IMJ NATION™ Podcast Season 2 Episode #3 ALL NEW!

“The one where BOTH Jose and Ian realize we have nothing to fear but FEAR ITSELF.”



It’s EPIC, it’s INSPIRING and it is NO HOLDS BARRED  as Ian “Insideman” MacMillan and Jose Melendez look at Marvel Comics latest cross-over extravaganza– the extremely craptastic

But that’s not all! Ian’s got a MAJOR BONE to pick top everyone’s horror fave

Plus Ian calls out the INDEPENDENT COMICS that should NOT be charging $3.99, more MARVEL BULLSHIT, NEWS and Jose’s IRATE OPINIONS!

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25 Responses to IMJ NATION™ Podcast Season 2 Episode #3 ALL NEW!

  1. No good Dynamite comics? Haven’t you guys read Elliott Serrano’s Army of Darkness comics? Or have you forgotten about him? 🙂

    No, you are NOT alone with what you brought up with the Walking Dead, Ian. I was wondering the same thing. Maybe they couldn’t have room for them? Idk, but I’d grab that water ASAP if I was in their shoes. Is it just me or do you guys think that the actress who portrays Andrea have pretty eyes? Just something random I picked up on.

    I will 100% agree with you Jose. Fear Itself is my least favorite Marvel event, my least favorite thing Matt Fraction comic, and my least favorite comic event. I thought the first issue started out okay, but then by issue 2 till the end it got really boring, decompressed and terrible. Stuart Immonen’s art was beautiful. That’s the ONLY good thing about Fear Itself. I also walked in with a fresh mind and I got fucked in the ass instead by awful and embarrising comics. I actually bought the first issue the day it came out, but then I bought the rest of the series in bargain bins (couldn’t pass up a chance to gaze at Immonen’s art). I almost had a seizure after paying a dollar each for an issue of Fear Itself. Isn’t Odin an all powerful god? What’s to stop him from taking a little time out of his 3 millenia looking for the hammers to prevent the whole thing from happening? Oh, I liked the lettering as well.

    Wait, Fraction actually had bits of his good writing in Fear Itself? I didn’t really see it, but then again I was probably half-asleep since the comic was so boring and dumb. I told my dad that Fear Itself is so decompressed that the mini-series shouldn’t even exist and that the event should have taken place in the regular monthlies. You guys nailed it on the head. The recent crossovers are just set-ups for other titles.

    Didn’t Acts of Vengeance (which I haven’t read yet, but really want to) take place in just the main monthlies? They should’ve done that with Fear Itself. Okay so I’m looking at the 2nd page of Fear Itself (the character thing). Who the hell are Hermod and Splitlip? I have no memory of them in the Fear Itself mini… That Spider-Man scene in #5 was so damn stupid and uncharacteristic. That’s when I lost hope in Fraction, Marvel, and this awful event. Yeah, those “shocking” events were so horribly written and BORING and FLAT that I couldn’t believe that Matt Fraction could sink so low. I guess he couldn’t be bothered to spend the extra minute to make those scenes and the story slightly better.

    Meh. I miss the days when I could be excited about comics Marvel published. Now I don’t even care. Good podcast guys! It’s nice to have it back on track. Hope you enjoy my ramblings. I wrote this comment as I listened, so forgive me if they seem disjointed. Can’t wait for the next podcast and to hear what you guys have to say about Spider-Island!

  2. Nice Job guys on the newest Podcast.

    Not a big fan of $3.99 independent books but Image holds there own with $2.99 or $3.50, I can handle that. Besides the floppies, expensive trades from IDW suck as well, I want Locke & Key to have trades that are $14.99, but you have to wait a long time to get the soft cover and the hardcovers are $25.00. Also, I think it’s absolutely crazy that IDW or Dynamite doesn’t try more Creator Owned on-going series, I know Dynamite lets Ennis do some things, but that about the extent of what they produce. I would think with all the success with books from Image and Vertigo that they would do more of that.

    Fear Itself is one of the few mini series I started to pick up but couldn’t finish, I’m glad to hear it didn’t end well.

    I really like the new setup for the shorter Podcast, and can’t wait for the next one. I did some homework for it, I went to my local Downtown Library, went to the Young Adults section, got the whole spider Island mini, and read it, let me tell you it was far worse than I remember trigonometry homework being.

    • Insideman says:

      Tom, Locke & Key hardcovers go on sale lots.

      Books A Million currently have them at 48% to 35% Off. Tales of Wonder often blows them out and Amazon also has them at 48% to 37% off.

      The Spider Island podcast will be a doozy and then Jose and I are taping our first ever Holiday Geek Gift Guide!

  3. Tiger Topher says:

    Good podcast, gentlemen. It was great from start to finish, but I especially enjoyed what you had to say about Cap’s shield and death in the Marvel universe. You guys really nailed it. Marvel’s “oh shit” moments no longer have any power whatsoever because Marvel has shown us time and time again that everything, from deaths to marriages, can be undone in the blink of an eye. There are no lasting repercussions to anything, so everything that happens in Marvel’s books is meaningless.

  4. (mguy1977) Matthew Guy says:

    Good job Ian & Jose. Sorry Ian you read such shitty comics on your birthday. Since I have a history of seizures but I have meds that largely control them I will not even tempt fate by reading Fear Itself out of curiosity. As for indie comics some books are worth $3.99 it has to be a dang good comic. I get Locke & Key in HC, Mouseguard in HC, etc.. to get a large chunk of the story. I just can’t see myself buying a Marvel comic on a regular basis at such a high cost unless it was Criminal. Diamond plays the cop AND the mafia saying this can happen for the big 5 — DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image & IDW but if a back half of the previews as a low selling title they cut you off at the knees telling you can’t finish your story the way the creators intended. [SPOILER ALERT!] As for the Walking Dead tv series at least Sophia is found in last night’s episode & w/ zombies out the wazoo. As for the water situation that was mentioned, it would tick me off put the bottles in Dale’s Van. But w/ a 60 minutes (or 90 in some cases) episodes have a lot of stuff to do. I will have to listen to episode 4 once I have read the Spider Island HC in January. Because the leaves on my money tree have to be used to pay for the increases in heating & Christmas gifts this winter. If you do talk about other stuff besides Spider Island I will listen to that portion of the episode ASAP.
    Thanks again guys!


  5. All I will add to The Walking Dead comments is that last night’s episode was AWESOME!

  6. generaldark says:

    i seriously felt sad when i heard Ian read fear itself on his birthday. Im so sorry man.

  7. jocrlujr says:

    Fear Itself just furthers my personal belief that Marvel secretly murdered Matt Fraction, and replaced him with a talentless drone. I just can’t believe the guy who gave us Casanova and The Five Fists of Science could take a nosedive so quickly.

  8. Locusmortis says:

    I think Ian is on to something about the thinness of Previews these days. I had an old issue of Previews propping up a table with a wonky leg in the spare room so I took it out to have a look through it to compare it against the latest issues I have.

    The raw page counts are

    Feb 2007 – 512 pages
    Oct 2011 – 442 pages
    Nov 2011 – 417 pages

    The front part of the book, the featured partners, comprised Dark Horse, DC, Image and Wizard back in 2007, in 2011 Wizard had disappeared and IDW had become a featured partner

    Feb 2007 – 206
    Oct 2011 – 213
    Nov 2011 – 210

    The “Comics and Graphic Novels” section which is Previews equivalent to steerage on an old ocean liner comprises all the rest of the mid-level, small press and self publishers.

    Feb 2007 – 152
    Oct 2011 – 124
    Nov 2011 – 104

    Books and Magazines used to be seperate sections in 2007 but were combined in the 2011 magazines.

    Feb 2007 – 23
    Oct 2011 – 19
    Nov 2011 – 11

    So from that informal look it seems that while the bigger publishers have put out a relatively steady output, the smaller publishers have fallen quite drastically. Books and magazines have fallen as well and disgracefully the International section has disappeared altogether. The only japanese magazines that you can get from Diamond. There are very few european books also, whether original or translated, customers are being denied even the chance of getting a wider perspective on the comics world.

    • Insideman says:

      Thanks for the GREAT PERSPECTIVE, Locusmortis! (And all the research!)

      It was a gut feeling I had. The combo of the continued poor economy and Diamond dropping the smaller publishers with alarming frequency has caused both the number of offerings– and the ads for all offerings– to be greatly diminished. I also agree the lack of foreign (to the US) product is appalling as well.

      All of this TRULY, TRULY sucks. But that’s what a monopoly gets you: Limited choice. (Plus a lot of other bad shit.)

      • Locusmortis says:

        I’m sure that there are some differences due to the times of the year…but not much, April is still a pretty quiet month before shops start building up towards the summer. Plus I can recall the Previews catalog being over 600 pages a few years ago.

        The economy without doubt has had a lot to do with it but the monopoly situation means that the ball is completely in Diamonds court and they have complete power over who gets distributed and who dosen’t, Diamond dropped Cinebooks despite the publisher growing its sales year on year.

        Whats worse now is that the only alternative (and it was a small alternative) was Haven distributors and they closed their doors this year.

        I meant to say as well that now the only Japanese magazines available through previews are Hobby Japan, Megami and Newtype, pretty pathetic really.

        Just on a quick scan through the steerage section of the 2007 catalog I notced Tokyopop who are now gone (and won’t be missed imo) and a publisher I miss personally, Sireius who published Dogwitch by Daniel Schaffer and Poison Elves by the late Drew Hayes.

  9. liquid revolver says:

    Is it me or did the end of fear itself have the same end as blackest night, with the hole new guardians with superheroes getting “power rings” or as in fear itself “tron suits”. Seem to me that ever time DC comics dose something in there event comics, marvel dose it six months later.

  10. NicktheStick says:

    From this podcast, I am glad I decided to save the money and not spend it on what appears to be the craptastic event that is Fear Itself. I had no desire in reading it, and still have no desire to read it.

    When I found out Fraction was writing it I lost all faith in this event. While I was getting tired of the whole event process and was boycotting to not support events, Fraction was definitely a contributing factor. I read the majority of Fractions Uncanny X-men run, and it was one of the worst things I have read. At the time I was reading both Uncanny and Legacy, and there was a huge gap in the quality. Then I decided to give Thor a try when Fraction came on board. I had heard good things about his Invincible Iron Man, and thought that he potentially good handle Thor. Those were probably the most compressed, and worthless stories that I have ever read. I don’t think I even finished the first arc as the decompression and story telling, and dialogue was just horrible. And while this may or may not be contributed to Fraction (as I don’t know how much detail he went into on how the thought the layouts should go in his script) the layouts in the book definitely lead, or was the cause of the decompression. Giant panels that did not need to be there. This brings editorial into the mix.

    As it has been mentioned to the nth degree, editorial, especially from Marvel and the publishing practices for writing for the trade is a major detriment to me enjoying Marvel comics. I don’t understand how editorial and publishing can think this is the best way to run a company and tell good stories. While I know this generates them more of a profit, as more people are trade waiting, it really hinders the enjoyment of the regular readers that keep the industry going.

    That is all I have for my “Marvel Bullshit”

    As for indies charging more, I really don’t have too many issues, as most of the indies I buy are either $2.99 or $3.50. Charging the extra 50 cents for some of their books seems understandable as the print runs will be low. But I see where you get you “beef” Ian as some of the more well know identities that IDW has are selling strictly on their name alone and it is debatable on its price.

    Besides that guys, once again great podcast and can’t wait to hear about the horribleness that will be Spider Island in the next podcast.

  11. VictimPrime says:

    Great podcast, it good to get back into he groove of things again.

    It’s funny Ian, a lot of people where I work watch the show, but the only thing they ever seem to talk about is the ‘zombie’ moment of the week, like the zombie in the well. So I guess the zombie moment of the week is a winning formula for now.

    As for Fear Itself, well, I didn’t read much of it, only the parts that pertained to Thunderbolts,and as much as I love Jeff Parker’s writing, I found the way the Juggernaut was shoehorned into one the Hammer dude’s to be clunky and forced at best. You can really tell Parker was being forced out of his groove to accommodate this new event, and it showed quite a bit in his writing on Thunderbolts.

  12. Homer says:

    Great Podcast guys!!!
    was really looking forward to this one, and Ian i feel awful that you had to read through those comics on your Birthday. I’d hate for anyone to go through that!!! 🙂
    Thanks for the shout-out at the end of the podcast btw, really made my day 😉

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