RATE THE COVERS!™ 30 of the BEST or WORST Comic Book Covers for 11.2.11!

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6 Responses to RATE THE COVERS!™ 30 of the BEST or WORST Comic Book Covers for 11.2.11!

  1. Insideman says:

    A couple of observations:

    Hack/Slash #9 may be one of the most fun horror comic covers ever (Plus it has BOMB QUEEN)!

    Still NO FEET on Hawk & Dove

    I wonder how long– if ever– before DAN SLOTT stops trading off on Spider-man’s ILLUSTRIOUS PAST… While doing everything he seemingly can to DESTROY the CHARACTER in the present? (It’s a horrible cover too.)

    Avengers Origins cover may be one of Marvel’s nicest retro covers yet

    All in All, I thought DC’s New 52 Covers for Month 3, Week #1 were less than impressive. Wasn’t even that hyped by Swamp Thing. Could they already be resting on their laurels? All I can say: It was a GREAT WEEK for the column to SHIFT FOCUS on the entire industry… As not one DC New 52 made my top picks (although Omac #3 came VERY CLOSE).

    Finally, I really wish several of these other companies would contact us directly with their advance covers. I would love to have the luxury to spend 5 hours every Sunday tracking down their various covers but I don’t– and I ain’t gonna do it. The IMJ Nation™ deserves that we use our time better than that. So, there were tons of other INDIE COMICS I would have liked to have considered for the column (so glad I could find the GIANT SIZE ELEPHANTMEN) and like I just wrote, I really, really wish these companies would make it easier for us to PROMOTE THEIR STUFF FOR THEM FOR FREE. 🙂

  2. PhilBetaGAMMA says:

    fave five fallen five
    1 Action 5 JLI
    2 Goon 4 StormWatch
    3 V 4 Hire 3 Luther strode
    4 Red Lanterns 2 Static
    5 Batwing 1 Sweet Tooth

  3. Stamps says:

    Men at war is my top cover this week with Avenger Origins at a REALLY close second.

    I dislike the Sweet tooth cover. It just rubs me the wrong way.

  4. NicktheStick says:

    The only two I really liked were:

    Animal Man

    And Animal Man was not as good as the first two. Besides that a kind of boring week for covers.

  5. What?

    1. Villains for Hire – Misty is doing the booty shake..good girl gone bad like Rihanna
    2. Uncanny X-Men – Cyclops is preparing for the Javelin’s Throw @ London 2012
    3. Sweet Tooth – Lemire was too busy with the new 52 He let his 5 year old nephew draw the cover
    4- Static Shock – tries to grab his equipment yoga style
    5. Fear Itself – One of the most popular characters dies but nobody cares..how do you manage to do that?


    1. Ant-Man & Wasp by far my favourite of the bunch
    2. Hackslash and Bomb Queen FTW!
    3 Sgt Rock is Aight
    4. Red Lanterns is pretty cool
    5. Swamp Thing

  6. kurumais says:

    love that antman -and wasp cover

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