Support Tim Byrd’s “Astonishing Adventures of Doc Wilde” Kickstarter Project

Hi, folks! I wanted to swing by and let you know that my “Astonishing Adventures of Doc Wilde” project is now live on Kickstarter, and I’d like to invite my IMJ friends to join us on the adventure.

“In a young adult book market crowded with the depressing and the dour, Tim Byrd’s Doc Wilde swings in on a jungle vine to raise the flag high for adventure. Infused with pace, fun, and all the two-fisted action a reader could ask for, Wilde lovingly riffs on situations straight out of the old pulps, even while making them fresh for a new generation.” — Zack Stentz, screenwriter, Thor, X-Men: First Class

The Doc Wilde stories are my tribute to the pulp stories I loved growing up, and still love today. Like The Incredibles or the Indiana Jones films, they are suitable for kids and adults both,  full of action and humor and weird science and occult menace and lots of derring-do.

I published the first book, Doc Wilde and The Frogs of Doom, with Penguin/Putnam in 2009; it did very well both critically and commercially, so they asked for more books. But in the three years since, the digital publishing revolution has opened up many opportunities for an author that traditional publishing doesn’t offer, and I decided to go independent with the series.

The Kickstarter project will encompass three Doc Wilde novels, all to be released by year’s end. The books will be available in trade paperback and ebook formats. They will all have gorgeous covers and interior illustrations by the great Aussie comic book artist Gary Chaloner.

I’ve regained my rights to Doc Wilde and The Frogs of Doom and it will reappear in a much improved new edition in June, featuring not only the new artwork inside and out by Gary, but my “author’s cut” preferred edit and a new short Doc Wilde adventure.

In August, we’ll release Doc Wilde and The Mad Skull, the long-awaited second book, in which the Wildes face a mind-blowing mystery and a truly bizarre villain.

In November the third adventure will appear, Doc Wilde and The Dance of the Werewolf, a dark tale featuring lycanthropes and witchcraft. At least two more Doc Wilde adventures will follow in 2013.

(If you follow the links above you can read excerpts from each of the books).

For those who may not be familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a modern patronage system for creators in which they present something they’d like to do and supporters are able to pledge funds to help them do it, in return for rewards varying from big thank yous to copies of the items created to interactions of various sorts with the creators. The creator posts his intentions and a target amount of money he is trying to raise; if, within the time the Kickstarter runs, enough money is pledged to hit that target, then the Kickstarter succeeds. If the target amount is not met, the Kickstarter has failed and no money is exchanged.

The target I’ve set for this project is $3,000, covering all three books. But that’s a minimum goal, not a maximum; once it’s reached, the Kickstarter continues and new people can continue to get involved. The funds will go toward art and book design and editing, as well as paying for the writing. Any extra funds will be applied to producing more books down the line.

I’ve come up with reward levels for pledges ranging from $5 for an ebook copy of one of the novels and the supporter’s name on the book’s acknowledgments page, up to $400 for signed limited editions of the books along with a bunch more cool stuff. There are only three slots available at the highest level, and four at the second highest, because they include exclusive one-of-a-kind rewards, so those are first come, first served.

I hope to see some of you on Kickstarter, where I’ll keep you in the loop as the project progresses.

If you’re looking for adventure…it’s time to GO WILDE!

“It’s a true delight…Tim Byrd has taken Doc Savage, added in a pinch of Robert E. Howard, a liberal dose of H.P. Lovecraft, and mixed it all together in a well done, enchanting pastiche of the pulps that will appeal to the adult audience as well as the young adult readers. It is an over the top at times, rip-roaring adventure that returns us to the days of yesteryear and leaves us wanting more.”  —The Baryon Review

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5 Responses to Support Tim Byrd’s “Astonishing Adventures of Doc Wilde” Kickstarter Project

  1. Insideman says:

    IMJ Nation, if you’ve been here from the beginning (or close to it)– you know that crazy talented author Tim Byrd has participated in IMJ almost since our inception.

    Now it is our turn to support him! Kickstarter support levels start at a mere $5 bucks… Or roughly the cost of an overpriced Marvel “special issue” filled with wiki-padding. 😛

    You can even contribute $1.00 if you want!

    As always, do what you can… Every bit helps. And if all you can spare is some GOOD WISHES for Tim and his project down below… That’s GREAT too! (But be sure to check out his Kickstarter Project anyway… Especially if you have never been to the site before!)

    As always, Jose and I appreciate each and every one of you.

  2. Tim Byrd says:

    Many thanks, sir. I really appreciate your help in getting the word out. We’re putting together some really awesome books and this whole Kickstarter thing is a lot of fun (now that all the prep for it is finished, that is)…


  3. Tim Byrd says:

    Doc Wilde is kicking ass so far.

    We’ve been live on Kickstarter for twenty-four hours and are now at 40% of our goal (which is the minimum for the project to succeed, not the maximum needed)!

    Also, if anyone is interested in the highest pledge level, there were only three slots available because of exclusive one-of-a-kind items, but only one slot hasn’t been taken yet.

    The second highest level has only four slots, all of which are still available.

    Go Wilde! 🙂

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  5. Tim Byrd says:

    A HUGE thank you to IMJ, for putting in a big bid that brought us to our goal!

    Now the Kickstarter continues. The goal was the minimum we needed to make the Kickstarter project a success. Now it is, but we still need to raise as much as we can toward making these books as awesome as they can be! So the invitation to join us on our Wilde adventure stands!

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