RATE THE COVERS!™ 110 of the BEST & WORST New Comic Covers for 4.18.12!

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8 Responses to RATE THE COVERS!™ 110 of the BEST & WORST New Comic Covers for 4.18.12!

  1. Why the hell does Wonder Woman need guns?

    • ed2962 says:

      I’m trade waiting on Wonder Woman, so I’m not 100% certain but I think those are the god Cupid’s guns. Like he shoots you and you fall in love or something. I don’t think they’re really trying to make her a John Woo protagonist ( at least I hope not).

    • J. says:

      Those guns are Cupid’s. He has guns instead of a bow and arrow. I am sure it is part of the story. I think it looks pretty cool myself.

      • I know they are Cupid’s, it more the fact that it’s Wonder Woman with guns. Considering that the reboot has basically made her the female equal of Superman, I guess it just seems like it’s selling her character short that she has to use guns, godly or not, in the course of a story.

        • J. says:

          If they were real guns that kill people, I would agree.

          Personally, I just think Cliff Chiang is having fun with the cover. The readers know that those aren’t real guns so I don’t see what the harm is.

  2. ed2962 says:

    I like the cover for Prophet.
    Peanuts makes me nostalgic. I remember decades ago being able to get paperback reprints of the strip at the local library. There was a series of gags that ended up in the It Was A Short Summer Charlie Brown TV special. One of my favorites was when the guys challenged Lucy to an arm wrestling match with the Masked Marvel. Lucy refuses at first saying, “I NOT afraid! I just don’t want to break his paw or his shank or whatever it’s called!” Snoopy looks down and says, ” I think it’s a front leg.” To this day that still cracks me up.

  3. Jon (of aCBL) says:

    Way too much AvX at the top. I’m not knocking the event since the set up for it has been an 8 outta 10 for me but I sense another Fear Itself overload of tie-in comics coming on…

  4. Nicthestick says:

    Incredible hulk avengers cover
    Walking dead
    Young Justice (Is this have the same tone as the show? If it does I need to start picking this series up)
    Wonder Woman (just a fun cover.. it is kind of different)\

    Batman Beyond – Why isn’t Batman (Terry Miguiness on the cover? Why is it, what appears to be Superman and Superboy)? I just don’t get it, and for that reason alone I think it is the worst cover this time around.

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