Insideman’s Pull List™ Hardcover, Graphic Novel & Manga Picks for 2.15.12

Yep. That’s right. Today’s the beginning of the big IMJ Move.

Say you haven’t noticed anything? Good. You’re not supposed to. If everything goes according to plan (and I truly hesitated typing that sentence)– then you will never notice anything… Except the huge changes that will inevitably occur when we get to our new home.

Moving is very stressful. I don’t like to do it. I get settled someplace and it takes a crowbar and a forklift to get me to leave. (Or, in one instance, the devastating 1994 Los Angeles Earthquake.) Still, we’re ready. After last week’s “infinite scrolling” debacle (detailed in the post What’s Going On With the Inveterate Media Junkies Homepage?), Jose and I just couldn’t fathom having a site that’s growing like this one being at someone else’s whim. Yes, WordPress has fixed the site now– after we (and apparently several thousand others) asked/cajoled/begged them to. But staying where we’re at now would be like owning a comic shop and then arriving at work the next day to discover that the landlord has decided you are now in the Automotive Parts business– without consulting you first.

Okay, it’s not quite as bad as that… But I think you get my drift. Hopefully by the end of the weekend we’ll be firmly in our new spot… Glitch free and very happy. Should something “unusual” arise in the meantime… Rest assured that we’ll be working tirelessly to fix it. (Damn! I really will make a pun out of almost anything.)

Wish us luck!

You’d think by now I would have run out of nice things to say about Fables. But I seem to be a never-ending source for praise… Especially for these earlier issues. Fables is the little Vertigo series that could. And yeah, I know that Creator Bill Willingham can seemingly be “outspoken” in the comic press at times… And yes, I disagree with what he says so often– I had to “unfollow” him on Twitter months ago. (Let’s just say I choose to disagree with him on a lot of subjects.) But this is one of those times that I am forced to divorce my personal feelings concerning a creator and still consume his or her work.

Truth is, we can all be “outspoken” at times. I’ve certainly shown my ass on IMJ enough to know. Given that, if you feel a strong affinity toward a particular creation… Sometimes you have to make your purchasing decisions based on the WORK… And I still choose to buy Fables.

What makes this particular volume an extra treat: It combines regular Fables comics with the standalone hardcover Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall… Which, I feel is one of the most brilliant Graphic Novels ever published. It is a prequel to the regular series, featuring Snow (White)— who attempts to keep her kidnapper, a sultan, from killing her by enthralling him with tales from 1,001 Nights. Different extremely talented artists lend their expertise to these wonderfully crafted stories. Alone, 1001 Nights of Snowfall is an important work. In the context of Fables, it is a must read.

And those fans of Once Upon a Time who might be coming to IMJ for their first visit– thinking Fables sounds like a rip-off of the TV show? Uh, Fables has ONE HUNDRED & FOURTEEN monthly issues + several mini-series and the successful spin-off comic JACK of FABLES under its’ belt. (Jack only recently ended after running out of creative steam.)

Sadly, Willingham & Co. may have to endure more of the same misconceptions if the upcoming American Television Pilot Season is any indication. Out of some 91+ series that the various networks are taking to Pilot Stage, reportedly 14+ deal with “magical” creatures or have “fantasy” elements or settings. One high-profile show pilot revolves around a woman who discovers a small section of New York City that is the home to magical, fairy tale-like creatures. If you know anything about Fables, this premise sounds like it was ripped from the comics… Much like elements of Once Upon a Time are somewhat similar to Fables as well.

Hey, I’m obviously not the only one reading this comic book thinking it’s ACES. 😉

Amazing Mysteries Bill Everett Archives Vol 1 HC
Annihilators – Own it.
Archie The Married Life Vol 1
Artesia Adventures In The Known World RPG HC
Astonishing X-Men Whedon Cassaday Ultimate Collection Vol 1 – Own it.
Athos in America HC
Avengers Omnibus Vol 1 HC (New Print)
Buddy Does Seattle (New Print) – Recommended. Own it.
Captain America by Dan Jurgens Vol 3
Daredevil Reborn – Own the Hardcover
Deadman Vol 2
Essential Hulk Vol 1 (New Print)
Explorer The Mystery Boxes
Fables Deluxe Edition Vol 4 HC
Fear Itself Deadpool Fearsome Four HC
Hellblazer Phantom Pains
Is That All There Is HC
Jack Avarice Is The Courier
Justice Society Of America Monument Point
Kolor Klimax Nordic Comics Now – RUNNER-UP Pick of the WEEK!
Madwoman of the Sacred Heart
Marvel Zombies Supreme – Own the Hardcover
My Friend Dahmer HC
My Friend Dahmer SC
Ninjago Vol 2 Mask Of The Sensei
Olympians Vol 4 Hades Lord Of Dead
Pigs Vol 1 Hello Cruel World
Power Girl Old Friends
Roy G Krenkel Savage Worlds
Spider-Man Spider-Island Companion HC
Stand Night Has Come HC
Star Trek Classics Vol 2 Enemy Unseen
Transformers Foundation
Transformers Vol 6 Chaos Police Action
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man By Bendis Vol 1 HC
Uncanny X-Force Vol 2 Deathlok Nation – Own the Hardcover
Vengeance HC
Warlord Of Mars Dejah Thoris Vol 2 Pirate Queen of Mars
Whispers In The Walls
X-Factor Super Unnatural HC
X-Force Necrosha – Own the X-Necrosha Hardcover

Ai Ore Vol 4
Book Girl & Corrupted Angel Novel
Haruka Beyond The Stream Of Time Vol 15
Inu Yasha Viz Big Edition Vol 10
Kekkaishi Vol 30 – Buy the BIG editions
Maoh Juvenile Remix Vol 9
Naoki Urasawa 20th Century Boys Vol 19
Nura Rise of the Yokai Clan
Otomen Vol 12
Secret World Of Arrietty Film Comic Vol 2
Story of Saiunkoku Vol 6
Tegami Bachi Vol 8 – MANGA Pick of the Week!

If you’re like me, there are days you wake up and feel you must take a chance with your hobby. Luckily, on some of those days– American comic book readers have companies like Fantagraphics, Slave Labor Graphics and Oni Press et al to offer some much-needed variety to the dearth of grim & gritty superheroes.

The sales info describes Kolor Klimax thusly: Scandinavia has become a hotbed of cartooning activity, from the internationally acclaimed Jason (Norway) to Sweden’s Martin Kellerman and Denmark’s Eisner-nominated Nikoline Werdelin. This anthology of comics, many of them created for this book, offers an intoxicating and compelling sampling of current works from a new generation of Scandinavian alternative cartoonists.

Reading that I thought, “How could I NOT buy this?” Jason has long been one of my faves– holding the coveted Insideman’s Pull List™ “Hot Pick” slot in the past year. His sense of humor is so dry and amazingly observant, I’d love to have a beer with him– then follow the man around all day just to watch him observe other people go through their daily routines. My admiration of Jason aside, there are many artists in this collection– virtually unknown in the US– that make this purchase more than worthy of my $29.99 USD. (Hell, that’s the same cover price for the Captain America By Jurgens Vol 3 softcover– also out this week.)

The only thing curious about all this: Fantagraphics must have sat down and designated this Scandinavian Comics Week… Adding a touch of influential Denmark work for good measure. Besides Kolor Klimax, Jason has a new hardcover out called Athos in America. To top that off, the publisher has also released the first English language translation from Dutch alternative comics master Joost Swarte, entitled Is That All There Is.

With a combined price of $89.98 USD retail, that’s one company betting on a lot of “love” from fans of European alternative work in the same week.

(There is no POS* BOOK for THIS WEEK… Again!)

WTF? Is my SNARK BUTTON broken?!

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7 Responses to Insideman’s Pull List™ Hardcover, Graphic Novel & Manga Picks for 2.15.12

  1. Locusmortis says:

    The Joost Swarte album is one I’ve been waiting for a long time, I remember reading his work in old Heavy Metal issues about 20 years ago and being really impressed with them.

    btw Denmark is part of Scandanavia, though not part of the Scandanavian peninsula. Confused?, blame those bleedin vikings!

  2. Insideman says:

    Yes! From what I understand, it’s the southernmost of the Scandanavian countries… Which is why I broke it out to give it a special mention. 🙂

  3. joe says:

    I read Fables in trades (after IMJ reminded me of how good it is) and I kinda wish they would hurry up with the deluxe editions, if they were up to date I would just buy those, since there so much better and more value for the money, but I’m so far in with the trades I’ll just keep getting those. But I learned my lesson: from now on if a series is available in deluxe HC that’s what I’ll be getting.

    • J.Jimenez says:

      I always hear good things about this comic. Don’t know why I don’t pick it up. It sounds appealing and all, but I can’t get myself to buy it… I should try harder.

  4. Count me as another one who finds hates pretty much everything about the author’s politics yet adores Fables as a series. I’m glad that the deluxe editions seem to be being released a little quicker now – it’s one of the only shows I will buy in singles AND trades and also one of the only series I think is worth getting in hardcover. Now if only they would give it sewn binding as I feel any thick, hardcover book proclaiming itself to be “deluxe” ought to.

    I really don’t think that there’s much similarity between Fables and Once Upon A Time, though? I mean, beyond the fairytale in the modern world thing, which Fables didn’t exactly invent either. Once Upon a Time revolves around “before and after” flashbacks and an amnesiac cast, Fables doesn’t do either of those things. While Snow White and her family are important in both stories, those families are totally different. It’s almost like they split the casts, and Fables got Rose Red, while Once got the wicked stepmother and the huntsman. Once revolves around breaking a specific curse, Fables is about an all-out war… I dunno, they just seem really different to me, but I like them both.

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