RATE THE COVERS!™ 40 of the BEST & WORST Comic Book Covers for 12.7.11!

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10 Responses to RATE THE COVERS!™ 40 of the BEST & WORST Comic Book Covers for 12.7.11!

  1. NicktheStick says:

    I have found that the last few weeks of covers has been very bland. Not that the covers are horrible, but most of them are just basic and aren’t to intriguing. I still find that to be true this week. With that being said, there are a couple of covers that stand out above the rest for me, but nothing that is really that great.

    Deadpool xmas special (Just because it is a bit different than what I have seen in the last few weeks)
    Amazing Spider-man (while a pretty standard cover and nothing that special is going on, whoever did colours for this cover deserves some major props as it is what makes the cover pretty cool)
    X-Factor (My favourite of the week – If you have been reading the story, then this cover will make you wonder what is going to happen next, which is something most covers aren’t really doing right now)

    • Insideman says:

      I agree the covers have been bland. The second month of DC’s New 52 were especially disappointing. As we have lamented several times, covers are just nowhere near as cool and fun as they used to be.

  2. M. Fewko says:

    I think the Huntress cover looks neat.

  3. hackslash2020 says:

    Whats up with Cassie Hack;s boobs..one is really big!
    Moon Knight, The Moon and I am looking at his ass like he’s mooning.
    Animal Man looks pretty disgusting..but it works really well here.
    I love the Sweet Tooth cover

  4. My favorite covers:

    – Avenging Spider-Man#2 (you should know my reasons for liking this cover by now)
    – Chew#22
    – Stormwatch#4
    – Huntress#3
    – Villains for Hire#1 (although I can’t tell who half of them are… the ones I know are Shocker, Scourge, and Purple Man)

    The majority of them are meh with a few awful ones (like Finch and Liefeld’s covers)

  5. Stamps says:

    Men of War and Chew are really the only ones that really stand out as great covers to me. The Omac cover is the worst in my humble opinion.

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