We did it IMJ Nation™! We went through (almost all) of DC’s New 52 and it didn’t kill us or make our heads explode! Some comics were good, some were bad– and sure, some were perfectly awful… But we survived. We agreed on some titles– but mostly it seems like I got ’em all wrong. This week we get the last batch of books, so I’m sure my sterling track record will continue. Which comics will stick around and which ones are headed toward a quick, ignoble cancellation? Only time will tell. For now let’s get through this final stack and close the lid on the beginning of one of the boldest moves made by a comic book publisher since comics began.

Superman #1
Written By: George Perez
Art By: Jesus Merino

The most anticipated book of the week did not fail to amaze. The horrible cover art (that I’ve had to look at for months) had me a bit nervous for the art but I had faith that George Perez would give me great Superman story… And he did.

Most of the early questions surrounding the DC Relaunch were raised primarily from the fans filled with unease over what might be happening to the publisher’s most popular heroes. Some didn’t think the DCU was “broken”… So why “fix” it? Other long-time fans were worried that the great would be sacrificed for the trendy. It didn’t help that some characters were reportedly being totally revamped, while others’ were having their continuity remain basically the same. Confusing to be sure… But I figured it was DC just wanting to have their cake and eat it too… And who can blame them? A little bit of “this”, a little bit of “that” would be a better approach than just WHOLESALE change just for change sake… Right?

Virtually everyone knows that the Batman and Green Lantern books were the biggest DC sellers before the re-do… With the Superman titles lagging behind– especially in terms of quality. Still, there were plenty of people who liked Superman just the GD way he was. In retrospect, I think it actually helped DC’s Boy Scout that the last Superman story of the “old” DCU was J. Michael Straczynki’s horrifyingly dull Grounded– which received LOTS of bad marks from the comic book cognoscenti.

As I mentioned in my Action Comics #1 review, Superman has long needed a major makeover to make him relevant… And I was hoping he would get one with these new comics. What I didn’t expect to see was his entire world get a facelift too. But it seems Superman’s world has most definitely changed in Superman #1… And I think it’s better.

The new set-up is simple: The Daily Planet has merged with another news entity in Metropolis to form a major news/media conglomerate. In the process Lois Lane, Perry White and Jimmy Olsen all receive bigger duties… While Clark is still the modest journalist attempting to keep his integrity (and his secret identity). He’s squarely opposed to the merger– which puts him at odds with Lois… Who obviously enjoys her new role as the Executive Producer of New Media. Her coverage of Superman’s aerial battle instantly establishes Lois as the strong, empowered woman we have come to expect. And finally, for the first time in the new DCU, we get to see a costumed Superman fight off a fierce enemy in one of his own books.

While the action sequences are great, Perez skillfully uses a series of revolving plot lines to move the story forward. He also AWESOMELY uses caption boxes to describe Superman’s thoughts in detail– really fleshing out the story. Although the caption boxes are later revealed to be how Clark would document the events for his column, the clever captions still had me wishing that more modern books would bring back this storytelling device. In this case–especially with this character– the captions worked beautifully.

Superman #1 is the perfect way to kick off a new era for the Man of Steel. Clark is written with much more emotion– a great departure from what we have been seeing in most of the modern Superman stories. How did DC ever think they could make the character more relatable when they rarely showed his feelings? Perez writes this Superman as a bit less experienced and a lot more hard headed– which has me excited for what’s to come.

All Star Western #1
Written By: Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti
Art By: Moritat

If you were a fan of the Jonah Hex series, then All Star Western #1 will not disappoint. Veteran Jonah Hex writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti bring the hard-riding bounty hunter into the future by taking us to the Gotham City of the past. This series serves as an unofficial continuation of the original Jonah Hex title– only without the elements of the Wild West. Using Amadeus Arkham as the narrator for this issue works as a great plot device to introduce Hex to new readers, while not hitting overused points that will feel overly redundant for existing fans. ASW #1 also gives us a great murder mystery within one of Gotham’s first secret societies. We get a lot of great “Easter Eggs” when some of the members’ identities are revealed. Have fun reading this and enjoy the extra pages of this jumbo-sized issue.Aquaman #1
Written By: Geoff Johns
Art By: Ivan Reis

A reintroduction is definitely necessary for a character that’s been absent in the DCU for so long. But the method Geoff Johns uses to do so here is a bit odd. I really don’t know how I feel about Aquaman ordering fish and chips at a local diner… Though, admittedly, it did make me laugh. Johns hits most of the dramatic notes needed for a first issue but unfortunately, it’s all less than interesting and very formulaic. That I could almost predict what was going to happen from page one was also annoying since this Aquaman reboot has supposedly been a priority on the writer’s agenda for a some time.Batman: The Dark Knight #1
Written By: Paul Jenkins and David Finch
Art By: David Finch

As usual, David Finch’s art is nothing short of fantastic. Unfortunately, we’ve been bombarded with so many Batman books this month that it’s beginning to get a bit difficult to read anything that seems remotely fresh. Here it’s more of the same: With questionable dialogue and a boring story. A giant-sized Two-Face is the main threat of this 1st issue and frankly, I’m not in the mood for another Arkham breakout. Sorry kids… But it looks like the Snyder’s main Batman book is the only Bat title really worth buying so far.Blackhawks #1
Written By: Mike Costa
Art By: Graham Nolan

It’s definitely good to have a change from the typical superhero books sometimes. Blackhawks has the same DNA as your typical G.I. Joe comic, just one set in the DCU…Which makes sense, since Mike Costa— the current G.I. Joe writer– is the author. We get a glimpse of where this covert team is stationed as well as a brief reveal for most key members. The Blackhawks art is dark and gritty– which serves this military genre perfectly. There is also a slight touch of sci-fi for those of you who may desire a bit of the fantastic.The Flash #1
Written By: Francis Manapul and Brian Buccelato
Art By: Francis Manapul

The art award of the week goes to Francis Manapul as he continues to deliver some of the best Flash art that I’ve seen in a long time. Being able to draw a constantly moving force and make it look fresh every time is no small feat. My initial reaction upon hearing that the artist was also going to write this reboot was negative. I figured we’d have another Tony Daniel debacle on our hands. But this is not the case. The plot is very simplistic, yet it was still enough to get me excited for next issue.

The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #1
Written By: Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver
Art By: Yildiray Cinar

Let’s face it: DC has done a piss poor job with its minority characters since the relaunch. With the Mr. Terrific monstrosity and the walking Latino stereotype that is Blue Beetle— I’d say they have two strikes against them already. The Fury of Firestorm #1 finally handles the issue of race with a little more care and maturity. While the issue is only mentioned in a few panels– they seem to convey the attitude Sciver & Simone are shooting for… Without over dramatizing it. The writing is simple without sacrificing drama and the comic reads with great ease. I never felt the need to go back in order to understand what was going on. The art was a nice surprise and the colors really popped out of every action packed panel… A great starting point for Firestorm.Green Lantern: New Guardians #1
Written By: Tony Bedard
Art By: Tyler Kirkham

Green Lantern comics seem to have saturated the market as well… And much like the Bat books, they’re not all worth reading. The opinions of the IMJ Nation™ seemed mixed for the regular Green Lantern title and BORED for Green Lantern Corps. I’m here to say that if you can only afford to buy one Green Lantern family book, then make it New Guardians. If Kyle Rayner is your favorite Lantern, reading this comic will solidify your opinion. If Kyle isn’t, I still think you’ll like it. The art is fantastic and the writing is witty and funny. Lots of fun and for once. Not so much green on every page, which makes this Lantern tale easier on the eyes.

I, Vampire #1
Written By: Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art By: Andrea Sorrentino

Good God! I finally finished reading this book after only… ONE HOUR! I, Vampire is by far the toughest book to read of DC’s New 52. Horrible dialogue and confusing caption boxes makes this issue a complete mess. The horrible art doesn’t do readers any favors either. The colors are extremely muddy and the overuse of blacks and sepia tones make it confusing to differentiate the characters. Lucky for me I know how to kill vampires.

Justice League Dark #1
Written By: Peter Milligan
Art By: Mikel Janin

I didn’t know what to expect from this book. I did know that many people were eagerly anticipating its release but I couldn’t grasp the intense interest in so many obscure and magic-related characters throwing themselves together… Let alone calling the comic Justice League Dark. Now I know.

This issue grabs you by surprise and takes you on a fantastic journey through the paranormal side of the DCU. Milligan doesn’t waver from his usual style here, delivering another weird yet entertaining story. He does a wonderful job of explaining why the DCU needs a team like this: Basically to take on the truly wild, abnormal threats the main Justice League team is simply not equipped for. My only complaint about this book was the art. It wasn’t horrible but very inconsistent from page to page. The last few panels seem rushed and the darker color pallet didn’t seem to fit the style of pencils. All in all, a small gripe– and not enough to disparage what was a solid, enjoyable read.

The Savage Hawkman #1
Written By: Tony S. Daniel
Art By: Philip Tan

Hawkman is a character that DC has been trying to (unsuccessfully) reinvent for years. No difference here. Still, I must admit the comic’s first half had me very excited and the artwork was some of the best of the week. Unfortunately the second half of the book– which happened to be when Hawkman finally makes his appearance– is when the story lost its’ entire spark. The artwork remained good but the plot and dialogue from the evil aliens was cheesy and boring (surprise, surprise, it’s Tony Daniel at the helm). Sorry, Hawkman– but it looks like another swift cancellation is in your future. Maybe the book would be better off with a slight title change… How does The Sordid Hackman sound?Teen Titans #1
Written By: Scott Lobdell
Art By: Brett Booth

This story read much too quickly! A great start for what I hope will be a series of great Teen Titans stories. I’ve mentioned this before: I’m a sucker for team recruitment stories… And this issue we get to watch Tim Drake begin gathering a team– going after Wonder Girl first. Kid Flash also makes a quick appearance. As I mentioned last week, Scott Lobdell is also writing Superboy– so seeing him closely following his own continuity is awesome from a nerdy point of view. Superboy is still in a testing facility so there’s no fears of spoiling either title if you plan on reading them both. I can’t wait to get the next issue!

Voodoo #1
Written By: Ron Marz
Art By: Sami Basri

DC’s attempt at tackling different genres within the New 52 had been pretty good… Until this week showed a trend toward mediocrity. Now we get a sci-fi story about an alien posing as a stripper. Although the book hints that she is here to gather intel on Earth for an inevitable invasion, I sure hope we get much more than this as the series presses on. For the first time, I’m not sure I’m satisfied with having some of these books share the same Universe. At first I thought it might be fun but then comics like this come out and make me question the entire premise. There’s someone out there who will enjoy DC’s version of the movie Species but it’s not for me.

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62 Responses to Rick Huerta’s BAGS & BOREDS™ SPECIAL REVIEW EDITION – WEEK 4 for the NEW DC 52

  1. PhilBetaGAMMA says:

    And the wheels on the bus go round n round. l thought u were gonna come n go relativrly unscathed on this B & B, Rick, then about halfway down……roadblock 🙂 Anway, my take:
    Superman: Of all the titles w/ establishe characters, this one seemed the most foreign 2 me. Batman seemed familiar 2 me, whether it was Snyder’s well delivered dialogue, or even Finch’s at best, uneven attempts at the same thing. Morrison’s fish outta water Supes, seemed familiar 2 me, as well. There just felt like their was a disconnect w/ this title. l will say this though; even though Perez is just doing breakdowns, he still knows how 2 load up a page, giving u the best bang 4 yor buck. I just wish that their was something l recognized beyond the title.

    ASW:Not my flavor. As a reader, it just didn’t engage me. Moritat’s Joe Kubert meets Will Eisner art wasn’t horrible, but it didn’t hold my attention. The story read kinda like a Sherlock Holmsian wanna be. Alas..this won’t be the western 4 me.

    Aquaman: Pretty pictures doesn’t trump Johns being the scribe + fish folk *never really cut it w/ me. Still wished Mera hadda gotten a series instead. l woulda bought that! *Exception 2 the rule

    Batman DK: Finch needs a bimonthly title

    l Vampire: Beutiful cover by Jenny frison. So wish she coulda done the interiors. As it stands, the “art” in that book is gonna keep me from giing Liefeld the worst art award 2 of all the books l’ve purchased! W/ Liefeld, as horrible as his anatomy is, as non-existant as his perspective is, & l won’t even go in2 his proportions, at least he’s not polaroiding it, and calling it drawing.

    JL Dk: Its in competition w/ JLI as my top pick of the 52’s. A fun read, n fun 2 look at.

    TeenTitans: Flawed, but liked it.

    • rickhuerta says:

      ASW was meant to be a murder mystery. This may be the reason it drew such similar comparisons to Sherlock Holmes to you.

    • Insideman says:

      Hey Phil, You know we don’t charge extra if you type ENTIRE WORDS now and then, right? 8)

      • TheMSpot says:

        I’ll take a page out of the Melendez play book:

      • PhilBetaGAMMA says:

        @Ian: Would that be in reference to my “Prince”ly way of communicating, i.e. “4 instead of for”, “2 instead of to”, or my all “2” common spelling gaffes; i.e relativ’e’ly, be’a’utiful ,an’y’way, etc. The 4mer’s just a result of never caring 4 internet shorthand, i.e. “lol” “lmao”,although l have started using ‘brb”, the latter is usually because l’m not paying close enough attention 2 what l’m typing, in which case… becomes intensified when i’m sleep deprived. 8)
        On a dif note (l also like 2 shorten words where l can 😉 ) on the l Vampire cover…where u mention that the figures look like elf rejects; Was your disatisfaction of the piece based on what u felt 2 be a misreprensentation of what actually was inside the book, or did u simply … just not like the piece? If it was the 4mer, would u have liked it, if WAS about elves? Just curious.

        • PhilBetaGAMMA says:

          edit;if IT WAS…

        • Insideman says:

          You know I’m just playin’, Phil. I figured out your “special typing language” a long time ago. It gives you your unique voice… Although you COULD tell you were tired last night. 4 sure. 🙂

          I know you are a fan of the I Vampire cover artist… So I am glad you asked me about my opinion. It’s NOT her work I dislike at all. I have NOT seen the interior of the book, so I cannot comment on the disparity between the 2 styles either. I just thought, given the more fantasy bent of the art (and from the reviews I’ve heard from Jose and Rick)– that a different cover image would be called for… With this cover possibly used as a variant– or later in the run when the book is more established?

          In short. The image seemed more fantasy or childlike… While the reports of the books content did NOT.

          Again, no slam on the artist and I should have been clear about that.

  2. Insideman says:

    Hey Rick, you’ll be happy to know your TRACK RECORD is fully intact.

    I think Mr. Melendez loved I, Vampire. 😀

    • rickhuerta says:

      We couldn’t plan it any better.

      • J. says:

        I think I need to have one more drink before I get into this BS with you about I Vampire and some of the shitty books you liked this week.

          • J. says:

            You know what? On second thought, just read this.

            It will point out how completely wrong you were about I Vampire. It is bizarre how this review pretty much summed up everything I was going to tell you. Kelly Thompson is one of the few people on the internet, besides Ian and I, who really GETS these types of books. I have stated before she is the ONLY good reviewer on CBR and she proves it yet again here. And for the record, I read I Vampire twice in order to get what was completely going on but when I GOT IT the book was easily the best DC book of the week with JL Dark and All Star Western tied for a close second.


            • rickhuerta says:

              So, I a bit confused. You insult my reading comprehension, or lack there of, since I stated that I didn’t get the the book. Then you yourself state that you needed to read it twice in order to understand what was going on. Then you direct me to a review that will better explain how YOU feel about that book, and then THAT review STARTS with the words, “It took me three reads to understand what was happening in this comic book.”

              Having to read a book two or three times in order to grasp the basic concept is never a good sign. Unless of course you like the material. In this case I didn’t.

              • J. says:

                Well, luckily I did.

                If you noticed, the review said that needing to read the book multiple times to grasp it’s true brilliance was a bad thing. Which I completely agree with. The caption boxes should have been better separated colors. I also agree with that. BUT even though reading the book was somewhat a challenge the reward was well worth it. That is what I lead you to that review. It did in fact say everything that I would have said. The good outweighed the bad. I never said it was perfect, just that is was really good. Not “getting” something is never a good reason to “Burn It”.

                If anything Dark Knight, Aquaman, Teen Titans and Voodoo should have been books to burn since they were completely worthless and do absolutely nothing to move this medium forward.

                God forbid people have to actually think while reading a comic.

                • rickhuerta says:

                  And that was my biggest issue with this book. The layout was a mess. The placement of the caption boxes and the similar shade in color had me flipping back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, to the point where I was completely annoyed. I also get that the the black tones are meant to set the mood for the style of story, but it was far too muddy for my taste. Almost like a poor man’s Jae Lee, only Jae Lee is better.

                  For the people who read this and enjoyed the payoff to the work they had to put in, I’m happy for you. By all means that’s what makes these “New 52” books so great. The fact that we have all of these books and genres to choose from is awesome!

                  • Allfather says:

                    It was hardly any work for me to figure out who was saying what. Unless you suffer from some color blindness or are under some very poor lighting, you can differentiate between dark pink and dark red. The layout was moody and dark – like the story itself.

                  • Insideman says:

                    Damn. I wish I had my physical copy already. I would buy it digitally but I’m afraid I wouldn’t get the same effects. 🙂

        • Insideman says:

          *And the HEAVENS shall shake*

          • rickhuerta says:

            I will also be performing the awesome feat of replying to the thread while simultaneously kicking ass in Madden.

            • J. says:

              Really? GD Madden? Play a real sport game like FIFA and maybe then you can brag about something.

              • rickhuerta says:

                I can’t wait to get FIFA 12!

                • PhilBetaGAMMA says:

                  Well, 2day l actually ‘read’ ASW, & l V, as opposed 2 just skimming them, & l must say, both of ’em were better than l thought they’d be. While l still don’t like the tracings in I V, nonetheless, l found the story compelling. So l might p/u the 1st arc. W/ ASW, how the story’s unfolding, it has me, even there at least sticking w/ the 1st arc. Looks like l’m gonna have 2 do revisions 2 my bottom five! Sry 2 say, l finally also read Hawk n Dove. Long story, short; 2 me, Sterling Gates writes like Liefeld draws. At least they match. 🙂

  3. rickhuerta says:

    This week I wanna be both Animal and Hawk.

  4. Allfather says:

    You “burn” I, Vampire?!?! That was by far the biggest surprise of the week for me. The cover is pretty awful, but the writing was pretty top notch and the art was extremely well suited for this type of book. I’m not sure why you thought it was so confusing. I did not have a problem following it at all. The muddy and black colors set the perfect tone of being haunting and evil. Former lovers that now will go to war against each other (even though only she has an army) in a world of superheroes? I’m in – even though I thought I was tapped out of vampire stories. I love dark and creepy done well, and that’s what I got out of it.

    I thought All Star Western was the book of the week by far and I have never read a Jonah Hex story before. He reminds me of Preacher’s “Saint of Killers” (and yes, I’m well aware that Jonah was created WAY before him) and that means some good ‘ol western violent fun. Amadeus Arkham as another major character is also very interesting, especially since the last time I saw him was way back in Morrison’s wonderful “Arkham Asylum” GN.

    Superman was simply OK. I thought the use of caption boxes for Supes thoughts was a bit overdone (plus, it’s been used plenty of times before – it’s not like it’s original). The main “villain of this issue was particularly uninteresting as well. Sort of a “super-duper” Human Torch looking character.

    You really thought Flash and Teen Titans were worth a “Bag It”? I’ve always thought Flash was a boring character and this new #1 did nothing to change my mind. You seemed to love the art but I thought it was simply average. Teen Titans was almost like Justice League #1, but worse. It dragged its feet by introducing only part of the team, and I quickly got sick of hearing Red Robin talking to himself in caption boxes. And seeing Superboy at the end? Um, OK. He is on the cover.

    I pretty much agree with you on Aquaman, The Dark Knight, and Justice League Dark, though. Johns was trying to be way too funny with Aquaman. Over half way through, I was like “I get it, everyone in the DCU thinks he’s lame”. However, if you were watching someone lift up a truck with a super sharp trident while bullets are just bouncing off of him, would you really ask him “how does it feel to be so lame?”. Trying too hard, Geoff.

    To quote ex-Arizona Cardinals coach Dennis Green, The Dark Knight “was exactly what we thought it would be” – lame, like the first volume of the series. “Fear is blah, blah, blah”. Very deep, Mr. Finch (and Mr. Jenkins). I usually like Finch’s art, but I thought it was mostly weak and inconsistent in this issue (some weird facial expressions like he was confused whether to draw someone looking serious or content).
    Justice League Dark was weird but fun – which is how it should be. It’s the best JL book so far.

    GL: New Guardians was OK, I just thought not much happened for a #1 issue. Willing to hang on for now though. The rest of the books I didn’t read, mainly because I had no interest at all in them.

    Rick – no matter whether I agree or disagree with you, I always appreciate your opinions and
    your writing. I look forward to next weeks column!

  5. generaldark says:

    i think the “burn it” option should be used on special ocassions. Keep up the good work tho!

    • Insideman says:

      GeneralDark, in all fairness to Rick– I should explain how the “BURN IT!” designation came into being: Jose thought it up after I said I thought that “BAG IT” & “BORED” tags didn’t give Rick enough options for phrases to put at the end of his reviews.

      Rick actually was NEVER a fan of the “BURN IT” tag. In fact, the first time he used it– I contacted him and asked him if it was OK if we changed one of his “BORED” tags to a “BURN IT” tag. (As his editor, I did that because I thought what he was saying about a particular book in the bulk of his review better reflected the “BURN IT” tag.) He’s used it a few times since then… But we know he means it.

      Rick takes his role as an IMJ Comic Book Reviewer very seriously. And you will NEVER see him use “BURN IT!”– or any other tag– without much serious consideration. (You should see his emails where he is literally agonizing over his decisions– hoping to do the “right” thing.)

      And that’s the LOT of being a reviewer. No matter how you feel or what you do, most times 90% of the people will NOT agree with you– because EVERYBODY has DIFFERENT tastes. And eventually, if you write at one spot long enough– you will say something that a particular reader (sooner or later) will think seems so stupid/silly/whatever that they will announce that you and your column have lost all credibility with them. (Like Locusmortis did last week over Rick’s crack about Legionnaire names.)

      To be clear: I am NOT taking sides here. I agree with Locusmortis. I also agree with Rick. Otherwise, it’s clear from EVERY comments section that Rick does NOT speak for Jose and I. HE SPEAKS FOR RICK. And that is EXACTLY what we want him to do and have wanted him to do from the VERY BEGINNING.

      The thing we love about Rick’s writing is that, regardless whether you agree, you know he MEANS what he says. And we like that he is DIFFERENT than us. He’s MORE of a fan of mainstream comics. You can literally feel his ENTHUSIASM for the superhero genre pouring out of every column. He’s also younger than both of us and as everyone knows: Jose and I are just critical old bastards teetering on the edge of the Universal Abyss. 8)

      And like we often tweet: NONE of us get paid to do ANY of this– so even if you don’t agree with Rick about a particular opinion, at least you know his reviews are GENUINE and UNBIASEDUNAFFECTED by AD DOLLARS and other “pay-offs” that the BIG TWO (and other companies) wave in front of almost every other site to get better reviews– or at least influence the different sites editors & critics to write better reviews.

      So that’s a long way for me to say that you can trust Rick to use “BURN IT” sparingly– and only when he really means it. Hope you continue to enjoy the column GeneralDark… And thanks for being such a valuable member of the IMJ Nation™!

  6. Tiger Topher says:

    Hawkman #1 might have been the most disappointing book I read from DC this week. I mean, few characters in comics have histories that are more confusing and convoluted than Hawkman’s and this relaunch would have been the perfect time to fix that. It really seems like a wasted opportunity. Also, the book would have benefited from being more new-reader-friendly. All it really tells you about Carter Hall is that he doesn’t want to be Hawkman anymore and that his powers come from something called Nth Metal. That’s fine for me, but I’ve been reading comics for nearly 30 years. “Who the fuck is Hawkman?” and “What the fuck is Nth Metal?” are undoubtedly questions that new readers will have, so providing some additional background information would have been helpful.

    • Insideman says:

      That’s a real shame, Tiger. This book sounds worse than even I imagined.

    • PhilBetaGAMMA says:

      @TigerTopher: Yeah…l thumbed thru a few pgs when l was at my lcs, & had 2 put it back. Shame 2, it would’ve been the 1st TonyDaniel book l’d have purchased, but he was undone by the art. Kicker being, he wasn’t even the artist. Maybe l’ll look 4 a back issue of BodyBags 🙂

  7. May I just say that it’s a joy to see Rick and J debate every week in very spirited fashion? 🙂

    It’s also a joy to read these columns Rick! I look forward to these every week mainly due to the fact that there are some things I disagree with and that these reviews are well done. I thought that Green Lantern: New Guardians#1 leaned more toward that ‘bored’ tag. Not a lot of things happened for me to feel satisfied. The art was great, but Bedard’s script didn’t exactly do it for me.

    • rickhuerta says:

      Thanks ComicBookDude. It’s tough to review books that saturate the market such as Batman and Green Lantern books. It’ll hardly bring dramatically different ideas so I just try to review each issue for what it is that month. Your point is completely valid as far as the script not doing it for you. There wasn’t a whole lot given, but I really wanna see that next panel and the pacing was satisfying enough. I should’ve also mentioned that although it received the “Bag It” tag, all the GL books are on a short leash.

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