Doctor Who Series 7 Teaser Trailer + Companion Casting News

There was exciting news released late last week for Doctor Who fans. First came the announcement of the Doctor’s (as of yet unnamed) new companion, played by actress Jenna-Louise Coleman.

That’s her on the right rocking that very Bill Cosby-esque sweater. She will be replacing current companions Amy and Rory Pond– who will leave the show during the first half of Series 7. Jenna-Louise will first appear in the Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special.

The other big bit of Who News? The release of the teaser trailer for the upcoming series. It seems the trailer compiles moments from more than a few of the new episodes– while also pulling predominantly from one ep that occurs in the Old West. Some might say these western scenes look like the Doctor’s adventures are still continuing to pander to the series “new” American audience… But since I don’t mind seeing the Doctor and his companions exploring the wild, wild West (or any other time period or planet)– you’ll hear no such complaints from me.

One bit of weirdness in the trailer is the quick scene showing the Doctor holding a revolver. It may just be me, but two characters who just shouldn’t be pointing guns at people are Batman and The Doctor. It doesn’t feel right. But I am sure there is a perfectly valid reason for the Time Lord doing so. I have faith in Steven Moffat.

Doctor Who Series 7 premieres this fall.

Via [BBC America on Tumblr]

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One Response to Doctor Who Series 7 Teaser Trailer + Companion Casting News

  1. I hope this doesn’t meaning they are gong to be doing half seasons again. If so, I’m just going to wait till it over and I can buy both of them on iTunes. I didn’t think it worked last season and I don’t have as much trust in Moffet as most people seem to. Then again, I don’t trust any writer more than I have to, being one myself.

    I will say I’ll be happy Amy’s going. She was fun and nice to look at Season 5, but got old fast in Season 6. I will miss Rory though, because he was more the companion role than Amy was. That line in “The Girl Who Waited” when Rory said, “This isn’t fair. You’re turning me into you.” was one of the few highlights of the second part of season 6.

    The Old West setting, to me, is nothing special. I think not that the BBC as an american channel, it just gives them the leeway to have more american settings as opposed to pandering. The only think that I’m not sure about is how theatrically produce each season seem to be getting. I remember watching an interview or possibly a Doctor Who Insider where someone said that to keep up with the attention of the audience, they have to keep up with the way current movies look and feel. I agree with that to an extent, because one of he great things about Doctor Who is that while it could look pretty garish at times in the past, there were still really good stories. And if you ask me, the higher the production value on episode, I think the quality of the story has gone down over the years.

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