Insideman’s Pull List™ Hardcover, Graphic Novel & Manga Picks for 2.8.12

Holy Overkill, Matt Fraction. What bedevilment hath thou wrought, Architect of Marvel?

It’s no secret where Jose and I stood when we critiqued Marvel’s Thor-centric Fear Itself “event” comic. We didn’t like it. I didn’t care for the story because almost all the interesting bits were left to be told in various associated titles. The main comic did nothing but allude to several bombastic battles and chaotic confrontations. This amazed me. It’s like paying to see a comedian tell a complex joke– then be told that if you want to hear the joke’s punchline— you’ll have to pay again to hear him end the joke the next night.

Sadly, the memory of having to read the main Fear Itself series on my birthday last year (for a podcast, nobody put a gun to my head) still weighs heavily on me. So much so, I have yet to summon the urge to read any of these additional pricey hardcovers to experience the full tale… Even though I’ve purchased all that have been released to date. Why do I feel this way? Well, see… I already know how the damn story ends.

My real fear mounts when I realize at least EIGHTEEN HARDCOVERS (at $20 USD each) will be released before the entire story will be collected. If you also have to purchase the main Fear Itself collected edition– almost $400 USD total is required to buy the entire crossover at retail cover price. (And that monumental monetary amount does not include the additional $20 USD you’ll need if you want to acquire the “aftermath” volume Fear Itself: Fearless Volume One.)

If Marvel the Corporation spent less time attempting to figure out how to gouge their loyal fans– and more of their energy and talent focusing on how to make better stories– I wouldn’t be complaining one bit.

As it is, how do you say EPIC FAIL in Asgardian-speak?

I totally love Doc Savage— or more accurately, the writing of one Mr. Lester Dent (writing here under the pen name “Kenneth Robeson”). The great thing– Dent was as prolific as he was talented, having written over 150 Doc Savage tales before Doc’s time as a pulp phenom finally ended.

Yes, I know I have featured these Double Novels as a HOT PICK before. Hell, I may pick one again before the series finally ends. And yes, I know they aren’t graphic fiction. (In their defense, these pulp reproductions do faithfully present the various illustrations that popped up amongst the prose in the original magazines.)

It’s two books presented in magazine form, OK? And the worst Doc Savage story will rival any new comic you’re likely to read this week. In other words, just like last time, I cannot recommend these books highly enough.

If you don’t take the plunge now, I guarantee you’ll “get” what I’m talking about when long-time Savage fan, writer/director of Iron Man 3– Shane (also creator of Lethal Weapon and writer/director of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) Black— finally gets around to directing his self-penned big budget Doc Savage adaptation for the silver screen.

But why wait? The great work is right here, right now– in glorious black and white type.

American Splendor Life & Times of Harvey Pekar (New Print)
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Ultimate Collection – Own the Hardcovers
Archie Best of Dan DeCarlo Treasury Edition
Artifacts Vol 3
Art of Mass Effect Universe HC
Astonishing X-Men Children of Brood HC
Athos in America HC
Avengers Hawkeye Marksman HC
Avengers Origins – Own the Hardcover
Batman Time And The Batman – Own the Hardcover
Bone Book 2 Quest for Spark (New Print) – Own it
Bone Book 2 Quest for Spark HC (New Print)
Classics Illustrated Vol 15 Call of the Wild HC
Comics On Trial Vol 3 Kirby vs Disney/Marvel
Daken Dark Wolverine Pride Comes Before Fall HC
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 55 – HOT PICK of the WEEK!
Dotter of Her Fathers Eyes HC
Ender’s Shadow Ultimate Collection – Own the Hardcovers
Essential X-Factor Vol 4
Famous Monsters Movie Art Of Basil Gogogs SC New Printing
Fantastic Four Season One HC – This seems sorta unnecessary… Bought it anyway
Fear Itself Hulk HC – The endless parade of Fear Itself  hardcovers continues…
Fear Itself Secret Avengers HC – See above…
Hack Slash Vol 10 Dead Celebrities
iZombie Vol 3 Six Feet Under and Rising
John Carter Warlord of Mars Omnibus – RUNNER UP Pick of the WEEK!
Jungle Book Campfire
Kevin Keller Vol 1 HC
King Conan The Scarlet Citadel – Dark Horse + Conan = Good Comics!
Leonardo DaVinci Renaissance Man Campfire
Lone Ranger Zorro Vol 1 The Death of Zorro
MMW Uncanny X-Men Vol 8 HC
New Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis Vol 2 – Own the Hardcovers
Number 73304-23-4153-6-96-8 HC – Looks very intriguing…
One Model Nation (New Print)
Roy G Krenkel Savage Worlds SC
Shadow Double Novel Vol 57
Showcase Presents Ghosts Vol 1
Spider Satan’s Seven Swordsmen Vol 1
Spider-Man Next Chapter Vol 2
Spike TV 1000 Ways to Die
Star Wars Long Time Ago Omnibus Vol 5
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Owners Workshop Manual
Strange Case of Mr Hyde
Superman The Black Ring Vol 1 – Own the Hardcover
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol 1 – Looking forward to this…
Torpedo Vol 4 HC Recommended.

Bakuman Vol 9 – MANGA Pick of the Week!
Bleach Vol 38
Blue Exorcist Vol 6
Bride of the Water God Vol 10
Dawn of the Arcana Vol 2
Deltora Quest Vol 4
Devil and Her Love Song Vol 1 – Looks interesting
Gon Kodansha Edition Vol 3
GTO 14 Days in Shonan Vol 1
Hayate Combat Butler Vol 19 – I wish I had a Combat Butler!
Kamisama Kiss Vol 7
Library Wars Love & War Vol 7
Natsume’s Book of Friends Vol 11
Negima Vol 33
Pokemon Adventures Platinum Vol 4
Sakura Hime Legend of Princess Sakura Vol 8
Shugo Chara Chan Vol 2
Slam Dunk Vol 20
Toriko Vol 8
Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s Vol 2

I have fond memories of this series, after finding it in some 10 Cent Comic Boxes in some shop a long time ago. This Omnibus is definitely more expensive than my early find… But I still feel that it’s worth it. Edgar Rice Burroughs’ tale of a Civil War vet who finds himself transported to the wondrous, monster-filled red planet of Mars gave me the same kind of thrill as the Doc Savage tales I’ve noted in my current HOT PICK of the WEEK. The stories, coupled with the dynamic art of such legends as GIL (Spider-man/Green Lantern) Kane and DAVE (Uncanny X-Men) COCKRUM are, again, fun stuff.

And back then– except for a decidedly more adult-oriented Vampirella magazine I might have been able to smuggle into my collection here and there– Gil Kane drew some of the BEST LOOKING scantily clad damsels allowed in a Comics Code Authority scrutinized comic book. His heroes were also the handsomest, most square-jawed guys around too. In fact, Kane’s John Carter is so sleek and pretty, he makes actor Taylor Kitsch— star of Disney’s new John Carter movie– look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

If you’ve got the cash and don’t mind lifting weights while you read your comics, I feel strongly that this is a great buy. No offense to the “regular” omnibus edition that features a new cover from the uber-talented Alan Davis— for the full experience, pick the DIRECT MARKET edition (pictured above) that features the original cover to Marvel’s John Carter Warlord of Mars #1 comic. I still get a giggle looking at a $99.95 USD book with a cover price of 30 cents.

(There is NO POS* BOOK for THIS WEEK!)

I think I sorta covered that territory in my Fear Itself commentary above. 😉

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8 Responses to Insideman’s Pull List™ Hardcover, Graphic Novel & Manga Picks for 2.8.12

  1. MicahSkin says:

    Why’s Doc Savage carrying a freezer pop in the jungle?

    • Insideman says:

      Because that’s ALL he needs to battle dinosaurs! 😀

    • VictimPrime says:

      I looked at that cover and thought, Doc Savage is such a bad ass, he getting chased by a dinosaur and all he’s worried about is getting the lint off his jacket. 😉

      • Insideman says:

        Considering how overdressed he is for tromping through the jungle, bringing a lint roller makes perfect sense. 🙂

        In truth, this is one of the shittiest of the Doc Savage pulp covers. I have no idea why they would have used it.

  2. ed2962 says:

    By coincidence, I just bought the first three issues of Marvel’s 70’s John Carter at my LCS about a month ago. Eventually, I’ll go back for the rest. But yeah, great Gil Kane art!

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