IMJ NATION™ Podcast Season 2 Episode #1 ALL NEW!

“The one where Jose & Ian do their Batman impressions and try to figure out what the “S” in Tony S. Daniel really stands for.”



Ian (Insideman) MacMillan and (Distinguished) Jose Melendez dissect the NEW DC 52 Comics like NO OTHER PODCAST can– or has the BALLS to do!


Eisner & Harvey Award Winner Scott Snyder’s
Swamp Thing # 1 & # 2
Art by: Yanick Paquette

Animal Man # 1 & # 2 Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by: Travel Forman

Paul Cornell’s Demon Knights # 1 & # 2
Art by: Diogenes Neves

Batgirl # 1 & # 2 Written by Gail Simone
Art by: Ardian Syaf

Writer & Artist Tony “S” Daniel’s
Detective Comics # 1 & # 2

Batwoman # 1 & # 2
Written by: J.H. Williams III & W. Haden Blackman
Art by: J.H. Williams III

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30 Responses to IMJ NATION™ Podcast Season 2 Episode #1 ALL NEW!

  1. TheMSpot says:

    As usual, you didn’t disappoint. Yeah, Daniel and Finch read like really bad Frank Miller cover bands.

  2. megamanx4ever says:

    That was a great podcast! Im sad to hear Paul Cornells dad died. Paul Cornell might be the nicest person ive ever met at Comic-Con and Wonder-Con (both this year and last year) and ive met a LOT of extremely nice people like Jeff Lemire, Scott Snyder, Ryan Ottley, Jimmy Palmiotti, Dave Gibbons, Garth Ennis, Robert Kirkman and many others. Me and him talked a lot about his run on Action Comics and he actually told me how Action Comics vol.1 ended a month before vol.1 ended which I thought sounded like a great ending and I loved it when I read issue 904. Also Stormwatch is in my top 5 favorite DC books along with Animal Man and Swamp Thing. Anyway thanks for the great podcast Insideman and Jose!

    • Insideman says:

      So glad to hear about Paul, Megamanx. He certainly seems like one of the nicest guys working in the medium today. And he handled the news of his Dad’s death with dignity and professionalism on Twitter.

      Just stated it. Said he would miss him. Thanked everyone for their kindness. DC for sending flowers. (Which was extremely classy of DC.) Said he wouldn’t be on twitter for the week. Then, I am guessing they had the funeral… Because he wrote a very classy short tweet wishing his father well about 5 days later.

      Like I said. Very sad but very classy. So nice to see someone else go out in public and handle the death of a loved one with dignity instead of using the said passing to curry sympathy on public forums like twitter and facebook.

  3. (mguy1977) Matthew Guy says:

    Action Comics #904 was a great issue. Stormwatch well it didn’t interest me so I moved on to different things. As for Batgirl, I have only read issue 1 but I was right in the middle about it didn’t hate but didn’t love either. And to quote Steve Martin from Sgt. Bilko “Make the bad man stop!” with Tony S. for stinky shit Daniel go away to do Marvel comics. I enjoyed Rucka on Batwoman & Stumptown & sad for him to leave DC (crys a little tear). I read Swamp Thing 1 & 2 plus Superman 1, I have no problem with wordy comics as long as it done well & serves the story like Swamp Thing & for at least me, Perez’s Superman. I enjoyed the REAL Batman book from Synder & look forward to future issues. Thanks J. & Insideman for your efforts put into your reviews. See you in 10 days (or so).


  4. You’ve never read an issue of Swamp Thing before the relaunch Jose?!?!? Oh man… Ian I think we need to send him the Len Wein/Bernie Wrightson Swamp Thing trades RIGHT NOW.

    Agreed with Batgirl#2. I also thought that her boyfriend was Dick Grayson, but I soon found out it wasn’t 😦 I’m probably going to drop Batgirl. Not because I hate it (because I don’t) but just because it’s just okay and there are better comics I’d prefer buying instead.

    GREAT PODCAST guys!!! Can’t wait for the next one!!! Hopefully we can see reviews of Justice League, Batman, Wonder Woman, All-Star Western, Action Comics, and Justice League Dark and more!

    • megamanx4ever says:

      and dont forget the Alan Moore/Stephen Bisette trades too comicdude and insideman! 🙂

    • PhilBetaGAMMA says:

      @CBD: Aways good 2 hear some1 bring up Wein/Wrightson 4 a change! 🙂
      @Ian & Jose: Gr8 ‘cast!! lf l’m able 2 at minimum, p/u WonderWoman, then l’ll probably do a ‘cast, myself, on the 52. Gr8 inspiration, guys!!

  5. generaldark says:

    Thanks so much for the podcast guys 🙂 BTW ian im super jealous of you and your ability to piss fire upside down! XD

    • Insideman says:


      With all the stuff going on this month, PISSING Ghost Rider has literally been spinning (and pissing) out of control. Jose and I were wondering if ANYBODY would ever say anything.

      GOLD STAR, GD. (And thanx for the “heads up” on the Jeff Lemire goof earlier.) 8)

  6. Allfather76 says:

    Another great podcast guys! Thanks!

    I really, really enjoyed both issues of Swamp Thing, and although # 2 was wordy, I thought it was very necessary (past history needed to be explained) and interesting. I previously have only read the Moore run, but this series does not negate any of Swampy’s past – it just sort of changes it a bit. Loved how it was handled.

    I have never read Animal Man before, but this new series is probably in my top 3 of the new DC. Lemire does not disappoint (his Sweet Tooth and Frankenstein is great as well) and I also like the art very much as well – perfect for the book imo. The future crossover with Swampy is going to be awesome.

    Batwoman is almost as great as Rucka’s Elegy run – which means this book kicks major ass (although J, I think you’re missing out on his Punisher book – one of my recent faves – but I completely understand your stance as well). Most beautiful artwork to be found in any book today as well. Ian – I also thought the pages where they are just changing were sexy but not gratuitous. Just beautiful stuff all around. It takes me quite a while to turn each page because there is so much great art to look at.

    Ah, Detective and Batgirl. I usually like to give new books at least 2-3 issues to give them a chance, but they were so unbearably bad I spared myself from reading issue # 2. From what I have heard, that was a smart choice (Detective was no surprise, but I was hoping for a decent Batgirl – guess I’ll pick up the available trades before the reboot instead).

    I enjoyed Demon Knights #1, but I really needed to make some hard decisions on some DC cuts and I dropped that one only because I’m not that interested in the whole fantasy, medieval world too much. But I’ll probably pick up #2 (if available) on a light week sometime.

    Thanks again and I look forward to the next one!

    • Insideman says:

      I agree that the current Swamp Thing is NOT seemingly negating anything that went before. (At least I don’t think the reboot will… But it is a reboot… So time will tell.) But I wanted to mention all the shout outs– because it was very smart of Scott to do that… Especially since he is drastically altering Swampy’s status quo.

      I don’t have a thing with wordy books either. In fact, quite the CONTRARY. If a subject deserves it… Be wordy. And I am not saying Swamp Thing was overly wordy. I was saying I just felt like it was an “info dump” like Jose mentioned… Which is not something I am used to Snyder doing. He normally pieces it out over time and uses the points to peak story interest.

      That said, I am betting he did what he did because he’s got EVEN MORE INTERESTING STUFF planned. That would be my guess.

      As always, great insights ALLFATHER.

  7. NicktheStick says:

    As always great podcast! I have to say that I have loved Animal Man and Swamp Thing. I have also never read either of these before the re-launch. I will say that those two are for sure in my top 4 of the comics of the DCnU. I totally agree with Jose as will with Forman’s art. I think it suited the book fantastically. I think that the emphasis is not on the everyday kitchen scenes but on the “red” aspects of the book. I also liked the colours a lot. I think everything about Swamp Thing and Animal Man fit – story, art, dialogue, development for new readers, everything.

    I haven’t read Demon Knights… but it sounds like I should.

    I kind of liked Batgril, though am still considering dropping it as there are too many other books that are better than it. I have no precursor to Stephanie Brown, so it makes it a bit easier to not get mad at this book.

    Tony “Shitty McShit Shitface” Daniel is a hack and I couldn’t even read the first issue. My LCS let me read it in store before buying it and I couldn’t even finish it.

    Batwoman is just WOW! Art is effing amazing! I love J.H. Williams layouts, probably my favorite I have seen in a long time. The story is awesome as well. There is almost too many good things to say about this so I am just going to leave it at that! Great Podcast! Love it!

    • PhilBetaGAMMA says:

      Definitely agree w/u on Batgirl (in particular, the 2nd issue),& l also never followed Ms. Brown. As 4 Batwoman, JH definitely has my respect as a writer.

  8. H says:

    speaking of chase have you seen this?

    and my only complaint on batwoman is that she looks like she came out of twilight, I’ve read 52 and batwoman’s skin has changed

  9. ed2962 says:

    Cool podcast! I’m probably going to trade wait for Swamp Thing just for budget reasons, I’m digging Animal Man. I liked the art but I can see how it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. The thin lines and sparse panels in some places wouldn’t suit a comic like the FF or JLA, but I think it adds to the surrealistic mood of the comic. I think it helps get across the idea that this is not a “normal” superhero book. And as you guys point out, the figures and backgrounds take on greater weight and detail in dream scenes and other places. Almost presenting an atmosphere where the dream world is more “real” than reality?

    With Batgirl, I’m on the fence about how long I’ll stick with it. The Post Tramatic Stress angle could be interesting if it’s done well, but it can also go very wrong. Either way, I can see them getting more than an arc or two out of it before it starts getting stale
    Batwoman, is just very cool. You guys mentioned everything I liked about it.I felt it was well written and I enjoyed the spooky aspects of the story. I thought the art just kicked it up another level.

    Good job as always, gentlemen!

  10. Locusmortis says:

    I have to agree with IM regarding the art on Animal Man, spot summation of my view on it.

  11. Rick Huerta says:

    Congratulations on the new Podcast guys! Loved the new format and can’t wait for the next episode. J I’d be happy to send you some Animal Man trades, I’m sure you would absolutely love them.

  12. Skinner Sweet says:

    Hey is there anyway to change the audio? I listen with headphones so all the sound comes out of one headphone at a time and is extremely annoying to go along with hurting my ears. Other than that glad to see some more podcast,

  13. Great to see the podcasts back! I can’t agree enough with the fact that Demon Knights is the surprise hit of the relaunch. In some ways I wonder if that (and maybe Stormwatch?) are going to be the real successors to Secret Six in the DCU? It’s more lighthearted right now and will probably never get as dark and twisted as SS but it has some of the same mix of messy people one step from betraying each other as the core of the comic, and I think the interactions are one of the things that makes it so great. Well, that and CLOCKWORK DRAGONS.

    I gotta say I’m sad to hear you guys rip on Batgirl so much. It’s cool, I appreciate the perspective, and since I enjoyed most of Simone’s Wonder Woman run (and I heard that towards the end, which was where I found it weaker, there was a lot of editorial weirdness going on), I may simply enjoy the style more; certainly I had a different reading of the “spine-kicking” scene, where I saw her knocking the guy to the ground more than kicking him in the spine, as well as a different take on the portrayal of PTSD. But that’s cool – different opinions, like I said, I can appreciate the perspective, and lord knows I miss Steph and the tone of that book. What I mostly wanted to raise was the fact I agree that Mirror is not a good villain right now. I thought the idea of Batgirl being horrified by seeing herself afraid was a reasonably good one, but it really failed in the execution and I’m not sure if that’s on the writer or the artist, and nothing *else* about Mirror is making me think he’s much more than a Final Destination spinoff. But it got me thinking that Simone’s strengths as a writer are really in team dynamics and interpersonal drama, and honestly, aside from Junior, I’m struggling to think of a straight-up villain she’s really killed with. Perhaps that’s why Secret Six is some of her strongest work – the “villains” (or employers?) are rarely particularly memorable, but that’s fine because it’s usually the Six themselves that drive the stories (I mean, the guy who kidnapped Catman’s son? Totally forgettable. But that didn’t matter in the slightest because it wasn’t the point). Similarly I think her strongest villains who do drive the story are the ones where the lines are more blurred – Alkyone for example. Or maybe Spysmasher, though it’s been a long time since I read the original Birds stuff she did and I never read the recent relaunch she did (which may be a good thing judging by opinions in the podcast).

    Anyway, just…wondering whether that’s part of what’s missing. A lone hero against a lone, unambiguous villain may not be playing to her strengths. Not an excuse, just…hadn’t thought of it that way before and figured it was worth sharing.

    Next, Swamp Thing and Animal Man! 😀

    I’m gonna put myself down on the same side as Jose in that I have – shamefully – never actually gotten around to reading the original Swamp Thing stuff, and I really liked both issues, but the one problem I *did* have with #1 was that I felt kinda lost as a new reader. I mean, I mostly understood it, it was gorgeous and the writing was sharp enough it wasn’t an issue that would cause me to drop the title, but I was acutely aware that it was referencing stuff I wasn’t familiar with, and to someone who didn’t know about Brightest Day (which I only casually followed), it’d be even worse. In many ways, it’s interesting to compare this to Green Lantern, because this *is* just a straight up continuation of Swamp Thing from his last appearance, and while slightly more accessible, the first issue makes that pretty clear. So I was expecting it to continue in that vein and it was a really nice surprise when the second issue actually took the time to sit down and *explain* to me what was going on, and in a way that didn’t make me feel bored or lectured at, and in a double page spread that, no shit, rivals JHW III for design.

    So yeah, I *liked* the first issue, but felt like I was discovering something that I might have to do some homework to truly appreciate. The second issue I just flat out *loved* and felt gave me *everything* I needed to understand this particular run of Swamp Thing.

    Animal Man…there really isn’t much to say except it’s freaking brilliant, but I wanted to chime in quickly and say that I like the art, which I mainly wanted to note because it’s not a style I usually enjoy. I remember Travel Foreman’s art wrecking my enjoyment of an issue of Knights of the Old Republic way back when so I was a bit nervous about this line-up, but it really does show that appropriate story/art choices make all the difference.

    Finally: Detective: Agreed. UGH.

    Batwoman: Agreed. OMG.

    [/epic comment]

    • I really wanna read DEMON KNIGHTs but I might trade wait it…I glanced thru it and it looked like it would fit so nicely collected.

      • Demon Knights is one of the only two books I’m reading right now that I’m considering collecting in trade as well as singles (the other being Wonder Woman). It’s always a war between my impatient nature and the fact that I vastly prefer TPBs for my shelf for runs I really like, and the fact I just can’t afford to get everything twice. Fortunately most of the other books that I think I’ll want in trade (Batman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Batwoman), are books that either my boy or by best mate read so I can trade-wait without having to, err, story-wait.

        But yeah, I think Demon Knights would read really well in trade.

        In conclusion: CLOCKWORK DRAGONS.

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