IMJ NATION™ Podcast Season 2 Episode #2 ALL NEW!

“The one where Ian laments when ANYONE gets fired… Except for…”



It’s ALL BUSINESS as Jose Melendez and Ian (Insideman) MacMillan have an extended conversation about the BUSINESS of COMICS… Bringing back an ALL TIME FAN FAVORITE subject:

Which leads to all kinds of shenanigans, opinions, put downs and criticisms… Culminating in Ian asking, “Why must ALMOST ALL Indie Books be priced at $3.99 a piece now?!”

As always, it’s a ROWDY, RAMBUNCTIOUS hour, as only two RABID RASCALS can record!

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17 Responses to IMJ NATION™ Podcast Season 2 Episode #2 ALL NEW!

  1. Insideman says:

    And even though it took me a few extra days to get this podcast edited doesn’t mean anything. We are still recording a BRAND NEW one this coming weekend. Which, if I am correct, means we will tape on MY BIRTHDAY!

    “You’re not dedicated enough, Ian.”

    “I know. Too bad my Mom’s birthday passed already. I could have REALLY shown my dedication to this new recording schedule by TAPING on HER BIRTHDAY instead.” 8)

  2. NicktheStick says:

    If you guys did end up doing the flashback and combined snippets episodes, in order to be truly Marvel, you guys would have to charge for the podcast and state that (especially for the flashback episodes) it is all new stuff. You would have to have people pay because it was an extra issue/podcast you got in there and you could call those podcast .1 episodes and tell people they were good starting on points. And then after that you guys could release combined episodes for a cheap price. Break it up into four parts and then 2 parts and then one giant onmibus podcast format where you could sit and listen to all of them for umpteen hours. You guys could also have your own spin off shows where you really just sit around and talk about what food you guys are eating that day, so you guys could be more like Bendis and Marvel.

    Joking aside, while I only got into comics about 4 years ago, I have always been a superhero fanatic. My favorites when I was younger were the Marvel characters, likely due to all the animated series that were out there. Only being in the comic industry for such a short time I am sick of almost everything Marvel does as of late. I saw the anniversary issue of X-men #1 at my LCS, but just thought it was a variant for one of the X-books as it was either the last or first of whatever that week. But the fact that it was a reprint is a joke. About a year and a half ago (i think that the time frame is correct) when X-men Forever was released they released a reprint of issues 1-3 in a 4.99-5.99 price tag. That was actually something Marvel did right considering that Forever was supposed to happen right after those 3 issues from the 90s. They were also, reasonable in the price of that reprint. Now they release one issue for almost the same price? Like what the fuck Marvel. Even though there are still some creators I like at Marvel and a couple of books, when Marvel does stuff like this it makes me want to drop the few Marvel books I am already getting. Even though I want to support some of those creators, I feel that if maybe I don’t for a bit Marvel will fire them and maybe DC will hire them, or that they will go over to image and do something on their own.

    It is really unfortunate that Marvel is more focused on its next summer blockbuster than actually creating comics. If they honestly thought that is where all the money is, they should really just let their comics go. Like you guys said about DC almost licencing out to Marvel before, Marvel should do that now with their comics. Let people that care about the industry create them and control them and then Marvel can just focus on its next movie. While I still love the characters and will likely see the majority of their movies, I know that I am almost Marvel free when it comes to comics.

  3. (mguy1977) Matthew Guy says:

    The Marvel BS is that Marvel is going down the tubes. I cut Uncanny on Fraction’s last credited solo writer because it wasn’t $3.99 (or $2.99) worth. As for Spidey, USM was a haven for quality Peter Parker stories & now nothing. As for Amazing I moved to trades only once the opening arc of “Big Time” ended because I wanted the story but still not worthy of the 4 buck hijack. $3.50 titles like Usagi Yojimbo (24 pages for 8 or 9 issues a year) & Criminal miniseries hit the sweet spot of what I think a comic is worth as far as price. I was enjoying Walking Dead monthly but I got tired of the double dip in getting the HCs later. I buy Vertigo books like Sweet Tooth tpbs, American Vampire HCs, Alan Moore Swamp Thing HCs with the money I save. As for “old era” Marvel tpbs I have only three, Uncanny X-Men From The Ashes, Byrne’s She Hulk OGN & Secret Wars (I not 2) before it was recently reprinted again. Otherwise the stuff is recently reprinted of the good stuff, Claremont’s X-Men in the 10 issue Masterwork HCs along with the Bendis & Frank Miller Daredevil HCs that I got as gifts from friends & family (aka I didn’t buy them w/ my own money). I look forward to giving Fatale a chance at Image but I will miss Criminal tale in 2012. As for DC creators jumping ship in the new 52 era, DC needs to continue of the Judge Dredd “I am the Law” attitude of getting the stuff in on time (cough) unless your name Jim Lee (cough). Finally, thanks for the podcast quick return & moms wishes have to come first.(trust me you don’t want to get that doghouse EVER).



    Thanks for the podcast as always Jose & Ian..

    • Insideman says:

      We really seem to be on the same wavelength on many of these issues, Matthew.

      I recently decided to read all of the Fall of Hulk stuff… And even though I’ve read every book Marvel offered for sale (including the Fall of Hulks Prelude trade that had reprints of reprints), I still feel I am missing part of the story… And that is very disconcerting after slogging through a couple of hundred dollars of Hardcovers & Trades.

      I’m still scratching my head over it.

      That all said, I am afraid that my first comment on this thread came off as terribly whiny… Which was NOT my intention. Jose and I really enjoy recording these podcasts… It’s just the editing that I can’t stand… But it’s all gotten a lot better since we knocked down the recording time per podcast. A LOT BETTER.

      So apologies to everyone if I sounded WHINY up there.

  4. Tiger Topher says:

    Solid podcast, guys. I’m definitely looking forward to the next one and I’m hoping it’ll feature your thoughts on Spider-Island. I’ve seen lots of fanboys praising the hell out of that piece of shit online and I can’t help but marvel (no pun intended) at how some people can be so willing to celebrate mediocrity. That entire storyline was tripe and should have been critically panned accordingly.

    • Same here. Admittedly, I actually enjoyed Spider-Island and thought it was the best event story Marvel had put out–especially compared to the god-awful Fear Itself. But it wasn’t a perfect one. The big drawback to it, though (and I believe I mentioned this on another IMJ thread) was that there were quite a few times where the story felt like it was too chaotic and randomly jumped all over the place, particularly towards the middle chapters where it had to have scenes devoted to the various tie-in issues. But in the end, it still managed to come together and tie-up all the loose ends and plot points, plus there were quite a few positive developments that resulted, particularly when it came to Peter’s relationships regarding Mary Jane and Carlie.

      • Tiger Topher says:

        It was nice to see the psychic blind spot and the Peter/Carlie relationship done away with, but I still think the overall event was garbage. The characters and their actions often didn’t ring true, there were too many plot holes and there was just way too much stupidity.

  5. Homer says:

    A very enjoyable podcast, Thanks Jose and Ian and especially taking time out of your busy lives and making this for us. Lately i have been very selective with my comic buying habit thanks to you guys 🙂 although i have given up buying floppies because of the availability and pricing. So i mostly get the tpb’s and HC’s, ohhh and ive recently been buying more and more Mangas. Seems like Marvel employees are living in a police state, that’s pretty sad especially considering how they are working for a huge company like Marvel.

    BTW Ian, i realized that Jose’s voice is recorded louder than yours and your voice can be heard on one speaker and Jose on the other. Great podcast and keep em coming.

    • Insideman says:

      Yes, Homer. We’ve noticed Jose being louder too… But the podcast is run through a program called LEVELATOR, which normally evens most of the sound out.

      I think Jose “eats” his mic– but I spent years as a radio presenter and we tend to look everywhere but DIRECTLY at our mics… So he is always going to sound louder. I also run the recording from here (got my fancy computer ALL hooked up) so I am constantly fiddling with stuff while we are recording.

      I have yet to perfect CHEWING GUM while doing any of this, though… Which is a real disappointment.

      Except for that one time recorded at another location, Jose and I have always come out of separate channels on the podcasts. I remember Jose telling me he preferred it that way. Then the other day, he told me he remembered saying he liked the stereo and asked if we could tape in stereo again. Being NO SOUND SPECIALIST myself, I said “I really don’t think you want me pushing buttons I don’t know anything about right before we start recording… Do you?” He readily agreed as the last thing we wanted to do was NOT RECORD the podcast we were about to sit down and record.

      So I am looking into how that STEREO FLUKE happened before. I don’t remember how I did it but I am sure it is as simple as clicking a button or preference on the computer program. I know I remember that it was NOT as easy to edit when we were both mashed together on the same channels.

      Otherwise, Jose is just as cool as you think he is to have as a friend. Fiercely loyal and extremely supportive… But beware, he prizes his keen memory. Don’t ever try to say he said “THIS” when he thinks he said “THAT”. That’s when a rabid dog appears and just sits their growling, drooling and gnashing his teeth until you agree that you remember it the rabid dog’s way.

      In that sense, I am guessing recording podcasts with Jose is much like what it would be to record podcasts with BRUCE BANNER. 8)

      • Homer says:

        I actually never realized that the sound was separate before, because i usually listen to the podcasts on the computer speakers, and so it doesnt show. This time though i was listening on my headphones and it was clear. I know the feeling of when something works and you dont want to mess with it 🙂 i get the same feeling when i sometimes try to edit a picture slightly and freaking out a little that i might ruin it or lose the file.

        So you worked as a radio presenter?…was it as cool as i think it is?…I actually had the chance to work as a radio presenter once, that was back in Iraq. As much as i loved to have done it, i had to turn it down because the radio station belonged to Saddam’s son Udai and that would have been all kinds of trouble and horror stories.

        I think both you and Jose are pretty cool to have as friends, and those are usually qualities one looks for in a friend. I would bet that recording with Bruce Banner is a lot more comforting than recording with THE HULK 😀

  6. sai011 says:

    10 days, arilght now I just got to play the waiting game. As a IMJ Regular its always a joy listen to comicbook podcasts. It would be interseting if you Ian and Jose include some us on your podcast since you guys have it more regular.

  7. Allfather says:

    Another great podcast, guys – I really, really like the new format of them being shorter so they can come out much more frequently (I just hate it when it ends!).

    Looking forward to the Director’s Cut and Script Book of the podcasts too. Just keep them under $10 please.

  8. Skinner Sweet says:

    Any chance you guys can change the audio so it’s not split? Other than that glad to see a regular schedule of podcast coming up.

  9. TheMSpot says:

    Finally been able to sit down and listen to the podcast.

    For me, $3.99 is pushing it for an ongoing even if it’s a independent creator, but if it’s a mini like Joe Hill’s The Cape from IDW I don’t have much of a problem. I remember Mark Waid was asked about why the $3.99 price point on Boom books explaining that it’s to cover the cost of the lower print runs for a small publisher, etc. Then what the fuck is Image?!?!? Image is no where near putting out the amount of product Marvel or DC does but still remains to keep the majority of there books down to $2.99. Speaking of Image, I would love to see these Marvel exclusives just jump ship and do their own thing because I don’t think bringing characters back from the dead, rebooting a character’s title for the third or fourth time, or retelling a story line from 20 or 30 years ago is interesting for anyone on any level. I understand why they stay its a steady paycheck and you get to tell stories about one of your favorite characters. If your lucky! I honestly don’t think this is what Dan Slott had in mind when he took over Spider-Man having to write a story Mackie an Byrne did like 10 years ago. Back to Image and pricing issues, the only misstep to me is the pricing the Walking Dead Weekly reprints. Why are not at the most a dollar? Anyway, IDW and Boom, and Dynamite even though I dislike them (they know why) could benefit from a price reduction in this down economy.

    Marvel Has Nothing! They have nothing going on right now that can compete with DC. Bringing back the Defenders and Bucky is not going to break that wall of New DC has right now.

    Oh, and comic books have been produced on a monthly bases for (I don’t know) something like 80 years give or take a decade. If you have a problem with that, on what planet did you live on or what rock have you been living under that you weren’t made aware of this information before joining this industry and don’t get it wrong this is a industry you are producing something for economic benefit. If you were doing if for the art you wouldn’t be doing if for a company who’s mascot is a giant rat. Up, now I’m starting to ramble maybe this will whine up in a future post or maybe not. Who knows?

  10. liquid revolver says:

    Dose it seem like that what happening to Marvel is the same what happen to another company that gut eat up by another big company ie WCW (they were once on top too).

    There’er a lot of similarity between went on back then in wcw, is happening at marvel.

  11. Adam727 says:

    Will you upload this latest podcast to youtube? It’s really good. Good job, guys!

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