As promised, this column is morphing. Next week starts Month 3 of the DC New 52. We’re still going to have all the DC covers for quick reference BEFORE you hit the shop (the third issues may eventually be the rarest ones yet) but we’re also going to be mixing it up in the top spots… Hence this week’s striking Daredevil cover making its’ debut in the showcased 4 covers.

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  1. PhilBetaGAMMA says:

    Since there’s not enough on here 4 me 2 pick a top five, l’ll pick a least fave five on here, instead!

    5) Daredevil: Blandness pesonified.

    4) Batman Dk Knight: lf that’s not Finch’s stand in, then Finch is just phoning them in, now.

    3) Catwoman G.O.G: Looks like a Jim Balent rejected cover.

    2) Savage Sword Of Hawkman

    1) Incredible Hulk: Distressing, because l usually like Silvestri’s work, usually. l don’t know if he’s trying something new, or if this is his natural progression, but this is one of the worst images that l’ve ever seen him produce.

  2. Stamps says:

    I love the Flash cover, but overall the Green wake cover takes the cake this week.

    On the flip side:

    I HATE that Batman cover. It’s so bad. What the fuck is going on the twoface’s arms and Batman’s face?

    The Amazing Spiderman cover is equally as shitty. Someone actually got paid for that?…unbelievable. sub par at best.

    • Insideman says:

      For the record, Green Wake is one of Jose’s favorite books. 3 people at my house picked that as the BEST COVER too… So I felt it would be best to leave it off the main post in case Jose wanted to use it for his Comics Shipping or Who Getting posts on Tuesday.

      After all, this is a newbie post… Those other two posts are venerable institutions. 🙂

      Hated Two Face. I hope he is hopped up on venom to look like that.

      The Savage Hawkman… Who is that? BLACKHawk? 😉

      Personally, I really liked The Flash cover. Neat idea. Not necessarily the best cover but most likely the coolest concept.

      P.S. Jose continue to amazed and thankful at the reaction to this post. Look for it to expand to even more company’s and their offerings next week. It’s definitely here to stay. Hope you all continue to like it.

      Laziest cover? Wolverine and the X-Men… Hands down (at least for me.)

  3. NicktheStick says:

    Whoops meant to post this in here….

    While I am only getting one of these books, these are the covers that intrigued me the most:

    The savage hawkman
    Green wake (the one I am going to buy)
    The incredible hulk

  4. jocrlujr says:

    Blackhawks #2. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a jet used as a phallic object. I’m guessing that wasn’t the intent, but it’s kind of difficult to see it as anything else given the positioning. Or maybe its just me and I need to pick my mind up out of the gutter.

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