RATE THE COVERS!™ 90 of the BEST & WORST New Comic Covers for 3.14.12!

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13 Responses to RATE THE COVERS!™ 90 of the BEST & WORST New Comic Covers for 3.14.12!

  1. Insideman says:

    There are some REALLY cool covers this week. There’s an AMY POND photo/photo realistic cover I am particularly fond of (a little airbrushing in there, I’m afraid).

    Even MORE publishers represented. Even some VARIANT covers. (*choke*) Made it really hard to pick only two to represent the bunch.

    Beware of BATGIRL with an 8 PACK. 😉

  2. PhilBetaGAMMA says:

    5) My Greatest Adventure
    4) Dakken
    3) Saga
    2) Conan (1st cover)
    1) Frank ‘n Shade
    On Batgirl Dbl fours; Just more 2 love, lan. 4 what its worth, l like it better than any of the preceding BG covers. Mostly because, as much as l adore AH’s art, his style never meshed w/ that alien-ish batsuit, lMO.

  3. ComicBookDude says:

    I cannot WAIT for Saga#1!!!! I’ve been looking forward to it since it was first announced and NO speculator is going to get in the way of my copy!!!!

    That aside my favorite covers are:

    – Batwoman, Demon Knights, Saga, and Unwritten.

    Avengers Assemble and Fantastic Four are nice pin-ups, but not good covers.

    • Insideman says:

      Isn’t the Avengers Assemble #1 Cover a take-off/rip-off of Jim Lee’s latest Justice League #1?

      I know they are all derivatives of derivatives… But where’s the attribution?

      • ComicBookDude says:

        Holy crap, you’re right! Now I feel like an idiot for not catching that… thanks Ian 🙂

        I had a bad taste in my mouth after looking at Mark Bagley’s chicken scratch art in Death of Ultimate Spider-Man that after seeing something that actually looks like his art I don’t look closely at it anymore (or something like that, idk).

        Swipe file material anyone?

  4. ed2962 says:

    The ones that caught my eye were Charmed and Gearhearts.

  5. Locusmortis says:

    The Conan/Elric/Northlanders covers are the best of the bunch. The Acuna Avengers cover and Wolverine and the X-Men covers are good but the rest of the marvel stuff is fairly shit. Lots of the nu52 is pretty bad but Demon Knights (as usual) is excellent.

    The Doctor Who covers are pretty good but the rest of the IDW stuff isn’t. I have no idea what Nowhere Man from Dynamite is but the cover is good, Warlord of Mars is good too. Peter Panzerfaust is a good cover too and at least 1 of them is holding an actual Panzerfaust instead of a Panzerschreck this time.

  6. Blanchard says:

    I think this has been discussed before but I went to DC comics website to get more information on the cover artist for the Unwritten and man……their new layout sucks.

  7. kurumais says:

    that demon knights cover is terrific i loved the godzilla legends
    but my fav is the charmed such much fun

  8. ajjackson100 says:

    The art on The Ray is pretty good, as well as the story. It is an under appreciated story. And that infestation TMNT cover looks so sick its ridiculous.

  9. NicktheStick says:

    Dark Matter #3
    Saucer Country variant

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