The Battle Between Star Wars and Star Trek Rages On

For decades Trekkers and Warzies (I have no idea what Star Wars fans call themselves) have been at odds over which of these nerdly IPs is actually THE best.

Since I am a completely rational person (which may be debatable), I can safely say that there are positives and negatives to both series. That is just a fact my friends. BUT I do feel there is no arguing that Jean-Luc Picard is by far and away better, in every conceivable way, than Qui Gon Jinn. There is no contest… At all. I actually feel bad for Patrick Stewart in the above video. Playmates really did do a shit job with the Next Generation license.

Anyway, I believe there is a much more important question than which is better between Star Wars and Star Trek. And that question is: Who has the better cameo on a Ricky Gervais television series? Liam Neeson or Patrick Stewart?

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2 Responses to The Battle Between Star Wars and Star Trek Rages On

  1. MicahSkin says:

    I had a light up Romulan Warbird. It’s nice and hefty. I also own the Lego Star Destroyer. i drop it, it falls apart.

    Advantage: Trek.

  2. The “all her clothes fall off” bit from extras is one of my favourite things ever. That is the mark of a true professional – how on earth they both did that with a straight face.

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