The third wave of DC books makes a big splash as we continue our journey through DC’s RED HOT New 52. This week some classic characters get another shot at top lining new series, while others that should just go away keep on coming back.

Batman #1
Written By: Scott Snyder
Art By: Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion

As I start to review another weekly release of the NEW DC 52, I can’t help but get excited about some the creative teams that DC has assembled… With the crew behind the highly anticipated Batman #1 topping my expectation list.

Scott Snyder’s run on Detective Comics was special. It captured an essence of horror and suspense that books in the Batman-line have long lacked– and in my opinion– need. Naturally, when DC announced that Snyder would again be taking the helm of one of the most popular books in their catalog, I was more than ecstatic… Even if I was a little clueless why they just didn’t keep him on their flagship of “flagship titles”– Detective Comics. Yet, with the post Morrison-era Batman comics seemingly being phoned in– I welcome Snyder with open arms to any Bat title.

My expectations for what Batman— as a comic– could and would be were more than satisfied with this week’s release. Scott Snyder hasn’t skipped a beat– just changed logos (and Batmen, or course). Until now, we’ve only seen Scott write several great Dick Grayson stories… We’ve never been treated to one complete Bruce Wayne tale. Seeing how Snyder will handle the original Bat is, for me, the most exciting part of the comic.

Batman #1 starts with a great action sequence pitting the Caped Crusader against his entire Rogues Gallery. We even get to see the Joker in a surprising role. In the middle of the action, Snyder expertly introduces and weaves multiple plot threads that will surely set the stage for upcoming story arcs, including: Bruce’s vision of a new Gotham City, some great new Bat-Tech, and a couple of interesting new faces.

The art by Capullo and Glapion was some of the best that I have seen from this first month of new DC Number Ones. The scratchy thinner line fits the style of story perfectly. The artists’ unique ability to capture a particularly gothic Gotham City gives off a pulpy noir vibe that I wish every Batbook shared. Capullo takes great pains to differentiate every character in the book (and there were many). It was even super easy to distinguish the slight differences between each of Batman’s various Boy Wonders.

My favorite panel this week– no question– showed Bruce, Dick, Tim and Damien standing together in James Bond-style poses… Making sure that they were all sartorially squared away before joining a big dinner. So much was said in this one panel: We finally get to see the “family” together for the first time since the start of this new status quo. The only thing missing: Alfred Pennyworth looking on as the “father figure” to all of them… But who’s complaining?

This inaugural issue of Batman was more than just a typical comic. It resonated in many ways… Even in the style of a classic Hollywood crime thriller– as a main twist was revealed in the final pages. Batman looks on as an unknown murder victim hangs on a wall. There are obvious signs of torture as dozens of throwing knives are carved into the victim’s flesh. The detective inside the Bat is attempting to solve Gotham’s latest homicide as we get a great cliffhanger: A message written on the wall in paint thinner, now engulfed in flames, reads, “Bruce Wayne Will Die Tomorrow.”

The always-prepared Batman has ingenious ways of checking for fingerprints with his inspired Bat-Tech. As Alfred gives him the fingerprint match we get that “Oh Shit!” moment that, in my opinion, should be standard practice in any serialized comic book drama. Of course, I will NEVER tell you what that “Oh Shit!” moment is here. You’ll need to read the book yourself.

I loved that this issue seemed more like a murder mystery than a stereotypical superhero tale. The only thing that separates this from any other great crime story is the detective here wears a costume. You could have plugged in a completely unknown character in this issue and still had a great story… But I’m sure glad that it’s Batman.

This book had me wanting the next chapter right away… More so than any other book this week. There’s no question that Batman #1 earns its Bag It! Tag!Birds of Prey #1
Written By: Duane Swierczynski
Art By: Jesus Saiz

Birds of Prey is a title that I have bought and dropped repeatedly over the years. Much like my buying habits, the stories tend to fluctuate between really good or really bad. This issue started out much like Justice League #1. We don’t get an introduction to the entire team–  just a little taste of some of the main characters. Fortunately, this taste was packed with great action and art. Story telling devices used to go back and forth between the past and present were refreshingly original and served to keep the story flowing. Usually this type of time jumping is more trouble than its’ worth– but it was fine here. Though I didn’t get many answers to the new Birds set-up in this issue, I did get enough info to feel engaged and even like the characters enough to want more.Blue Beetle #1
Written By: Tony Bedard
Art By: Ig Guara and Ruy Jose

One of the biggest disappointments this week: Blue Beetle #1. This book was all over the place. Growing up in a bilingual household, I couldn’t help but be annoyed at the constant dramatization of Spanglish in this issue. Besides the fact that it was overdone, there were times when it wasn’t even grammatically correct– even by Spanglish standards!

Language aside, the art was okay. Nothing truly stood out, which was pretty amazing since there were TWO PENCILERS on the book. The last complaint I had: The hackneyed circumstances in which Jaime comes to possess the Beetle Scarab (the source of his powers). I know I am reading mainstream SUPERHERO comic books and sometimes I’m not meant to look to deep– but the way he becomes the Blue Beetle is far too convenient. C’mon! The end of the comic was as ridiculous as the poorly written dialogue before it. I know their might be some grief over my decision to throw the BORED Tag on yet another minority comic, but — for the FIRST and LAST time– please check my LAST NAME on the logo of this column. What can I do? It’s not my fault they keep writing shit like this!

Captain Atom #1
Written By: J.T. Krul
Art By: Freddie Williams II

I’ll readily admit that Captain Atom has not been one of the characters I’ve ever really been into– mostly because I rarely see him in anything I want to read. This issue was proof that a less-than-mainstream character like this can sustain his own title (As Captain Atom did for 89 Charlton Comics issues in the 60s and 57 issues for DC Comics in the 80s –Wiki-Ed), and was, by far, my BIGGEST SURPRISE of the week.

Captain Atom is a former fighter pilot. He suffers an accident that turns him into a super being who can manipulate atoms and molecules. In this first issue, we discover that his great gift also has the very real potential to kill him. This intriguing double-edged sword becomes the focal point of the book.

I don’t want to draw too many comparisons to Animal Man in fear of the online crucifixion that I would undoubtedly face…But there were many elements in this book had which seemed vaguely familiar to AM– whether you like it or not. Much like Animal Man, the stakes seem to be higher in Captain Atom than most other new DC comics– which is a luxury of using characters not part of the DC mainstream. At first, I found the art somewhat questionable for this type of storytelling… But decided by the end that it fit perfectly with the darker theme.

There are only two problems I had with this issue… Surprisingly neither had anything to do with the story or the art. The title of the first issue’s story is Evolution of the Species which, I believe, is the title of an older X-Men story arc. Problem #2: The next issue’s title is Messiah Complex— which I know is definitely a major X-Men story title. What’s up with that? Of course, these repetitive titles don’t reflect on the artistic success or failure of the stories in question… But I did want to throw the fact that they exist out there– especially after comic fans noticed the, uh, problem with the title for Peter Tomasi’s first Green Lantern Corps #1 story. Doesn’t any DC editor us Google… Or does Warner Bros discourage internet surfing at work?Catwoman #1
Written By: Judd Winick
Art By: Guillem March

Uh. Uhmmm! Ya.

Well, if Judd Winick was going for shock value– he certainly achieved it… Even if Catwoman #1 was  straightforward and exactly what I expect from a comic called Catwoman. Very little has changed for Selina Kyle in this New DCU, as she is still a lonely cat burglar getting in over her head now and then. She still has her wits and can definitely take care of business if she has to. Though we didn’t get a lot of forward movement story-wise, we did get what I’m sure will be the talk of the comics community this week– as Selina and Batman engage in a Penthouse quickie. For those of you monitoring your children’s reading: Don’t worry. There is very little flesh “…and most of the costumes stay on.”DC Universe Presents #1
Written By: Paul Jenkins
Art By: Bernard Chang

If I understand it correctly, here is the plan for DC Universe Presents: Publish a comic focusing on the lesser-known characters in the DCU– without having to dedicate an entire series (or mini-series) to them. This way we get great stories with great characters and don’t have to worry about the inevitable cancellation that most DC books that don’t feature Batman, Superman or Green Lantern seem to face.

That said, DCU Presents is the perfect platform to introduce Deadman to new readers. It gives us a brief origin story while still keeping us firmly planted in modern-day. We learn who Boston Brand was– and whom he so desperately needs to become– in order to save his soul. As solid as Paul Jenkins’ story is, Bernard Chang’s art is better. Read this!Green Lantern Corps #1
Written By: Peter J. Tomasi
Art By: Fernando Pasarin and Scott Hanna

As we now know, the only books that were to remain the “same” after the DC Relaunch were the Batman books and the Green Lantern books. If any book did just that, it is Green Lantern Corps #1. Picking right up where the last issue left off, we have Guy Gardner and John Stewart still “ringslinging” (as author Peter J. Tomasi so creatively puts it) and serving as the additional protectors for Planet Earth.

A new evil has emerged and wiped out an entire planet… So a few Corps members must solve the mystery. Although Tomasi does a great job of quickly introducing Guy and John to potential newbies, the rest of this book strikes me as more of the same. Some would argue that the main GL book is also more of the same but the slight character rearrangement in that book is keeping me excited… While the Corps title just has me feeling BLAH about the whole thing.Legion Of Super-Heroes #1
Written By: Paul Levitz
Art By: Francis Portola

As if one unreadable Legion book wasn’t enough, DC felt the need to heave two in my direction– like a nasty corporate monkey throwing shit at me. I’m gonna make this review short and sweet, so sorry if it sounds a bit familiar: This book is filled with a bunch of characters that I do not— I repeat– do not give two shits about. Everyone’s a “Something-Boy” or a “Something-Girl”. Did they run out of cool super hero names when they were creating ALL these characters? Just so that NEW DC 52 gem, Legion Lost, doesn’t get cold at night… I’ll go ahead and give it a friend on the BURN pile.Nightwing #1
Written By: Kyle Higgins
Art By: Eddy Barrows and JP Mayer

I was looking forward to this book almost as much as Batman. Unfortunately, Nightwing #1 doesn’t possess the same elements that made Snyder’s book so great.

Throughout the comic, writer Kyle Higgins attempts to convince his readers that Nightwing (Dick Grayson) is somewhat satisfied with his life– even though he’s given up his reign as Batman… But, as I read the issue, it sure never felt that way. There seemed to be an unspoken sorrow surrounding Dick.

What’s strange: I don’t believe this was the writer’s intention.

This could definitely be a bit of a problem, as sad air lends an inconsistent tone to the entire proceedings. This tonal problem is further exacerbated when Higgins can’t seem to find the right balance of humor and action in his story either. The art by Barrows and Mayor is also way too stiff for a high-flying acrobat like Nightwing.

All in all, this comic seems intended for rabid fans who plan to follow the character indefinitely. As a reader with only a previous casual interest, I was looking for something more to latch onto… So I doubt I’ll be coming back.Red Hood and the Outlaws #1
Written By: Scott Lobdell
Art By: Kenneth Rocafort

A clear runner-up for the IMJ Best of the Week™ title, Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 was tons of fun. I have been extremely curious about this book ever since it was announced– mainly because I am such a HUGE fan of Kenneth Rocafort’s art.

The thought of giving Jason Todd— a character disliked by so many– his own book also seemed absurd to me. Sometimes though, it is these intangibles that make for good reading.

RHATO passively deals with the baggage characters like Todd and Roy Harper bring with them and then quickly moves on. Somewhere it seems to make perfect sense that two characters that failed as wards to established superheroes would befriend each other. It’s almost like the Perfect Strangers TV Show on crack! Great action sequences and laugh out loud dialogue make this a clear-cut contender. I was a bit disappointed when I didn’t really understand the book’s cliffhanger– but the end tagline reads, “To be explained.” With something this entertaining, that’s good enough for me.Supergirl #1
Written By: Michael Green and Mike Johnson
Art By: Mahmud Asrar

Traditional origin stories are the new rarities of the DC 52. Although we were told that everything would start over (which it mostly seems to be), some of the heroes in these books are already– in some form or another– very much established.

Supergirl #1 breaks this pattern, as the book opens with her ship crash-landing on Earth. A brief explanation of her costume and we’re off to the races.

This is a Kryptonian-speaking Supergirl who is unaware of the massive power she possesses. This doesn’t stop our confused hero from kicking some ass though… And we’re left with a fairly good cliffhanger featuring the Boy in Blue— making a grand entrance, of course. The art is simply beautiful and fits its’ good-looking character perfectly. Figures. If you’re going to publish a comic with a good-looking hero, she might as well look– well– good-looking. The end definitely had me excited for the next issue.Wonder Woman #1
Written By: Brian Azzarello
Art By: Cliff Chiang

Let’s face it, Wonder Woman comics rarely sell well. Jose and Ian have told you this many times on many IMJ Podcasts. I’m still hoping Brian Azzarello will do much to change this pattern and bring in outside readers who know his worth. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

For those who need NO convincing, this issue was a non-stop romp of fun. There is NO DOUBT that readers who try it will come back for more. Immediate action and bits of strong humor were issue stand outs… That, and the fantastic art by Cliff Chiang. I wasn’t sure if Chiang be a good fit but he is overwhelmingly great.

His unique facial expressions bring the characters to life and make each turn of the page a real treat. And hey, IMJ Nation™– much as Ian predicted, it looks like the DC Powers That Be decided to go with NO pants. Figures they’d go traditional after all the back and forth art changes we were seeing with every passing week.

Pants or no pants, Wonder Woman #1 is a great debut! If it’s been a while since you read a WW comic– now is DEFINITELY the time to start!

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57 Responses to Rick Huerta’s BAGS & BOREDS™ SPECIAL REVIEW EDITION – WEEK 3 of the NEW DC 52

  1. J. says:

    Oh man. I have to give you props. That Red Hood and the Outlaws review was the funniest and most sarcastic thing I’ve read all week. Awesome job. The only problem? You tipped your hand a bit by saying “A clear runner-up for the IMJ Best of the Week™”. If you hadn’t written that I would have completely been fooled by the review. After all, there is just no way that you would have said that about a book I gave the first “IMJ Stink of the Week” award to. Amirite?

  2. Insideman says:

    Doesn’t ANYBODY want to be The Rock this week?

    • J. says:

      Umm…FYI: The Rock sucks. I fucking HATE Michael Bay.

      • PhilBetaGAMMA says:

        The Rock says this, the Rock says that theRock will layeth the smackith down on ahy jabroni that besmirches the name of The Rock!
        The Rock says this, The Rock will administer w/ lethal force anyone who chooses to correct the Rock’s spelling, if The Rock spelled “jabroni”, incorrectly

        lf u smel-l-l-l-l what the Rock is cooking, it’ll be a roast I have in the oven. The Mrs, gets real ticked if l don’t have dinner on the table, by six!!!

    • rickhuerta says:

      Ding Ding Ding! Sorry I’m so late to the party. Crazy mofo’s on the 10 freeway!

  3. PhilBetaGAMMA says:

    At the convention l’m hoping 2 go 2 2morrow, if l make it there i’ll be picking up;
    Batman: l was tentative on this title, at 1st, because l didn’t know if Capullo was the right artist 4 this book. After seeing a few previews of the interios, l’ve changed my mind. Having labelled him a better McFarlane, than McFarlane (way better) l’m sure the artistically the book will be in good hands! As 4 the writer…….well l never followed Detective during his run, mostly because of what l perceive 2 be the largely negative space artwork of Jock, although one day l may even pick those books up, in trade, depending on whether or not l like Snyder’s Batman!

    Catwoman: Right artist, right character, right time, hope the writing matches up.

    DCuP: Getting the Deadman arc, at least.

    Supergirl: Mr. Asrar… nuff said

    On the flip side;

    G.L. Corps: Rarely have l dug heroes wearing essentially the same costume
    LegionLost; Won’t be found by me.
    Nightwing; Even if its top grade…. decent writer (maybe) decent artist(definitely) good story (perhaps), l won’t pick it up, because even if Batman’s as good as it gets, l still think Dick gor shafted (no pun intended, from being the heir apparent.
    Red Hood; lf any1 wanted 2 know what Liefeld’s art would look like if he used watercolor/inkwashes/softwaresimulation type stuff, or whatever, RedHood’s that book.
    WonderWoman; Azz being on board, means me not being on board.

    • PhilBetaGAMMA says:

      go”t” shafted

    • Tiger Topher says:

      Good luck getting Batman #1 for cover price at that con tomorrow. I was at a convention last weekend and the dealers there were charging between $8 and $20 for the New 52 books.

      • rickhuerta says:

        Just get it on eBay.

        • J. says:

          Or go to a comic shop that actually knows how to order shit and doesn’t deep dick their customers for “new this week” comics.

          • rickhuerta says:

            I couldn’t get a hard copy of Batman this week. My favorite GD character, and I had to settle for my digital copy. Did I mention my retailer didn’t allow pulls on the New 52? Kinda pissed which is why I’m waiting for the right eBay deal. I can’t wait for the books to go back to their regular availability. Then again, that might not be so good for the industry as a whole.

            • J. says:

              Did I mention that I think your retailer is a piece of shit?

              • rickhuerta says:

                Once or twice. I’ve never had an issue in the past. Ever since the DC books were announced, he’s just been overpricing books and raking in as much $$$ as he can out of the “Speculator Crowd.” Lucky for me, the Day and Date digital has been working out for the harder to get books.

                • Tiger Topher says:

                  Any retailer charging more than cover for the New 52 is a shortsighted moron who’s only hurting the long term health of both his own business and the entire industry.

            • Tiger Topher says:

              I had trouble getting a copy of Batman #1 this week too. My LCS was sold out of the issue five minutes after the store opened and it’s not like they didn’t have a lot of copies. Thankfully, my girlfriend managed to find a Batman #1 for me in another part of town, so I didn’t have to settle for going digital.

              On a related note, the owner of my LCS says the speculators have been out in full force as of late and it’s because of them that some of his loyal customers (me included) have been missing out on the books they want. He genuinely feels bad about it, so now he’s not letting anyone reserve copies of the new DC books unless he knows they’re regulars.

              • rickhuerta says:

                Then how messed up is it that I am probably one of his best, if not his best customer for years now. I mean, do you know how many books I read every week?!?

              • J. says:

                We have been limiting DC comics to 2 per person IF we have never seen them before. No GD way we are letting the fucking speculators ruin the fun for our regulars. I fucking hate speculators with every fiber of my being.

                And I think that I have mentioned this before Tiger but you have one of the coolest girlfriends on the planet. No doubt.

                At the first comic shop I ever worked at we had a saying. This saying was written in calligraphy, framed and hung on our wall.

                “Those who collect for profit often lose. Those who collect what they love always profit”.

                -The Old Moondog Legend

                • Tiger Topher says:

                  She’s definitely a keeper.

                • rickhuerta says:

                  Speaking of girlfriend’s. Quick story that I wanted to mention regarding speculators. When JL # 1 came out, I couldn’t help but make small talk with what looked like a speculator as we waited for the shop to open. She mentioned how she was there for her boyfriend since he couldn’t take the day off from work, and he wanted to make sure that he had his copy of JL since it will be worth thousands one day.

                  Cool Girlfriend.
                  Dumbass Boyfriend.

                  • J. says:

                    More like naive girlfriend. Stupid cunt of a boyfriend.

                    I’ll have to tell you guys my stories of how I treat speculators when I have more space and I am more sober. I treat them like the shit that they are and have no regrets about it.

                    I should write a book someday about the almost 20 years I have spent selling comics.

                  • Tiger Topher says:

                    I wonder how many copies of X-Force #1 this boyfriend is sitting on.

                • Allfather says:

                  And that is one of the reasons why I drive a 1/2 hour to DL every week instead of going to two LCS’s that are much closer to my house.

  4. Locusmortis says:

    This column lost all credibility by giving Legion a “burn it” rating. WTF?, Levitz has been writing consistently the best team books in the DCU for the last two years and you have a hissy fit over character names? Thats the most ridiculous review I’ve seen in ages and I include the Bleeding Cool “Marvel Zombie” reviews in that.

  5. I loved Green Lantern Corps #1. I really did. I still wish the rating was correct, but the story itself? Fucking prime Sci-fi. Something JOHNS forgot about completely. Seriously. GL, and all spin offs should at all times be SCI-FI.

    IDK how you got bored with it though. And Catwoman got a bored? Man…

  6. rickhuerta says:

    I’m still waiting for the Blue Beetle fan to come by and lay into me for the review. Where you at? Anybody?

    • J. says:

      I bought it but haven’t read it yet. I’ll try to read it tomorrow so I can sling some more shit your way.

    • I’m a huge Blue Beetle fan, and I have been asking for his title for a long time, but this issue sucked, I’m not even going to buy the next.

      • H says:

        i like the Jaime Reyes blue beetle and im surprised that rick (and the imj nation and Jose) did not explain why that series was interesting. its supporting cast was big and interesting,it was fun,he told his family about his secret identity and his loved ones with his secret allowing more protection instead of less,and heck i liked the Spanish issue of blue beetle. (im not joking on this) so there i just gave you my reasons on why i like the Jaime Reyes blue beetle(not the 52 blue beetle) rick.

  7. I liked Red Hood and the Outlaws too, but the Starfire stuff is just to outlandish.

    • PhilBetaGAMMA says:

      The last few days, l’ve been hearing that, a lot. Let me start an impromtu poll w/ u, Tom. R u looking at this ‘outlandishness” from the POV of someone who’s belief is; that this is denegrating 2 women, w/ the antics that have been going on, in that 1st issue? lf so, l have no counter argument 2 that.
      Or r u of the POV that u’ve been a Titan reader 4 x amount of yrs, & there’s no way Kory would behave the way Lobdell is writing her. lf that’s the case, then (maybe l’m the only one that feels this way) l don’t know what 2 say, except…2 me, these characters from the 52verse r not the same charaters as the ppl prior to the relaunch, in which case, she shouldn’t be held 2 the same standard as her predecessor, who presumadly was “never a titan Of course, the denegration would still be unnacceptable.
      lf u’re talking about something all2gether different, then nevermind!

  8. MicahSkin says:

    I’m wondering if this part of the site is a gateway to a world where Red Hood was decent… Imagine such a world…

  9. kurumais says:

    just an observation on the batbooks
    batman #1 someone is threatening bruce wayne’s life
    batgirl#1 some new villian has come to gotham to kill barbara gordon
    nightwing #1 someone has hired an assassin to kill dick grayson
    is this just a weird coincidence? that 3 different writers decided to launch the new era with bat folks alter egos being targeted for murder? or are they connected? what about B&R #1? detective#1? were civilian identities targeted in those?

    • J. says:

      Higgins and Snyder have co-written a book recently so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were setting stuff up together. I really think Snyder and Lemire are doing that with Swamp Thing and Animal Man as well. I read those two books back to back a few weeks ago and there are some similar themes running through the books. Flora and fauna were mentioned in both books which obviously ties into both of their powers. Wouldn’t be surprised to see those titles cross over soon.

  10. OK.. so this is something I haven’t seen anyone talking about and maybe that’s because well.. nobody READ Giffen’s Blue Beetle #1 (as much as Jaime Reyes magically has TONS of fans over the ‘net now, they were not there when his series first came out).. Anyhow, read the new Blue Beetle one made me feel like I was having deja vu. It felt like I was re-reading Giffen’s Blue beetle with mild (and not good) changes. I mean seriously, if you’re GOING to go to the lengths to relaunch this character PLEASE come up with something NEW. I HATE feeling like I’m reading something I’ve read before.. and if you wanted to do that, why not just REPRINT Giffen’s? It was VASTLY better than this.

    Captain Atom bored me to tears. It was just horrid. It was not anywhere near Animal Man’s caliber or even interesting. It was a series about a guy made of energy falling apart with a bunch of science jargon thrown in to make us feel like we’re reading Stephen Hawkins. I don’t find that interesting in the least.

    I love how Red Hood and the Outlaws doesn’t mention Starfire, the new Goldfish of the DCU. She’s been lobotomized.. It’s horrid. It’s just.. horrible. And the porno poses? Yeah.. no thanks. Same with Catwoman.. Lobotomized. They’re both completely devoid of personality.. they’re just tits and butt.

    Now as for the Legion of Super-Heroes.. it was NOT a good jump on point for new readers, no.. but the codenames for MOST of the characters goes all the way back to the 1960’s when they FIRST APPEARED. They tried to do the “new cool” codenames during the Archie Legion (in the 90’s when they did Legion of Super-heroes and Legionnaires) and the codenames SUCKED.. Live Wire? Levithan? Ugg.. Their codenames are classic.. like Superman or Batman. Nobody rants about to change that, so why would they change Cosmic Boy or Saturn Girl?

    As for Wonder Woman, the story was great.. but Wonder Woman isn’t in the story at all. We saw a great Xena story or a Red Sonya story or any generic Sword and Sorcery babe, but.. Wonder Woman? completely and utterly gone. Wonder Woman is SUPPOSE to represent something better, something all humanity should WANT to be and instead? She’s chopping off arms and strangling people. She’s no longer a peaceful warrior constantly trying to find a better way.. nope, this Wonder Woman rather than reforming her villains (as pretty much EVERY Wonder Woman villain has been at some point), she’ll just chop off their heads or maim them. I hate that DC has constantly blamed Wonder Woman for her lack of readers and interest instead of blaming their bad control and the fact that they allowed writers to just wipe her clean time and time again to do whatever they want from her.. At one point, Diana was working in FAST FOOD and DC thought this was apparently a good idea. They rebooted her pretty much with every new writer and took her in completely different direction. Notice that Diana uses a sword as her main weapon through the entire issue is a sword. She doesn’t even use her lasso except to save a woman, not as a weapon. It’s just a pretty decoration for her. Why didn’t they just replace it with a golden sword that can force people to tell the truth when she slices off their arm or left testicle or hold it at their throat? I mean.. that’d be VASTLY more in keeping with the new character than WONDER Woman. The lasso is an after thought now, just there when she needs something I guess to save some random woman or person. It’s not a weapon. She’s VASTLY more comfortable with her sword and apparently the GIANT battle axe. It makes me sad that Wonder Woman has been sacrificed for Warrior Woman.

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