FIRST PIC™- First Green Arrow Image From ‘Arrow’ Pilot

Here’s Stephen Amell as Green Arrow in the CW Network Pilot “Arrow”

Brooding. Atmospheric. I hope the pilot episode is more lighthearted than this. One of Oliver Queen’s charms (maybe his only one) is his devil-may-care willingness to do almost anything… Usually just for the thrill and fun of it. Also wish Green Lantern hadn’t come along and screwed the pooch for the name of this series… As Arrow doesn’t really do anything for me. But that’s an extremely small gripe.

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7 Responses to FIRST PIC™- First Green Arrow Image From ‘Arrow’ Pilot

  1. stamps01 says:

    To me it seems very teen show like

  2. tomstewdevine says:

    I want this to be good, I really do, but I think it will probably be really emo. Green Arrow deserves a light at the end of his tunnel. JT Krul has kept his book terrible for-ever and the new creative team isn’t dong any better, I can’t even remeber the last time I read a good Green Arrow comic and that’s a shame, I can’t wait for someone to step up and give Green Arrow a great story.

  3. J. says:

    Whoa, look at that hood. I wonder if this character is dark and brooding while being completely full of angst. Looks like Green Arrow for the Twilight generation. No thanks.

  4. kurumais says:

    this is a chic show like smallville so broody wounded GA is manditory
    about the pic a dark pic you cant see much why bother?

  5. KqriousGeorge says:

    Totally agreed that this show will undoubtedly be emo and “Twilighticized”, but I will give it a shot because I am a pretty big Green Arrow fan. Tried to get down with Smallville, just couldn’t do it. If The CW is banking on riding the popularity of Smallville and Twilight, then I’m sure some eye-rolling and wincing are in our future. Don’t worry Ollie, it’s not your fault dude 😥

  6. It’s gotta have some teen appeal to it simply because it is a CW show and that is their demographic. That said, I hope they took what they learned from Smallville and apply it here. This could be good, if they nail Oliver down. It’ll be interesting to see where they plan to start this in his story. I do think, though, an archer is going to be a hard sell to any audience these days.

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