Comixology Offers The Walking Dead FREE to 5,000 WonderCon Attendees

I received this offer in an email yesterday

It went on…

It’s a great idea for an offer: Take what has to be the most popular independent comic book in decades– a collection that continues to sell incredibly well years after initial release… And offer it FREE to 5,000 people— giving them a taste of what it is like to read comics in a digital format. This promotion will most certainly succeed in drawing attention to both Comixology and The Walking Dead at this year’s WonderCon comic convention.

Everyone even remotely interested in The Walking Dead must know the book’s central concept by now… And the incidents occurring in these first issues, while changed and added to, were covered extensively in the first season of the super successful television series. These 122 pages have also been reprinted in collected form relentlessly– in every possible format imaginable: Trade Paperback, Hardcover, Deluxe Hardcover and Omnibus. The only format I don’t think they’ve explored (so far) is digest-size. So, in that sense, no one is exactly offering anybody anything “new” with this free offer… Except the experience of reading comics via Comixology. It’s a “win-win” for both the digital company and Robert Kirkman’s Skybound.

But if you’ve been paying attention to comic book industry news over the last few months– you know exactly where this commentary is going.

These are seemingly tough days for the relationship between one-time friends and business associates Robert Kirkman and original Walking Dead artist Tony Moore… As Moore is suing Kirkman, alleging that he has received little revenue from his work and has never seen any profit statements from Kirkman or his company. This news has been debated vigorously since breaking via The Hollywood Reporter on February 9th. Many have taken sides.

This article is not doing that.

This is simply a notice of the cool Comixology offer… And how immensely weird the timing seems to be… Surfacing at one of the industry’s BIGGEST conventions… Giving away the work of one man who claims that he has not been properly paid for his contributions.

While I understand The Walking Dead is about a gazillion times more popular than Invincible, Super Dinosaur or any other of Kirkman’s work or Image Comics published property at this current time… I also can’t help but wonder how this offer will affect Moore’s court action going forward.

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