IMJ Weekend Open Thread

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    • kurumais says:

      nice post i always loved this song

      • M. Fewko says:

        I miss the days when I was in college, the summer nights of my friends and I all meeting up in the parking lots and then delving off into the city’s bars, arcades, etc

        This song was always playing in the car…

  1. kurumais says:

    headed to opening day at the ny red bulls

  2. megamanx4ever says:

  3. kurumais says:

    yatzee crosaw reviewed mass effect 3 this week for those that are interested

  4. megamanx4ever says:

  5. 1ronavenger says:

    Ok, so I just finished up Code Geass last night and…wow. That was just…fantastic. I loved every minute of that show! It probably helped that I could really connect with Suzaku…but anyway, the reason I mention it is because I’ve slowly been inching into the manga/anime corner of the world and honestly, I’m completely lost as to what’s worth my time. Any recommendations? I’m in the middle of reading Death Note (volume 5), which is an interesting read. I’ve been trying to get a hold of Monster because it sounds amazing, but I can’t find it at my Barnes and Noble or Books A Million, which sucks. As far as anime goes, Cowboy Bebop woke me up to the fact that yes, anime is awesome (it’s just a matter of finding the right stuff!). So yeah, whatever you guys could point me towards, shoot. I’ve been itching to read/watch more and more of the stuff!

    • megamanx4ever says:

      Well for anime I cna easily reccomend the Evangelion film series which is a fantastic apocalyptic mecha anime which is probably one of my faveorite animes along with Gundam 08th MS Team, and Guyver.

    • M. Fewko says:

      Code Geass is one of the VERY few animes to come out in the last 6 years that I kept up with declaratively on my calendar, and bought every DVD of (twice even, hahah) and still think about. Funny, since Jose just posted about good animes…

  6. kurumais says:

    att rips off snl bad idea jeans spoof commercial i cant remeber what season it was from but david spade and norm macdonald was in it. i cant remember everything but i remember a line go something like this
    they were spoofs of doker commercials
    i was going to use a condom but then i said when im i ever going to be in haiti again – bad idea

    it was a good bit
    now att is pretty much doing the same thing for their phone commercials

  7. M. Fewko says:

    My girlfriend really wanted to watch the new DRAGON TATTOO remake, and I caved and actually enjoyed it. Still boring at times, but it pumped out for the most part a kind of verisimilitude I can’t describe accurately. It was decent, but I’m ambivalent, for it still didn’t need to be remade…

  8. ed2962 says:

    Today is Carl Barks Birthday. Barks is most famous for being the artist on the more highly regarded Donald Duck comics back in the day.
    It’s also World Whiskey Day.

  9. kurumais says:

    morgan spurlock has done a film about comic con it looks fun

  10. M. Fewko says:

    This video was nice, and should be watched by many.

  11. Just wanted to let you guys know that I set up both a Twitter and GetGlue account for the SCREEN BURN. I didn’t want to flood my regular twitter with GetGlue notifications and it’ll help me stay focused on TV related discussions. If you want to follow:


  12. kurumais says:

    dan didio has awful taste well at least according to me

    i hope he gets promoted and moves on soon

    • I can agree with the first three. Those were really good and different for that moment in DC comics. Everything, though, seemed to try and copy those three and hence the boondoggle of New 52. I never reader Superman/Batman so i can’t say much about that one. But the rest of that list would almost be a list of shame if I was him.

      • kurumais says:

        i can not stress enough how much i hated identity crisis and the return of silver age super girl. geoff johns green lantern was pretty but i found hal dull.

  13. Locusmortis says:

    Identity Crisis was probably the most vile mainstream comic book story I’ve ever had the misfortune to read, the fact that Didiot thinks its well written is perplexing.

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