It’s been a while since I wrote a column reminding you that you can spend your money ANYWHERE.

Sadly, with the BOOM of the NEW DC 52… It is VERY apparent to me that this is a column that needs to be written again. Maybe I should make it an ANNUAL Rite of Fall.

After writing quite extensively on the subject here (Quit Spending Your Money with Assholes) and here (Quit Spending Your Money with Assholes Part 2)… I didn’t really think I would ever have anything NEW to say on the subject. And in truth, I probably don’t. But in light of what transpired last night on Inveterate Media Junkies— in the comments section of Rick Huerta’s latest BAGS & BOREDS™ column… I was reminded (again) that Comic Book Community is filled GEEKS and you only need to change out the “G” with “M” to turn GEEK into MEEK.

So yeah, by our very own admission– most Geeks are Meek. Sure, we have our share of feisty assholes but most of them wouldn’t be known to us or even remotely say what they currently say (especially the way they say it) if they weren’t hiding behind the relative safety of the massive FORCE FIELD called the INTERNET.

So, by our very nature and the age entry-level of the COMIC BOOK medium… We can be MEEK, YOUNG and INEXPERIENCED. And that means some LOUSY SHOP OWNERS— if they choose to– can and will TAKE ADVANTAGE of us… But ONLY if we LET them. I don’t have one comic book collecting friend that doesn’t have at least one TRULY HORRIFYING story about some unprofessional retailer and some SCAM they’ve pulled on their customers.

It’s NATURAL that some short-sighted assholes will use the BUZZ & DEMAND surrounding the NEW DC 52 phenomenon to GOUGE their customers.

Following that train wreck of thought, Rick made a point of reminding everybody,

“I couldn’t get a hard copy of Batman this week. My favorite GD character, and I had to settle for my digital copy. Did I mention my retailer didn’t allow pulls on the New 52? Kinda pissed which is why I’m waiting for the right eBay deal. I can’t wait for the books to go back to their regular availability. Then again, that might not be so good for the industry as a whole.”

And Jose zapped back,

“Did I mention that I think your retailer is a piece of shit?”

And Rick tapped,

“Once or twice. I’ve never had an issue in the past. Ever since the DC books were announced, he’s just been overpricing books and raking in as much $$$ as he can out of the “Speculator Crowd.” Lucky for me, the Day and Date digital has been working out for the harder to get books.”

Yeah, lucky for you, Rick. If Steve Jobs and his iPad 2 didn’t exist, there would be NO TELLING what ridiculous compromising lengths customers of that jerk-off’s store would have to go to just to take a peek at Bruce & Selina doing the nasty.

So I reprint it again:

“Ever since the DC books were announced, he’s just been overpricing books and raking in as much $$$ as he can out of the “Speculator Crowd.”

Well, I know how much you spend with that guy… Because YOU told me. Overlooking his many faults (and he has lots)… This ONE ACTION would make certain that I NEVER walk into his store again– EVER.

Why? Because I am certain there’s another LOCAL store owner out there right now who will listen to your story– realize the long-term profit to be made from your loyal business– and would then gladly start holding the New DC 52 #1’s for you starting NEXT Wednesday.

And what about the asshole that runs your current shop… The one you’ve given your hard-earned money to? When all this blows over (and trust me, it WILL) and several of his profitable regulars NO LONGER SHOP THERE… He’ll regret what he did to you (if he’s even self-aware enough to understand what he did)… As he closes his doors one. final. time.

The ignominious end to the LAST SPECULATOR BOOM decimated this industry. As THOUSANDS of shops closed, many wonderful retailers were thrown out with the speculator-fueled CHAFF that had jumped in to try to make a few fast bucks. Families faced foreclosure of their MODERATE sized homes and witnessed the end of their already distinctly frugal lifestyles. (Few comic store owners have TRUE net income to brag about… Especially in the last ten years.) In the end, many wonderful REPUTATIONS and LIVES were forever ruined.

I know a lot of these people and I considered MANY to be my friends. NO ONE likes to fail. No one– other than the most HEARTLESS of ASSHOLES– likes to let their children down.

But the only WAY a decision like this sticks… Is if you WALK AWAY as quickly as possible. And really, Rick, if you think for even a moment– you GOTTA walk away and STAY away. There’s NO WAY that this asshole’s current behavior gives him a FREE PASS when the comic world goes back to “normal”.

What you see NOW here are his TRUE feelings toward his customers. THIS is what the fucker is like in a PINCH.

Hell, buy your books from some other mail order service. You can read what you need to review digitally, get your hard copies the next week and save $20 to $30 a week on gas. (That savings would easily pay for digital “must haves”.)

THAT’S the part I love about mail order. I don’t spend a DIME on gas. I am simply saying there are DOZENS of stores ready to take your business and TREAT YOU RIGHT. That goes for EVERY MEMBER of the IMJ NATION™!

You would NOT allow any other professional to treat you this way.


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  1. ed2962 says:

    I basically agree with you, but I acknowledge that it’s easier for me than it might be for some folks who live in more isolated areas. I think some people might stick with certain retailers because the store might be the only game in town (literally), and maybe the consumer is nervous about the internet because, well…it’s the internet. I would suggest searching out reviews and recommendations for fair minded online dealers/sources or just asking friends in the comics community where they get their comics.

  2. Locusmortis says:

    Never accept bad service otherwise you’ll continue to get bad service. Ian recommends Dreamland quite rightly, I’d recommend DCBS and I’m sure there are other great mail order specialists out there and maybe other local shops who would love your custom.

    Its something which occurs in all facets of life. If you contact your phone company,your broadband provider or your energy company and you get put through to somewhere in India then its the clearest sign that your company does not give two shits about its customers. The company I work for used to be a high quality, high service one but then we were bought out by a low-cost, low-quality company. Thats why my job, along with those of my 600 colleagues is being exported to India next month.

  3. Thank god my Comic Shop is awesome and only lets regulars get 3 copies of a book, and only 2 copies to people they don’t know. But I definitely think this was a good reminder Ian.

  4. (mguy1977) Matthew Guy says:

    Just another reason I’m glad to preorder my comics these days from DCBS for the last 6 years. I ordered 17 DCNU titles plus Fables. Some titles will fall to the wayside after 1 or 2 issues from my preorder list but I can see getting at least a dozen DCnU titles + Fables. As for Mickey Mouse club (Marvel), just FF, Fantastic Four starting w/ 601, Daredevil & Criminal series. With 3 indie titles on the radar for me right now,

    I don’t want to invest w/ comics but I do want to read them. Not digitally but by using my hand & turning the actual page. When regular monthly comics are dinosaurs in 5, 10 or 15 years from now, I will just wait for the tpbs/HCs or reread the comics I already have. Dan Didio, Geoff Johns & Jim Lee can’t bust into my home and stop me from reading again the 4 Byrne Superman HCs that I made of his entire run bound into volumes, Batman Year One, Batman Year Two or the actual trade of Superman The Wedding & Beyond, forgetting Morrison’s JLA just give me JLA/JLI HCs & George Perez’s 2 Deluxe HCs instead, etc…

    The reader & consumer has the final say; have it available & they will buy it. If you don’t they will buy the 2nd or 3rd printings, the digital route or wait for the HCs (DCU trades take to damn long why would the DCNU be anydifferent.


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