It’s the Full Monty for The Amazing Spider-man’s New Archenemy, The Lizard

Sometimes I see this stuff and I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or sulk.

I am reserving my opinion on the film until I actually see it, of course… But discovering what the main villain of the new Amazing Spider-man movie looks like because a Poster Company revealed him in his scaly Full Monty glory seems both unfortunate and anticlimactic.

Somebody over at Sony Pictures Publicity Department is being “berated” right now.

Many fans are bemoaning the lack of a long snout. As several commenters across the web (including in this io9 story) have pointed out, how exactly is an actor supposed to emote with an alligator snout glued to his face?

I’ve seen the trailer in slo-mo, so I already know what the movie version of The Lizard looks like. And all I can say to the disgruntled fanboys is, “Let it go!” As long as the guy doesn’t look like Dick Durock lumbering around in a rubbery Swamp Thing costume, I won’t care.

What I do care about: The film is a reboot. I hate that. Will I still go see it? Sure. Did it need to be a reboot? Hell no. But that’s what we suffer through now. And until you, me and everybody else stops paying to see (SPOILER!) Uncle Ben repeatedly gunned down… That’s the way it is going to be.

In the meantime, what happened to (SPOILER!) Dr. Curt Connors’ package? Gain an arm but lose your junk?

I’d be pissed too.

[via io9]

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7 Responses to It’s the Full Monty for The Amazing Spider-man’s New Archenemy, The Lizard

  1. J. says:

    I bet you George C. Scott could have found a way to emote with an alligator snout glued to his face. Just saying.

    Everything I have seen for this movie has been so underwhelming. At least it sure as hell feels like the current Spider-Man comics.

    (Insert fart noise here)

  2. withoutfear86 says:

    I predict that the snout will show up when Conners turns into alpha-lizard, kind of how Chronenberg’s “The Fly” worked where you could tell who the actor was until the last 10 minutes of the movie. I’m actually confident that the story will be good…but that Spidey costume…ugh.

  3. kurumais says:

    i always liked the snout but not bad

  4. fiopisde says:

    This just looks terrible. I’m hoping it’s fan made but I know it isn’t.

  5. Anyone that says you can’t emote with a snout has been around dogs enough. It’s all in the eyebrows!

    It is a shame that it is a reboot. I really hope that Spider-man doesn’t go the way of Batman in that their will be no ongoing franchise, just different directors take on the character.

  6. MicahSkin says:

    To quote MST3K “Thank goodness for the internal Genitalia.”

  7. PhilBetaGAMMA says:

    in no particular order:
    No way 2 replace JJJ
    The casting ppl that fumbled w/ picking Dundst 4 MJ, seems like the same ppl that picked THIS Gwen (Chandler: “Could they BE any more sad sacky?”
    Why does the guy playing Peter, look like he’s waiting 2 audition 4 the latest Twilight or High School musical movie?
    The Spidey suit looks like barely flexible plaster
    After wading thru a pedestrian 1st movie, an awe imspiring 2nd movie, and a trainwreck of a 3rd movie, The Lizard finally appears, & Dylan Baker, who played Dr. Curt Connors, marvelously thru all three films, gets screwed over, & because of the reboot, can’t play the Doctor 4 a 4th time!

    l’d sooner go see Michael Bay presents: Ekektra vs Catwoman, w/ Jennifer & Halle reprising their respective roles, than have 2 sit thru this debacle!

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