Insideman’s Pull List™ Hardcover, Graphic Novel & Manga Picks for 11.30.11

HERE’S A NEW ONE. (At least for me.)

I’m experiencing a new phenomena. Sometimes when I write opinions– or opinionated columns about certain publishers or creators– the subjects of said articles suddenly start following me (or the IMJTruthsayers account) on Twitter. I’ve mentioned this happening a couple of times to Jose. He usually laughs at me when I tell him.

I understand why he laughs. He always gets me laughing about it too. It’s not like anybody can do anything because someone has a legitimate opinion or criticism of their work. I’m not doing a single thing wrong and neither is Jose (or any other IMJ columnist). The best defense against an accusation such as slander is the TRUTH… And we take great pains to make certain all our opinions and conjecture are labeled as such. Nobody reading IMJ need ever guess which statements are opinions or facts here. We NEVER attempt to increase site hits by camouflaging innuendo or conjecture as facts.

So now I’d like YOUR opinions. Why are these people/companies suddenly interested in my every thought? I don’t “beat up” people when they’re down… Nor do I ever attempt to repeatedly grind salt into fresh (or old) wounds. Once I mention some thing or someone who upsets me, I am just as likely to move on than ever mention the same subject or person again.

So why the sudden interest from these people? Are they worried I might expose some more of their bullshit antics– or is it simply an act of intimidation on their part… An attempt to make me feel self-conscious enough to second guess my opinions– and whether I should publicize them? Remember, nothing else has been said by these individuals to me– or anyone else at IMJ. No emails sent by the supposedly aggrieved parties trying to clarify/defend their positions or reasonings. Nothing.

Just them following me on Twitter or trying to “friend” me on Facebook.

So what’s going on here?

Rest assured that NONE of this is going to change the way we work here in any way. In fact, it may make use more curious about certain individuals… Making us look even harder at them. I’m just wondering if the IMJ Nation™ is thinking the same way Jose and I are on this subject.

Written by: Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by: Jordi Bernet, Eduardo Risso, Nelson, Fiona Staples

Okay, I admit it. I am anything, if not consistent. I love what I love and I hate what I hate. And I love Jonah Hex comics written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti… Especially when I realized early on that they ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to write decompressed stories to fit neatly into a trade. Hell, if anything– some of their tales have been way too short for my taste… I would have loved to have read/seen more. (One of the reasons I am also loving the current extended Hex storyline in Gray & Palmiotti’s NEW DC 52 comic All Star Western– also set in Gotham City no less!)

Let’s be blunt: It is a true testament to ALL the TALENT involved here that this WESTERN COMIC still exists in ANY form at a major comic book company. The Hex movie was tragically bad and deservedly bombed… Yet the comic survived the debacle and is seemingly thriving. GOOD on YOU, Jimmy & Justin! Keep up the great work! And please, Junkies– if you haven’t picked up these comics or trades by now… I seriously don’t know what to do with you. 🙂 You gotta try at least one– hopefully sooner rather than later.

And just for the hell of it… Since I know that Jimmy and Justin sometimes pop in and look at IMJ… Guys, please send the Powers That Be at DC links to all our glowing reviews and ask them for DELUXE HEX HARDCOVERS or a damn HEX OMNIBUS… Please?

Absolute Batman Hush HC New Printing
Angel The End HC – This Week’s POS*!
Astonishing X-Men Monstrous HC
BPRD Being Human
Captain America Man Out of Time – Own the Hardcover
Cisco Kid Jose Luis Salinas & Rod Reed
Complete Invincible Library Vol 3 HC – Own the Original Trades
Complete Invincible Library Vol 3 Limited S/N Edition
DC Comics Presents Batman Don’t Blink #2
DC Comics Presents Superman Secret Identity #2
Deadpool Corps Vol 2 You Say Revolution – Own the Hardcover
Deadpool Max Involuntary Armageddon HC
Definitive Flash Gordon & Jungle Jim Vol 1 HC
Defoe Queen of the Zombies – 2000 AD goodness
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Vol 6 Cabin Fever HC
Doc Bizarre MD HC
Doctor Who Dave Gibbons Collection HC – RUNNER UP Pick of the Week!
Donald Duck & Friends Feathers of Fury
Dynamite Art of Alex Ross HC – I think Ross’ Dynamite art looks mostly rushed
Essential Spider-Man Vol 5 New Edition
Gumby Spring Specials Collection
Halo Fall of Reach Covenant Premiere HC
Jonah Hex Bury Me in Hell – HOT PICK of the WEEK!
Justice League Of America 100 Project
Kevin Smith Kato Vol 2 Living In America
Mighty Samson Archives Vol 4 HC
Morning Glories Vol 1 HC – Almost bought it, then it was PULLED
Official Handbook of Marvel Universe A To Z Vol 2
Old School
Rasl Vol 3
Red Sonja Revenge of the Gods
Rust Vol 1 HC
Salvatore GB Vol 2 An Eventful Crossing
Spider-Man Marvel Team Up By Claremont And Byrne
Street Fighter IV Official Companion Works SC
Stuff of Legend Vol 2 The Jungle – Decided NOT to come back for Vol 2
Supreme Power Gods and Soldiers
The Lone Ranger Vol 4 Resolve
Thor by Kieron Gillen Ultimate Collection
Thunder Agents Vol 1 – Why did I buy this? Do I hate my singles THAT much?
Tintin & Snowy Big Activity Book
Uncle Scrooge Around the World in 80 Bucks
Vampires HC
Vertigo Resurrected Sgt Rock Hell Hard Place #1 – Own the original Trade
Walking Dead Omnibus Vol 1 HC New Printing – I’ve owned this in, like, 3 versions already
Warriors Movie Adaptation – Watch the friggin’ movie!
Wonder Woman Chronicles Vol 2 – Took long enough!
Wordgirl Vol 1 Coalition of Malice
X-9 Secret Agent Corrigan Vol 3 HC

MPD Psycho Vol 10 – MANGA Pick of the Week!
Negima Vol 32
Ninjago Vol 1 Challenge of Samukai
Wallflower Vol 27

Writers: Pat Mills, Steve Moore, Steve Parkhouse, John Wagner
Artist: Dave Gibbons

Call them old-fashioned. Call them quaint. But if you do, you also risk overlooking some FANTASTIC Doctor Who stories. I shouldn’t have to spend one inch of website real estate telling you how great an artist Dave (Watchmen) Gibbons is– so I won’t. However, it IS cool to learn that Dave has always been a damn great artist– even in his early days. These Who tales– written by 2000 AD regulars like Pat Mills and John Wagner— are tons of fun to read too.

Sorry Pervs/Fans of the Mark Millar, Brian Michael Bendis-esque shit that passes as comic book fodder these days: There’s no rape, tits, farting, dick jokes or chinese food eating here. As befitting the cool subject matter, we get nothing but good, solid SF/Adventure stories that any fan of Doctor Who (and of any iteration of the Doctor) will enjoy. The tone is amazingly consistent throughout the offerings, even though the writers often alternate on every story.

How much do I like these comics? I bought the original IDW reprints when they were presented as black & white trades. (Currently at Volume 7 and counting… Not all drawn by Dave Gibbons, of course.) I remember one trade had one story colored using modern-day techniques and I thought, “Gee, Dave’s style is so clean, this new coloring makes the stories look brand new. I wish IDW would do this with all of them.”

And now they have– at least with Gibbons’ Who work. Now, of course, I’m also thinking, “Gee, I wish IDW had let us know they were going to do publish this color edition when they first released the black & white trades… I would have just waited for the Gibbons color collection and saved myself about $50 dollars!”

Of course, IDW may not have known they were going to do this when they started publishing the Doctor Who reprints. If that’s the case, no harm or foul. I am just happy to get this collection– even if it does mark the second time I have purchased the material in less than three years.

Writers: Peter David, Mariah Huehner, Brian Lynch, Jeff Mariotte, Daniel Roth, Chris Ryall, Patrick Shand, Scott Tipton, David Tischman, Bill Williams, Bill Willingham
Artists: Elena Casagrande, Brian Denham, David Messina, Stephen Mooney, Franco Urru

Again, I am a creature of habit. I am so sick of what IDW did to Angel (& Company)– and the crap they offered for sale to the rabid fans (who avidly purchased much of this shit)… That I am almost starting to get upset with Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt for not publicly stating how disappointed they are with how IDW interpreted their creations.

I understand that– business being business– it’s not prudent or maybe even smart for Whedon and/or Greenwalt to openly and directly diss the recent Angel publisher. Still, I am so used to Joss being straight-forward, I’m disappointed that he hasn’t said anything… Even some little pithy, prickly thing about these horrifying (and not in a good way) Angel comics.

I am guessing that Whedon & Greenwalt probably figure the unceremonious way they declined to renew IDW’s Angel publishing license should be statement enough.

And you know what? It probably is.

But if somehow I haven’t already made myself clear on how I feel about IDW’s Angel comic books– and there insanely overpriced collections– then let me type this: Stay away from them… ALL of them. In fact, if you experience even the slightest tingle or pang to buy and try one of these books, then bite yourself somewhere– HARD– until the impulse passes. You would much rather endure the complications from a human bite wound (which can be many and painful) than read this horseshit.

Oh man, I’m going to get followed by more people on Twitter tomorrow, aren’t I? 8)

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11 Responses to Insideman’s Pull List™ Hardcover, Graphic Novel & Manga Picks for 11.30.11

  1. Locusmortis says:

    Why are they friending you on facebook and following you on twitter? I’m sure you know already that they are gathering information. One of the reasons I don’t give out my real name on the internet is I’ve been through that shit before. Do your best to block them etc, if they try any serious shit get the cops involved.

    Jonah Hex was one of the best runs on a comic of recent years. I didn’t know that Defoe was released in the states, its some of Pat Mills most deranged stories and the art by Leigh Gallagher is brilliant too.

  2. ed2962 says:

    I would have guessed they were friending you just to have stuff to gossip about. You know, “Hey, did you read what Insideman said about you? Yadda, yadda, yadda…” “He did? Blah, blah, blah…” I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

    • Insideman says:

      Thanks for your concern, Ed. To be clear, I’m not worried. As I wrote above, we’re doing nothing wrong by publishing our opinions. Just wondering what you and others thought… As I see, at least some of it, as being really sad, pitiful attempts to intimidate me.

  3. Homer says:

    I think it would be great if they would release a Hardcover collection of Jonah Hex, just like the Starman Omnibus. The series had a very decent run with some tie-in books, that they truly deserve that treatment. I don’t know why DC’s policy for publishing collected editions does not seem to be good, especially with older series comics or storylines.

    • Insideman says:

      DC’s reprint policy is really sad and in need of a major overhaul. They are losing so much money by not ALSO catering to the customers who prefer trade collections.

      • Blanchard says:

        I’ve actually wanted to read Johan Hex on several occasions but a number of the early trades are out-of-print and have been for some time now. I know this sounds silly but even if a series is mostly done-in-ones, I like to read the entire run. If the series ever gets collected in deluxe or omnibus format, I will definitely pick it.

  4. Allfather says:

    Yes, absolutely. I now have to buy Gray & Palmiotti Hex trades. I am enjoying the hell out of All Star Western and I’m not really into Westerns that much – but a well done story is a well done story and I’m sold.

    • Insideman says:

      Allfather, the Hex Trades show a much different side of Jonah Hex than the Gotham City based tale in All Star Western. They are Jonah Hex through and through… And he’s cantankerous enough to fill ANY landscape, believe me.

  5. hackslash2020 says:

    If i was working at Marvel and DC I also like to keep an eye on you guys.
    Everyone knows that being friends with IMJ is like getting the approval of the fans that really know whats up in the comic book industry…its a win-win..or…I am pretty sure you can handle them anyway

  6. After reading All-Star Western#1 I told myself that I had to finally check out the Jonah Hex series and I am SOOOOO happy that I did. I love that they are done-in-one stories and that they are gritty, but not crossing the line by being gratuitous (at least in the ones I’ve read so far).

    All-Star Western is my 2nd favorite New 52 comic (Batman being 1st). What I like about the New 52 is that two of DC’s monthlies that I buy now, I wasn’t even planning on getting and they are some of my favorite comics right now. The two I’m speaking of are All-Star Western and Justice League Dark.

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