STREAMING WITH STAMPS™ – Zombies, Centurions & Portlandians! Oh My!

As the world turned a corner and celebrated a fresh New Year, old fights between traditional media providers and streaming companies intensified. In case you didn’t know, there is a not-so-covert war being waged against the world’s new “Red Menace”– Netflix. Amazing how a “strategic partnership” can devolve into a war of wills in only a few months, huh?

Welcome to the new Internet Frontier vs the Wacky World of Hollywood.

The basic premise for this battle is simple: With Netflix (and their rival streaming companies) cutting into the public buying their movies, Warner Bros. has decided to impose a 56 day delay on giving Netflix any new DVDs for rental. Wow, WB… What a comeback! Which one of your (obviously) overpaid execs decided the best thing you could do for the future of your company was to make it harder for people to see your products? Excellent move!

Consumers who still have Netflix’s DVD Plan now have yet another reason to drop their DVD/Streaming combo subs and go all streaming.

Warners is sorely mistaken if they think this asinine decision will somehow drive people away from Netflix and back into their arms– buying DVDs and Blu Rays– instead of simply waiting to watch them on Netflix. What the WB also doesn’t seem to understand is that a good chunk of people don’t want to stop buying DVDs– they just can’t afford to. Times are tough. Maybe it’s just me, but if I’m going to be forced to cut down on my media consumption over having to eat less… I’m picking not purchasing DVDs.

Pulling this move, instead of learning to move forward with the future of media consumption, is a good way to lose your shirt.

So yeah, Warner Bros… I guess you really showed Netflix, didn’t you?

Now let’s get to some Movies and TV Shows.


Have you ever wondered if that chicken you’re eating had a pleasant life? What was its’ favorite color; its’ name; favorite Starbucks order? If so, then you probably belong in the magical 1990s throwback land known as Portland, Oregon. Portlandia is a comedy sketch show about the city and the hippies and lovable weirdos that reside there. Skewering everything from snobby feminist bookstore owners to hipsters and their chin beards– this series will crack you up. The second season of the show is just starting to air on the IFC, so get caught up on the first season by streaming it. It won’t let you down. (via Netflix)


Michael Fassbender– everyone’s favorite young Magneto from the X-Men movie prequel, X-Men First Class– stars in Centurion as a dedicated Roman soldier garrisoned on the outskirts of Roman territory. When his post is attacked and he is left as the only survivor, Fassbender attempts to escape and evade his captors. Small problem: The savages are hot on his trail with a secret weapon– a wild mute woman with the tracking ability of a bloodhound and a strong urge to kill him. This is a great movie for those who are longing for more Spartacus-style action on their HDTV screens. Be warned though– it also has the gore of the Spartacus series. In fact it’s so overdone, the violence often seems out-of-place. (When the filmmakers could have used one unit of blood to depict the aftermath of a stab wound, they usually chose to use three, etc.) That noted, Centurion is still a great action film. (via Netflix)

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Dylan Dog (played by former Superman Brandon Routh) is living the life of a regular private detective– just with a twitchy, humorous Zombie sidekick at his side. Everything seems “normal” with his latest job, until the average-looking case dredges up Dylan’s past life; a life he would prefer stay buried.

Seems Dylan used to be in charge of settling crimes and disputes between New Orleans night creatures: Vampires, Zombies, and Werewolves, etc… Who reside in the Southern city, hiding amongst the living. As the case unfolds, Dylan realizes that something huge is being plotted in the Big Easy. (Spoiler! One group of monsters wants to take control of the entire world– night beasts and humanity included.)

It’s camp, fantasy, horror, drama, comedy and action all-in-one… With the film’s pulp elements intentional and appreciated. They ensure the flick never takes itself too seriously… Infusing Dylan Dog: Dead of Night with cool elements from the monster movies of old and a current comedy/action sensibility. Be sure to check out The Dylan Dog Case Files Dark Horse’s graphic novel collection featuring the original comic book stories imaginatively told by Italian creator Tizlano Scalvi. (via Netflix)

Vampires and Zombies and Werewolves (Oh My!) make Dylan Dog: Dead of Night the Inveterate Media Junkies Stream of the Week™!

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11 Responses to STREAMING WITH STAMPS™ – Zombies, Centurions & Portlandians! Oh My!

  1. “Maybe it’s just me, but if I’m going to be forced to cut down on my media consumption over having to eat less… I’m picking not purchasing DVDs.”

    I know you didn’t mean this to be funny, but I loved this! 😉

    And you finally made my choice for me about CENTURION–I’ve looked at this DVD so many times in the store that I really should have just bought it already. Or I’ll order it on Netflix since I’m adding the service to my XBOX Live subscription!

    • Stamps says:

      Netflix on Xbox is so convenient. Like a Roku box it really makes streaming smooth and easy. I love anything that makes my precious down time even more hassle free and relaxing.

      • Insideman says:

        Here’s why I love my new Roku boxes.

        My Samsung plasma connects to the internet but it takes some time to get there.

        I know I can use my Xbox and PS3 to do the same… But the Roku jumps on Amazon’s Prime Video page (Or Netflix) in about 10 seconds because it is, essentially, always on. I can be watching a Sons of Anarchy episode in HD in less than 20 seconds after that.

        Amazing, flexible little boxes, those Rokus are… And I don’t have to worry about using my gaming console as a streaming machine. I’m sure they miss me. 🙂

    • Stamps says:

      Oh and likewise had centurion ony “to watch” list and finally got around to it. I’m pretty happy I did. it was a solid little flick.

  2. ed2962 says:

    I’ve never seen Portlandia, but I have noticed that Armisen and Brownstein have been making the rounds lately promoting it. I might check it out. By the way, are you into Sleater Kinney ? I’m not a super fan but I like a few of their songs.

  3. Insideman says:

    Stampy, I watched Dylan Dog: Dead of Night last night. I’ve got to tell you– GREAT CHOICE.

    Sure, it’s campy… But it was also FUN. The Zombie Sidekick was really funny too. I loved the off-handed way Dylan continued to react to his friend’s “condition”. Taye Diggs was as good as I have ever seen him too.

    Given that (as Jose told me) it only received a DVD release here in the States, I was surprised at the quality of the filming and thought the special effects were fantastic. Much better than I lot of films that cost loads more to make (like Constantine).

    If somebody was smart at SyFy (which is a BIG “if”), they would take this premise, mature it– and have zero problem getting viewers.

    • Stamps says:

      I’m glad to hear you enjoyed of. I was pretty pleasantly surprised to find how enjoyable to film was. It’s refreshing to see a film that knows what it wants to be and delivers.

      The “film” known as Constantine should be known as “the other C-word” until the end of time.

      Oh and people at SyFy are too busy making “Ice Spiders” and “Sabertooth” to be bothered to think.

      • Insideman says:

        I literally used to dream my version of a John Constantine film over and over. Made for some pretty lively sleep time.

        Yeah, I wonder why Constantine didn’t work out?

        You think it might have had something to do with them casting an AMERICAN actor with the emotional range of a turnip as the lead?

        The good news here: When they finally remake the SOB correctly, the average moviegoer will NEVER connect that “C word” travesty with anything that remotely resembles the comic book source material.

  4. TheMSpot says:

    I love Portlandia some of the guests that pop up on that show are hilarious. So far this season, the Battlestar and Eddie Vedder tattoo bits are my favorites.

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