.N.A. of a human and an alien. It’s obvious that the alien D.N.A. belongs to Superman– but who is the human donor? The obvious guess would be Lex Luthor but I guess we’ll all have to wait for the answer in this new universe. This comic was fun (there’s that word again)– and even gave us a little teaser panel for the Teen Titans. It seems that Superboy and the Titans title may be closely tied– so if you’re planning on trying out the new Teen Titans comic, then this book here may be a great primer.

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92 Responses to Rick Huerta’s BAGS & BOREDS™- Reviewing WEEK TWO of DC’s NEW #1 Comic Books

  1. PhilBetaGAMMA says:

    YES!! Another ep of bag n boreds! This has quickly become one of my fave features here, Rick. llove seeing where we’re alike n where we’re different, so w/o any further ado……………………….
    ResurrectionMan; Either l didn’t see it, or l did see it, & it left no impression on me.
    B & R: Bought it. Read it. Liked it. l do agree w/ the art being inconsistent. Gleason’s been some1 l’ve wanted 2 draw B since l 1st saw him cameo in an ish of Aquaman. W/o seeing his face clearly, l thought Gleason captured him, perfectly (between then, n now, l don’t know what happened) but l’m still on board 4 the time being.
    Batwoman: As l’ve mentioned elsewhere on this site, l’m still no fan of JH’s art, but while l don’t think he has the eloquent writing style of Rucka, 2 me, he does have every1’s voices down, so l’ll be sticking w/ this one, as well.

    DemonKnights: Rarely do l get n2 str8 up supernatural stuff, so pass. Deathstroke: Just looked boring, so pass.Frank n Shade: Once again, looked boring….pass RedLanterns: Liked the art, but since it’s dude heavy & l likes how Benes draws women, pass (now had his book been the Sapphire Lanterns 🙂 )
    Suicide Squad: Like it, so far.
    Mr. T: Perhaps l’ll have 2 re-read it again, 2 p/u on what u’re talking about within the context as u see it, Rick. l’ve seen where folx have said things not 2 far from what you’re taking exception 2, so frm my pov, l don’t know if its so much a color thing, as it is, a character thing, also it doesn’t help that my exsposure 2 Mr. T was minimal at best prior 2 this comic. That said; l found the comic 2 be fairly uneven w/ both art n writing, but l’ll give it another two or three issues 2 see how it goes.

  2. I mostly agree except with Grifter which I found to be all over the place and an ABSOLUTE MESS. Also, while I am a long time Legion fan, I think you should not judge the LEGION on Legion Lost. It’s clearly.. LOST. It was completely lost as to what it was doing, the story was muddled and confusing and the characters were whiny (Dawnstar who can survive in SPACE without her transuit/space suit spends HALF the issue talking about the pollution! ARG!).

    The only thing is that while i LIKED Resurrection Man and it was a huge surprise to me, it reads, to me, more like a TPB series. You want huge chunks of story on this one, not just individual isuses at least that’s what I got.

    and Mister Terrific was HORRID. It was so badly written. You missed that EVERY character even background characters are all POC except the first villain, the white people he makes the comment too about being black, and Karen. That’s it. Every other character appearing even in the background as filler are all POC. I’m fine with some of this, but it’s a little OVER THE TOP for me. There is no way that EVERYWHERE you go there are a group of minorities just standing around, all different backgrounds, all there. And if Michael’s business is all black people (I do not say African Americans because well.. they may not be American) then that’s a little racist on his part. He should hire people based on the content of their character and their abilities NOT the color of their skin.

    • “You missed that EVERY character even background characters are all POC except the first villain, the white people he makes the comment too about being black, and Karen. That’s it. Every other character appearing even in the background as filler are all POC.”

      This is demonstrably untrue. And, while I feel silly picking out one part of this in particular to respond to, the “white people he makes the comment to about being black,” are actually one black guy and one white woman.

  3. J. says:

    So, let me get this straight. Suicide Squad …”plot is ultra simple: It’s a VILLAIN team book, where an unknown entity puts some of the DCU’s biggest degenerates together to carry out missions of murder and mayhem. I can’t say that there was anything deep here, but it was a quick read and lots of fun.” Not at all ground breaking. And this gets a Bag It.

    Frankenstein is a BPRD rip-off that is masquerading as a Creature Commandos book. Both of which we have seen before and almost completely unoriginal. Not at all ground breaking. And this gets a Bag It.

    Green Lantern is the same boring ass comic it has always been except Hal is poor but he is still that SAME douche he has always been. There is not nearly enough back story given to a “new” reader to make any sense of what the hell is going on in the FIRST issue. No origin story, no nothing. Just fucking lazy story telling. Not at all ground breaking. And this gets a Bag It.

    Batwoman… “despite how beautiful this book is, I cannot confidently advise you that you will receive anything groundbreaking story-wise.” Wow…just wow. There was more character development, emotional resonance and back story (all while introducing new characters, giving us a new villain and setting up her current “adventure”) than in all of the 3 books I mentioned before it. And it get’s a “Bored”.

    I really am having a hard time comprehending this. But then again I thought Resurrection Man was the biggest disappointment of the week.

    I do agree with you on Demon Knights, though.

    • Insideman says:

      I’m going to REFEREE the match this week.

      All Steel, no-holds barred Cage Match, then?

      Who wants to be Ric Flair? 😀

    • Easy.. Suicide Squad is a fun and interesting book. The characters are amazing and fun. Harley FINALLY got away from her DC Animated attitude, King Shark is back and biting off limbs, and Deadshot has ALWAYS been a show stealer. Those 3 alone make the title, seriously.
      Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. is not a BPRD rip-off. The Creature Commandos PREDATE BPRD by about 13 years! Creature Commandos first appeared wayyyyyyyy back in 1980 in Weird War Tales #83, so.. yeah. Second of all BPRD is all about dealing with the supernatural, which Frankenstein isn’t dealing with at all.. it’s dealing with crazy science.
      Green Lantern was at least mildly interesting with Sinestro and Hal trying to figure out how to work in the world.

      Batwoman was a boring title about a character that hasn’t been able to operate without her daddy telling her what to do, with a boring new villain, a magic new girlfriend, and a sidekick that is VASTLY more experienced than she is, but that is an utter idiot compared to her? This title read JUST LIKE Batman and Robin. I read them both back to back and they’re so similar, it was boring.

      So yeah I may not be the writer, but that’s how I VIEW it.

      • J. says:

        Suicide Squad is not my cup of tea. I don’t really care for excessive violence in me superhero comics. I’m a bit beyond enjoying that type of nonsense.

        I am fully aware of the history of the Creature Commandos. That’s why I mentioned BOTH as to why the book is completely unoriginal. Also, they were fighting monsters in the town an the end, right? Seems like that’s pretty supernatural to me.

        Green Lantern has never been mildly interesting to me but in the past Green Lantern Corps has.

        As for your thoughts on Batwoman. We’ll have to agree to disagree. I already made my case for why I liked you and you made yours for why you didn’t. They are both valid opinions while being completely opposite in their nature. Different strokes and all that jazz.

        The other reason why I took issue with some of these reviews is that I co-run this site. We do not censor any of our contributors here but that does not me that I need agree with everything they say. Some people like the back and forth/differences of opinion that Rick and I have.

  4. I liked Red Lanterns. It was definitely way more fun than any other GL related book out now, (at least to me)

  5. Rick Huerta says:

    Hello everyone! First of all, two points for the Ric Flair reference. And second? You gotta call ITT Tech!

    I don’t think that a minimum requirement of every book be that it’s ground breaking, however I do require that these DC books do exactly what they set out to do. Reintroduce the DC characters for a new audience and give the existing audience fresh entertainment. Granted not every book accomplished the “fresh” part of their goal, however I understand that trying to please an audience from two completely parts of the spectrum is tough.

    I tend to use a pretty simple formula when deciding whether to give a book the “Bag” or “Bored” tag. Did it entertain me? Was the art satisfactory? If so, did the art match the type of story in that particular book?

    To appease our great readers, I’ll go ahead and play ball with you J.

    Although Frankenstein is definitely similar to B.P.R.D, I will not tell those who haven’t read it yet that it was a bad book because…It wasn’t! It was so much fun to read, and it left me wanting to see what happens next. I read a quote once that I will never forget since It has completely changed the way I judged storytelling forever. The saying is “Every story has already been told. The only question is, can you tell it better?” Now I’m not saying that this one issue is better than years of B.P.R.D, but it was fun, funny, and worth 2.99.

    Green Lantern was probably the worst in an attempt to bring in new readers, however as someone who has been reading GL consistently I found it to be a great new chapter after all of the dark stories coming out of the GL books.

    And of course Batwoman. The book that everyone liked before they even read it. A book that was so unbelievably beautiful drawn, that it overshadowed the less than equal writing. I just do not like Kathy Kane. She is written as cocky, arrogant, hero. And since when is she eligible to take on a sidekick? I will absolutely continue to buy this book for the art, but it’ll be hard to swallow the dialogue from month to month.

    P.S. Can I be Stone Cold? I buzzing pretty hard right now.

  6. Stamps says:

    I would love to tell you what I thought of Batwoman but wait…oh yeah…my shop FORGOT TO PUT ONE IN MY PULL FOLDER! Annnnnnnnd then promptly sold out. Just wonderful. The book I’ve patiently (okay, not so patiently) waited for FINALLY gets released and I’m fucked out of a copy.

    I feel like Charlie Brown.

    • J. says:

      I’ve heard that book was fucking boring. You probably didn’t miss much.

      But if you still want to read it I could send you a copy. I am completely serious about that too. You have my email address.

      • Stamps says:

        Aw that’s so sweet Jose! Thank you but my LCS guy is tracking me down a copy and adding it to this upcoming weeks stack. He had a couple of copies left at his other store across the state and had them hold and ship a copy to the store. He felt horrible and comped the issue and then gave me an extra discount on all my books for this week.

        • J. says:

          Cool. Well, if it doesn’t show up in your stack this week please let me know. 🙂

        • Insideman says:

          Did he buy you a Long Island Iced Tea too, Stamps? 🙂

          Damn! If I ever knew a LCS owner to treat ME like that, I would still go to a store and not buy EVERYTHING on the internets!

          • Stamps says:

            He’s a great guy. I’m so thankful I have a good shop.

            • NicktheStick says:

              I am also really lucky to have a good shop. They try and do as much for us (the consumers) as possible. They have a facebook page that if you forgot a book you can just post on their wall and they will throw said book into your file as long as they still have it. My shop also put out a guarantee that they would not sell out of any of the new DC 52 and if they happened to when you come looking for one you will get a different comic for free as well as that comic that you originally wanted as soon as they get more in (whether it is first or second print). I could go on about the great stuff they do for us but I don’t want to make this too long. Hooray for good LCS!

              • Insideman says:

                Nick, feel free to go on and on. We seriously don’t care… We encourage it.

                Plus, we’re all extremely envious that you have such a cool LCS… We would like to live vicariously through your life. 😀

                Without a doubt, http://www.dreamlandcomics.com is the next best thing to having an LCS. They treat me super nice and they always go out of their way to make certain I get everything I want in PERFECT condition. If you live near the shop (like I know Allfather does), you have the added benefit of going in and having Jose mock you when you buy Avengers in person.

                That’s like Heaven on a Stick… Right?

    • You know Linus got a copy………..but Lucy stole it and sold it at her lemonade stand.

    • Rick Huerta says:

      My shop was selling Batwoman for $15 on the day it came out and they still sold out. Kudos for them I guess. Still should’ve been cover price on that first day I say.

      • What chumps. I should be cover price everyday.

      • J. says:

        Wow. What a bunch of dicks. What a great way to introduce new customers to the wonderful world of comics.

        • Rick Huerta says:

          There were a few shops that had it over cover price. They credited it to the fact that “No one ordered enough.” I assume that’s a bunch of bullshit?

          • J. says:

            That is a bunch of bullshit. Stupid retailers who didn’t know any better just didn’t order enough. They are making other people pay for their mistake.

          • J. says:

            We ordered A LOT of Batwoman and it still wasn’t enough. We knew we were going to sell out in a couple of days but we sold all of ours at cover price just like every other issue of the New 52. Most retailers are fucking scum and make the rest of us look bad.

            • Rick Huerta says:

              That sounds about right. I’m pretty loyal to my retailer as a long time customer, yet when I asked him to pull that book for me, he said that Batwoman was not a book they could pull and it would be first come first serve. Then they rack up the price on the day it came out. That’s bullshit on multiple levels.

              • Stamps says:

                “Not a book they could pull” …that’s fucking crazy. You shouldn’t have to take shit like that. Does your retailer want to keep customers?

              • Insideman says:

                Dude, I now know a little more about your retailer than what you told me. If I dropped the amount of coin you did and he didn’t hold ANY book I wanted… I would bolt faster than Wally Fucking West.

                LOYALTY WORKS BOTH WAYS.

                Dreamland graciously holds every copy of the DC’s New 52 for me AND they are holding ONE EXTRA COPY OF EACH (all FIRST PRINTS) so we can have a BITCHIN’ COOL CONTEST on IMJ!!!

                By the time all these come out, they could have made serious coin on those issues… Except they are going to GIVE THEM to one of YOU!!!

  7. Rick Huerta says:

    GL’s earned his stripes.

    I’ll just be the guy who used to wear camouflage and pump his arms up and down as he walked down the ramp. 🙂

  8. I’m gonna talk a bit about Mr Terrific and likewise hope I don’t offend anyone. First off I’ll say that while I liked the issue and am excited about where it might go, I feel it was somewhat uneven in its execution and wasn’t a big fan of the art. I’m certainly not defending this comic as high art or the best of the week, but rather as a fairly enjoyable book that shows a lot of promise if it can even out.

    But I was really excited about it so before it came out I read a lot of interviews and stuff, and once it was out, I went around looking for all the reviews I could find to see what people thought and was kind of disappointed to see it doing so badly, not so much due to the majority of its content (although one or two reviews did focus on the unevenness I mentioned – they simply thought it more egregious than I), but due to the fact it mentions race.

    This isn’t the first review or internet reaction I’ve seen writing off the entire book as either offensive or tiresome due to an off-hand comment by Mr Terrific that was clearly intended to be a funny, passing remark, and a one page scene between two supporting characters.

    The first line that’s mentioned above is totally devoid of context, but in the comic is clearly meant to be humorous. It’s in response to the onlookers immediately honing in on who the 1st and 2nd smartest people in the world are and whether it bothers Mr Terrific that he’s 3rd. I mean, maybe it works or not for the person reading, but it’s obviously meant to be a passing, lighthearted reference, and I strongly disagree it comes across as an excuse to “beat us over the head” with race issues because we’ve supposedly forgotten he’s black. Tonally, he could just as well have said, “Actually, a simple ‘Thanks, dude on flying snooker balls,’ would do…” Maybe some people would have preferred that to having him OMG REFERENCE RACE, but I’ll get to that in a minute. The point is, I think it was pretty clearly in there as a passing, funny comment and it baffles me why people would think it signifies hitting anyone over the head with anything.

    The Karen and Aleeka conversation is awkward, yeah, and it’s meant to be. But the problem is, are the complaints because it’s poorly executed or unbelievable, or because it takes the reader out of their comfort zone? Whether or not the writing was top notch (and I think it wasn’t, but I also don’t think it sucked), that scene was drawing attention not just to an issue of race, but a complicated nexus of race, class and gender. Frankly the bigger issue I have with the scene is that it introduces the two major supporting female characters as romantic rivals, which is a tired cliche.

    But the issue of interracial dating as something that still gets a shitty response in 2011, particularly an acknowledgement of the complex and uncomfortable social and economic pressures that have led to a particular tension around white women dating black men and the ugly perception of “trading up”? It might be well-written or poorly written but I don’t think it’s either regressive or beating us over the head with the obvious to mention that kind of complicated issue. In fact, if anything, the problem is that it’s the sort of issue that’s so uncomfortable no one *wants* to talk about it.

    This is a really short review, and I generally enjoy reading reviews here and like I said, don’t want to offend anyone. I don’t know what the reviewer’s more specific reasons for disliking the scenes in question, or thinking them obvious or regressive are. But within the scope of this very short review, I definitely feel it fits into a wider pattern I’ve noticed, where criticisms of the book focus disproportionately on the parts that mention race, not in *specific* terms, but rather in a blanket attitude of it being in poor taste to mention it, that it makes everyone uncomfortable, we’re all beyond this now, it’s 2011, shut up.

    Like I said, I didn’t think this issue was stellar, but I do think that people are way overreacting to the two occasions when race is mentioned, and there are far better reasons to Bored rather than Bag this comic, if you dislike it.

    • ed2962 says:

      Great comment! This is probably one of the most thoughtful and balanced posts regarding race in comics I’ve read in a long time.

    • J. says:

      Ed already beat me to it but I wanted to also say thank you for your well thought out response Becca. Reminds me of the great comments that you made on the Wonder Woman TV pilot.

      • Rick Huerta says:

        The dislike of the dialogue was not because I thought it was in poor taste or offensive. I really don’t care if it IS offensive to be honest. The reason it was bad is because it was unnecessary. It was out of character, and similar to the dialogue in Justice League where Green Lantern calls himself Green Lantern over and over again. I liked JL and I even liked Mr. Terrific. I just have issues when writers use cheap stunts to grab the reader. It definitely grabbed me, but not in a good way.

        • J. says:

          Don’t forget Eric Wallace was the same writer who gave us the great “Death of Ryan Choi” story.

            • J. says:

              I really am hoping that DC releases that one issue as an oversize deluxe hardcover. Maybe they can even try to get a copy into the Library of Congress. That would be sweet.

              • Heck says:

                I heard they’re erecting a copper plated plaque of the issue, outside of the DC office building.

                Also, they’re in talks with Bloomberg about a walk of fame, totally for Erin Wallace’s hand prints. It’ll be in the sewer, with the alligators, but beggars cannot be choosers, huh?

          • I was listening to a podcast recently where Eric Wallace said that was editorial mandate and he didn’t really want to do it. Made me feel bad for the guy. That said, execution is still on him and while I haven’t read it (cus I heard bad things), I heard bad things…

      • Thanks 🙂 I’m really glad it didn’t come across as too confrontational – there’s some great discussion on this site and people seem chill enough to agree and disagree which is good. I’m still upset that pilot wasn’t better! *shakes fist!*

    • Insideman says:

      Becca! Wonderful comment! You write as long a comment as you want– ANY TIME you want.

      We love LONG COMMENTS here. Love them and we will NEVER make fun of you if you want to write a book. GO FOR IT!

      *sigh* I remember when I used to have the time to write long comments on the old blog. Wonder why I never have time to do that anymore? 😛

  9. VictimPrime says:

    Interesting diversity of opinion on this weeks comics, I like it.

    Batman/Robin #1- Got this book because I couldn’t get my hands on Mr. Terrific this week. I guess my biggest problem with this book is the relationship between Damian and Bruce just didn’t work for me. When Damian and Dick Grayson are butting heads Dick’s more laid back nature is a good foil for Damian more brash attitude. When Damian and Bruce are arguing it’s like watching a married couple bicker about socks on the floor and not in a laundry basket type shit. This comic also gets my unintentionally funny moment of the week, with the bad guys running away and stealing the Batpod(or whatever that thing was), nice going Batman, Mr. Careful Planing must have forgotten to lock the door on the way to save the day.

    Suicide Squad #1- Humm, a lot of torturing going in this book, I guess there was a point to it. But you have to wonder did they really need to do all of that, it seems like most of our new Suicide Squad would have went along with the mission willingly anyway without all of the extra ‘testing’.

    Superboy #1- I enjoyed this book on a certain level, I mean this first issue isn’t breaking any new ground here story-wise, but there was enough there to make me care about what was happening to Superboy, I’m kind of a sucker for these type of stories, you know the ‘mad scientist thinks he’s created the perfect weapon.. but the weapon might have other ideas’ type story.

    Demon Knights #1- Probably my favorite #1 book of the week. I was sure I would hate this book, but I like the humor in the story. It had an Evil Dead/Army of Darkness vibe to it that I liked. It had just the right amount of humor/action and seriousness that I hope Cornell can keep going in future issues.

    Batwoman #1- I liked the issue, but there was something a little off, I don’t know what exactly, it seemed like J.H. Williams and Haden Blackman was trying to cover a lot of ground in this first issue, several different storylines that at times didn’t seem to flow smoothly together in the book. I will chalk it up to first issue jitters for our creative team. But I still enjoyed the book overall.

    But I have to say my book of the week was Daredevil #3- The best Spiderman book out there right now, and I mean that as a complete complement to Mark Waid. Anyone who can write a great cliffhanger ending that doesn’t involve a bad guy crashing though a window impresses the hell out of me.

    • Rick Huerta says:

      Yes, Daredevil # 3 was an awesome issue. It took a lot not make a quick reference to it in the column, but since you brought it up!

      Mark Waid is obviously capturing the tone that DD has been missing for a few years. It’s no longer a grim and gritty yet still has the noir characteristics that make DD so awesome. Man this book is so much fun!

  10. ed2962 says:

    I liked Batwoman #1, but I understand if its not everyone’s cup of tea. For myself it provided what I want out of a first issue.The story was well paced, It introduced the main character immediately and the world she inhabits, and the supporting characters were presented and their relationships to each other were well demonstrated. I really liked the supernatural threat.There was enough plot to get me interested and we were left with an intriguing set up for next issue.

    I didn’t read any of the others, although after seeing a few reviews that compare Frank to Hellboy favorably, my interest is peaked.

    And to be fair Cole has looked liked Logan for a long time. Compare a Travis Charest drawing of him from the 90’s to one of Logan by Travis from the same time. It’s the same guy with different hair color. (smiley face)

  11. Heck says:

    Wow, I’m gone for a couple months, and I come back to ‘Green Lantern’ love and ‘Batwoman’ hate? Tisk, tisk 😉

    On an actual note, I read ‘Batwoman’ this week and loved it immensely. Action, Animal Man, and Batwoman are my favorites right now.

  12. Insideman says:

    Since we’re ALL sharing… Can I say something?

    I fucking HATE Rob Liefeld! HATE HIM!

    Thanks, I feel much better now.

    • Rick Huerta says:

      I just saw a trailer for Abduction. I think I hate Taylor Lautner.

      • megamanx4ever says:

        I will share something as well. I fucking HATE Greg Land! That fucking porn tracer makes Rob Liefeld look decent in comparison! I feel better now too. 😀

        • Greg Land is horrible. There are so many websites dedicated to his hatred, it’s kinda funny. All well, don’t trace!

        • Insideman says:

          BTW MegaManx… Very nice Freddy. Nice to know someone is thinking in advance! 🙂

          • megamanx4ever says:

            Thanks Insideman! I saw all the Elm Street Movies last week and with the exception of 5 and 6 it was awesome! Also what are your favorite and least favorite elm street movies Insideman?

            • Insideman says:

              I liked the first one directed by Renny Harlan (Elm Street 4)… And I also liked Jason vs Freddy. (Sue me. I like when Jason snaps that guy’s head around in a 180 in the cornfield in front of Jason Ritter.)

              I don’t which movie premiered the line about Freddy being the product of 1,000 insane maniacs but that was a great line.

              • megamanx4ever says:

                I think that was the 3rd one with the line about Freddy being the son of 100 maniacs. Also sue me as well because I thought Freddy Vs Jason was great, in fact I managed to get the first Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash series NM on ebay for 15 bucks. Also click on 1:20 for epic 180 degree neck snapping. 8)

    • I might as well share something too. I fucking HATE Greg Horn!

      I have a sad story that I would like to share with you all. At a convention I went to Greg Horn was one of the guests and there were a LOT of people were visiting him. Geof Darrow was also a guest at the convention and his table was almost a ghost town (don’t worry I DID meet him and he was so nice). It’s a shame that people don’t know what good art is anymore. Seriously though… I saw a few people walking around with Greg Horn’s ARTBOOK. It was so sad.

  13. Insideman says:

    Memo to Rick Huerta:

    Looking over next’s week’s DC 52 release list, I’d like you to bash Batman. Praise Birds of Prey (only if there is a lot of violence toward the female characters) and talk about how sensitive and complex Tomasi’s action packed Green Lantern Corps #1 is.

    Oh and use the BURN IT! tag for Azzarello’s Wonder Woman #1. THAT should REALLY get Jose’s panties in a bunch! 🙂

  14. Allfather says:

    Rick,Thanks for the reviews – always good to see a bunch of differing opinions too!
    I agreed with you on your overall reviews on Frankenstein, Demon Knights, Red Lanterns, and Superboy. I didn’t read Deathstroke or Legion Lost, and the rest I disagreed with (although I didn’t think Resurrection Man was bad – just thought it was OK). I would go through each book and explain why or why not I agreed, but I’m just too tired tonight:) The point is, your reviews are well written and honest and that’s what matters.
    Batwoman was great though (sorry, couldn’t help it).

  15. NicktheStick says:

    Of the few new 52 I read this week, I think I am split with your responses. While I didn’t dislike any of the comics I felt some of them were a little flat. Though I will likely give them a couple more issues to give them a fair chance.

    Batwoman – I kind of agree and also disagree. I was a little disappointed with it, but by no means was it a bad book. It was probably my pick of the week. I think that I had just hyped it up too much for myself.

    Batman and Robin – Agreed. I thought it was better than Tomasi’s run on Batman and Robin from the old DCU but the dynamic between Bruce and Damian was off which made the rest of the book feel off.

    Frankenstein – With having liked Animal Man so much I had high hopes for this title. Again, not that it was bad, but I was just expecting a little more.

    Finally: Green Lantern – Disagree. Same boring shit from Johns. It did slightly intriugue me, but I think I know how the first arc is going to end. If it does end with Hal getting his ring back then I don’t want to read it since I find Hal to be one of the most boring characters as of late….well actually since Blackest Night. The first book of the new DC (that I have picked up) that I will not being getting the second issue.

    One last thing: Every time I read this column there is usually something I want to go back and get the following week. I will probably go back and pick up Deathstroke and maybe one more next week (though it will be a big week for me) because, one I didn’t realize Kyle Higgins wrote it and second your review made me think… why didn’t I pick this up? So what I am saying is that you have skill to make me want to read more comics.

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