The Mass Effect 3: Taking Back the Earth Extended Trailer

Viewers of the latest Walking Dead episode got a glimpse of BioWare’s Mass Effect 3: Taking Back the Earth trailer Sunday.

Today we get to watch the full version.

The trailer certainly looks pretty and does a good job of showing just how completely fucked Earth is now that the Reapers have arrived. But again, I feel the need to reiterate this point: Everything before the release of the Femshep trailer all looked the same to me. I caught small glimpses of different things here and there that made me a little excited– but it took the female Shepard trailer to amp me up enough to preorder the game.

Now this new Taking Back the Earth trailer feels like a step backwards.

First thing that threw me: The “Oh, look. Kids are in peril. Kids are dying (off screen). Kids are our future. Blah blah blah… We’re doomed!” aspect. The drama felt forced. I’m assuming it’s there to tug at viewer’s heart-strings, but it just didn’t strike me as being original.

The second thing that didn’t work for me: Any scene with Broshep. I feel no connection to the character… Everything concerning the man feels bland. I understand the Broshep used in the trailer is the “default” male Shepard for the game. I also get that he is purposefully generic looking so gamers can create their own Shepard to bond with while playing… But why bother using “GenericShep” in an otherwise nice looking CGI trailer? At least the new default Femshep has more character than that no-neck, space marine bastich. Maybe BioWare should have gone with her in this trailer instead… Or maybe I’m just biased.

My gut tells me my specific feelings concerning these trailers don’t/won’t matter. BioWare will still have my money on release day… And I’m fairly certain this visually impressive commercial will be more than enough to grab any on-the-fence gamers once Mass Effect 3 launches… If there still are any out there straddling those fences anyway.

You tell me.

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26 Responses to The Mass Effect 3: Taking Back the Earth Extended Trailer

  1. I completely agree about BroShep. It’s a very boring model and doesn’t really scream “YOU’RE UNIVERSE.” As an aside, does anyone else find the voice actor for male Sheppard to be a bit disappointing? Jennifer Hale is a friggin’ VO Goddess but her male counterpart gets, IMO, a nobody. I actually wish they would’ve used Nolan North or someone who can show a little inflection. Still love the series and will be playing the absolute ass out of this when it comes out.

    • Forgot to mention that I played the demo and loved it. I’m really digging the omniblade.

      • J. says:

        I am actually surprised how much I like the multiplayer. It’s pretty fun when you are playing with friends. It’s a nice addition in my opinion. And ya, the omniblade is cool.

        • I’m not a big multiplayer guy. I did play War for Cybertron and loved it, but that was Transformers, how could I not. The only other one before the demo I enjoyed as Assassin’s Creed. I I could definitely see me playing ME multi once I finish the single player.

          • J. says:

            I am not a multiplay person either at all. The only game I played online with any frequency was Metal Gear Online. That was a blast to play.

    • I’ve always thought the BroShep looked stupid, but with the one I created for my first character, the voice fit, so I don’t have that much or a problem with it.

  2. Mass Effect 1 is way better then Mass Effect 2
    The story in ME: 1 gave the player a sense of freedom, being a space explorer, discovering this new Mass Effect universe, always a mystery what kind of adventures lay ahead
    ME: 2 was this classic getting the group together kind of story, way more predictable and the rpg elements were way less expansive then in ME: 1, maybe less clunky and better graphics but if this trend continues I have little hope for Mass Effect 3….all these alien invading the earth movies/games look the same…they just make it more realistic every time..

    I will admit that I mildly enjoyed the movie Skyline, so how hard can it be to make me enjoy this game?

    They should have added the cheap “face scan” for the game and make it unrealistically look good in the trailer..maybe that gets a better emotional response..

  3. M. Fewko says:

    Geewhiz… this is what it’s all about. Video games really took a dirty turn at the start of the 21st century, but BioWare really held tight to that “epic game” feeling. In the same veins as Zelda or Heavy Rain.

    BioWare assures us that American gaming can still be something brilliant, bordering on the brink of art.

  4. I loved the trailer. I can understand you are not a fan of BroShep Jose and I will agree that I do not like the default BroShep. At all. And I am saying this as a person who likes to play as both BroShep and FemSheep. I do think it would have been awesome if FemShep was in that trailer but I think because they used default BroShep in all 3 of the games marketing over the past 6 years they decided to use him instead.

  5. kurumais says:

    totalbiscuit from youtube is POd about content that wont be released with the regular game basically you have to pay an extra 20 bucks to play as some alien that has been a mystery since the first game he says its a big deal i never played either game so dont know but i think he makes interesting points

    • kurumais says:

      if you go over to reddit gaming there a whole big thing about it going on sides are drawn arguements made stfu’s givin etc etc

      • J. says:

        The only people who like to bitch more than comic fans are fucking gamers. I pretty much ignore both groups when it comes to their whinging. BioWare fanboy’s ignorance is on par with that of Bendis and Millar apologists.

      • J. says:

        Also, the DLC that people are bitching about needing to pay $10 for on the same day the game is released? I’m getting it for free since I preordered the Collector’s Edition.

  6. Fuck yeah indeed Jose! 😀 I preordered my CE a few months ago and I cant wait for ME3 to come out.

  7. VictimPrime says:

    So with all of this Mass Effect talk I decided to spend a little Playstation money and get ME2, an hour and a half later I’m still creating my character, never has a game held my interest this long deciding what size nose I should give my guy, and I take that as a good thing.

    However i do feel like I am missing a lot of the back story on this one, unfortunately I can’t seem to get the first ME on my PS3.

    Please God, don’t make me fire up my Steam account to get it.. 😉

    • jocrlujr says:

      The first Mass Effect was published by Microsoft, so odds are it’ll never get a PS3 release.

    • J. says:

      The PS3 release of Mass Effect 2 does have the interactive comic that tells the story of Mass Effect 1 where you can make choices that affect your game. Did you download that? It’s part of the Cerberus Pack.

      Like jocrlujr said, Mass Effect 1 won’t be coming out for PS3 since Microsoft own it.

      • VictimPrime says:

        I think I did Jose, I might have to go back and start over again, making sure I doing everything properly.

        • J. says:

          The comic starts after the prelude where the Normandy gets blowed up but before you create your character. You could always read the wiki page for the fist game as well.

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