STREAMING WITH STAMPS™- The Best Worst Movie, A Sunken Soviet Sub and a Murder Princess

Digital is the future, people. It just is. I know that some really like having a physical copy of a Movie or TV show, but it seems the world is moving away from holding a movie in their hands. Even Walmart seems to be bowing to a more digital-centric world. The monolithic retailer has  just announced a new service that allows customers to bring in DVDs and Blu rays that they already own and have them converted to different digital formats.

I’m not saying that a year from now you will see no DVDs or Blu rays on the shelves of your local Best Buy, but I do feel this announcement is a clue the already dwindling DVD business is a bit closer to the grave.

What do you think?

If you can tear yourself away from basketball or Mass Effect 3 this month, here’s some titles that are waiting for you to stream.

Best Worst Movie

Back in the 1980s there was a little movie made in Utah called Troll 2. It had nothing to do with the original Troll and was made on a shoestring budget with actors who had little to no experience. Simply put, it was horrible.

Two decades pass. VHS copies are still being picked up and are highly sought after in the secondhand market. People watch Troll 2 and still agree that it is a terrible movie… But it has become a movie so terrible that it has attracted a cult following of rabid fans who gather to watch and celebrate the best worst movie of all time.

Fast forward to today, as Best Worst Movie shows a bewildered cast coming to terms with starring in a horrible movie that is now enjoying national indie screenings. This documentary soars when it features the cast reacting to the phenomenon. Mental instability, overenthusiastic investment and resentment are all things that we see the cast of Troll 2 experience. This documentary will make you cringe, laugh and shake your head in disbelief. Make sure to add this one to your instant queue ASAP.

Azorian: The Raising of the K-129

If there are two things I love, it’s secret cold war operations (where the 007 movies have been lacking recently; along with Daniel Craig’s unmoving upper lip) and deep-sea expeditions. This interview-based piece combines both.

When the Soviets lost a sub in extremely deep waters, they believed the nuclear secrets she carried were safe– forever hidden by the water’s sheer depth. But it was a challenge the American government and a group of experienced oil drillers were willing to take on. With a cover from the reclusive Howard Hughes and a big budget from the US, work starts on one of the most daring recoveries of all time.

The workers face problem after problem: Break-ins, equipment failures and Soviets growing suspicious– seemingly lurking around every corner. This History Channel style film had me on the edge of my seat. While there are way too many engineering details (most of which I could have done without), I was extremely pleased with this film. Do yourself a favor and watch this movie… But don’t Google it– just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Murder Princess

I know nothing about anime. The closest I’ve come to watching the genre are the occasional rerun of Digimon— when nothing else is on Saturday mornings. But when I noticed that Netflix had added a bunch of anime titles to its roster of instant series, I figured I should at least give one a shot.

I picked Murder Princess because the title seemed interesting. To my complete and utter surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed it. There wasn’t one body orifice penetrating tentacle or too many overly dramatic clenched sweaty brow shots.

Murder Princess is the story of a princess who flees her castle in the midst of a coup from an evil scientist. On her way from the castle, she literally trips into a bounty hunter and during a fall from a mountain both switch bodies. With a powerful swordswoman wearing the skin of a regent, she becomes known as the Murder Princess and goes about defeating those who want the crown. It was quite enthralling. There are only six episodes, so watching this series won’t take up a huge chunk of your time– while still telling a well-rounded and complete story.

Much to my surprise, Murder Princess is the Inveterate Media Junkies Stream of the Week!

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13 Responses to STREAMING WITH STAMPS™- The Best Worst Movie, A Sunken Soviet Sub and a Murder Princess

  1. ktnish88 says:

    Stamps, I am really enjoying your column. You always bring up interesting, current news facts that literally apply to everyone and there is inevitably more than one pick that sparks my interest. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Insideman says:

    I am by no means an Anime expert, Stamps. I am still a relative newbie despite owning several titles (mainly since I never have time to watch them). I went looking for a specific name for this tenacle genre after reading your column– because it always seems that there are actual names for all these different anime sub-genres… And not to my surprise, there is an entire WIKI page for it: (NSFW!).

    But I think “tenacle erotica” is on the wane now. I think.

    My first Netflix anime was Queen’s Blade. I started watching it because I also own the series on blu ray. I thought I’d get a sneak peek. The first episode had completely naked women and a gorgeous blonde demon that liked to grab her breasts and squirt acid from her nipples at her foes. (Hence the completely naked women.)

    Through all this, there was a strong main story that was also very empowering to women. Talk about schizo! Anyway, I stuck around for the second episode (big shock there!) and there was NO nudity in the first ten minutes… Then I had to turn it off and get back to work. Or at least, that was my excuse. 😉

    Correct me if I’m wrong, Anime Experts– but I thought Fan Service meant hints of nudity coupled with lots of panty and bra shots. With all these naked animated babes running around, who needs tenacle erotica?

  3. Everyone does need to watch Best Worst Movie. I still haven’t watch Troll 2 yet, but this movie put the urge in me to do it. I mean, if you want to see the range of human reaction to fame–or infamy in this case–this has it all. Main star searching for a second limelight after moving on, director unable to swallow his pride, supporting actress who is just plain gone. It is amazing. And I think if there was any group of people that should have a Troll 2 screening, it’s IMJ Nation!

  4. ed2962 says:

    Another neat article, Stamps! It seems the Troll 2 “appreciation” is becoming quite a phenomenon. I think the next film in the running for best of the worst is The Room. It’s actually having a screening locally this weekend with an appearance by the director, but I dunno…

  5. stamps01 says:

    Thanks Ed. It really has become quite the phenomena.

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