Insideman’s Pull List™ Hardcover, Graphic Novel & Manga Picks for 12.7.11

An Indifferent Pink Snowman ☃™ to the following:

After outing my “revenge” followers on Twitter in last week’s post, TWO of them quit following me. Too late, assholes. You’re on the “list”. “What list would that be?” you ask? “Why, that would be the ASSHOLE LIST,” I would reply.

A BIG RED HEART ❤ to this news:

IDW’s Doctor Who Dave Gibbons Collection HC arrived and it was bigger and more lavish than I ever imagined it would be. What an EXCELLENT presentation. Some have thought I’ve been hard on IDW as of late (with my questioning their $3.99 cover price for singles and their seeming relentless insistence to ruin everything that ever made Joss Whedon’s Angel TV Series cool) but the fact is– IDW makes a lot of great collections. Their design team is one of the best in the business. And remember– when you find yourself shaking your head at what an asshole I am– I picked both this Doctor Who Hardcover and the Darwyn Cooke’s Parker: The Martini Edition as Hot Pick Must Haves in just the last two weeks… And they are both IDW books.

John Layman / Rob Guillory

What can I really say here? Without the TIRELESS tub-thumping of Mr. Jose Melendez, I would probably not even know that Chew existed. I also know this fact goes for THOUSANDS of you. The really NEAT thing? I believe Layman & Guillory have got to know this too.

Both craftsmen definitely continue to bring the goods in this second OVERSIZE DELUXE EDITION… And you know what makes it all so cool? They never– EVERplay it safe. Makes you wish that the creators hadn’t already designated a definitive end point for the series… But hey– nothing truly great lasts forever… And like all great things: Be sure to enjoy it while you have it. (And be happy that deluxe editions like this will be around for future fans to discover and savor.)

500 Portraits HC
Angel After the Fall Vol 4 – Soft or Hard(cover)… Still a POS!
Archie Cyber Adventures – Sounds pervy
Art of Herge Inventor of Tintin Vol 3 HC
Art of Spider-Man Classic HC – Ask me how I bought this $50 HC f0r $20! I did!
Avengers West Coast Avengers HC Sins Past
Bad Doings Big Ideas A Bill Willingham Deluxe HC
Batman No Man’s Land Vol 1 (New Edition) – Owned the Original Trade! Worth it!
Blood, Shells & Roses
Boondock Saints Vol 1
Brightest Day Vol 1 – Own the Hardcover (ACK!)
Captain America Corps
Captain Canuck Complete Edition – Even as a curiosity… Nothing special
Chew Omnivore Edition Vol 2 HC – HOT PICK of the WEEK!
Comics on Trial Vol 1
Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks
Criminal Vol 6 Last of Innocent
Deadpool Premiere Vol 9 Institutionalized HC
Elric The Balance Lost Vol 1
Essential Fantastic Four Vol 2 (New Print)
Eyes of the Cat Deluxe HC
Fly Vol 1 – Dying to see what all those DOGGYSTYLE covers were about! 😉
GI Joe Cobra Ongoing Vol 1 Cobra Civil War
Girls Complete Collection – Own Original Trades. Worth it!
Goon Vol 2 (New Print) – Own Original Trade
Grimm Fairy Tales Vol 1 (Price Cut Edition) – Owned Original Trade. NOT worth it!
Grimm Fairy Tales Dream Eater Saga Vol 1
I Thought You Would be Funnier HC – Own Original Trade. Only mildly funny.
I’ll Give It My All Tomorrow Vol 4
Jack Kirbys Fourth World Omnibus Vol 1
Johnny Hazard Dailies Vol 1 1944-1946 HC
Marvel Comics in the 1970s
Mickey and the Gang Classic Stories In Verse
Phantom Complete Series Vol 1 Gold Key Years HC
New Mutants Unfinished Business HC
Sandman Vol 7 Brief Lives (New Edition) – Owned the Original Trade. [Yawn!]
Shaman’s Tears
Shield Nick Fury vs Shield HC
Spider-Man Through the Decades
Stan Lee Starborn Vol 2
Star Trek TGN Classics Gorn Crisis
Superboy Smallville Attacks
Superman Grounded Vol 2 HC – This Week’s POS*!
Superman Secret Origin
The Spider: Iron Man War
Walking Dead Novel (Slipcase Edition) – Jesus! Is this overpriced or what?!
Watchmen the Absolute Edition HC (New Print)
X-Men Days Of Future Past (New Print)
X-Men With Great Power
X-Statix Omnibus HC

At Full Moon Vol 1
Bakuman Vol 8 – RUNNER UP Pick of the Week!
Bamboo Blade Vol 11
Bleach Vol 37
Blue Exorcist Vol 5
D Gray Man Illustrations SC
Dawn of the Arcana Vol 1
Deltora Quest Vol 3
Ghost in Shell Stand Alone Complex Vol 2
Grand Guignol Orchestra Vol 5
Higurashi When They Cry Vol 16 Atonement Arc Part 2
Kamisama Kiss Vol 6
Kobato Vol 5
Maximum Ride Vol 5
My Girlfriend’s A Geek Vol 5
Naruto Vol 53
Natsume’s Book of Friends Vol 10
Nura Rose of the Yokai Clan Vol 6
One Piece Vol 59
Ouran High School Host Club Vol 17
Sakura Hime Legend of Princess Sakura Vol 5
Shigenori Soejima Artworks SC
Shugo Chara Chan Vol 1
Slam Dunk Vol 19
Spice and Wolf Vol 5 – I am going to start buying this series!
Tezuka’s Black Jack Vol 17
Toriko Vol 7

Tsugumi Ohba / Takeshi Obata

Another book that Jose Melendez promoted before it ever hit these shores. (Come to think of it… Why isn’t Jose just fucking writing my column this week?) We love this manga. We’ve already promoted it on a podcast earlier this year. I’m back for more praise. The story just keeps getting better.

J. Michael Straczynski, Chris Roberson, Eddy Barrows, Allan Goldman, JP Mayer and others

I would hate to go all Steve Wackery or Mark Waidery on JMS here… But let’s face it: This book sucks. The concept is creaky and smarmy… The execution maudlin and self-serving… And, oh yeah… J. Michael just QUIT writing the book in midstream… After making such a HUGE DEAL about how honored he was to be writing one of DC’s flagship characters.

Nothing that pinch-hitting (and usually very good) writer Chris Roberson could do here. JMS handed him a big shit sandwich. Roberson attempts to add some tomato and lettuce but this book still smells… And leaves a hearty shit aftertaste in your mouth. Is it the worst POS* in Inveterate Media Junkies short history? Hell no! But, in the end shit is still shit.

One last thing. The book’s cover. The entire point of the story is that Superman has decided to walk across America. Walk. So why is he FLYING on the cover? Did he quit his quest just like JMS?

Just sayin’. 8)

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5 Responses to Insideman’s Pull List™ Hardcover, Graphic Novel & Manga Picks for 12.7.11

  1. M. Fewko says:

    A great list Ian!

  2. Locusmortis says:

    On that Superman Grounded cover, is Supes flying or is he in the land of the little people?

  3. PILKK90 says:

    great choise in picking up spice and wolf, great anime and i too have just started getting the manga

  4. (mguy1977) Matthew Guy says:

    Was Superman Grounded a POS yes it was & that is coming from a Superman fan. Roberson did the best he could & his work on Fables Cinderella miniseries is great. Also G. Willow Wilson did 2 different issue interludes that were collected previously that didn’t help w/ the story overall. So in total JMS left about a 40% made shit sandwich with Roberson making finish the sandwich w/ lettuce & tomato w/ a half eaten potato chips (G. Willow Wilson) & watered down coke.


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