Doc Wilde Kickstarter Krunch Time! Pledge If You Can!

Time is of the essence.

You see this phrase all the time in contracts. It’s a term lawyers use to remind deal participants that not only must they follow through on their obligations– they must do so in a timely fashion.

In the case of the author Tim Byrd’s Astonishing Adventures of Doc Wilde Kickstarter Project, the phrase couldn’t be more apropos. There are only THREE DAYS LEFT and Tim’s great Kickstarter Project will end. The great news– the project will be funded. What we would all like to do now is see it funded at 200% of the original goal! (The extra funds will help Tim make the novels even more special!)

Tim’s been running like a madman for the last 3+ weeks, adding all kinds of incentives and extra books to the project– fantastic limited stuff like numbered special editions and exclusive Doc Wilde short stories.

That’s a smart move. When people discover Kickstarter– especially fiction fans– they love to contribute to different projects and receive something special. I’ve contributed to many myself and it has always been an inspiring, enjoyable, hassle-free experience.

Donations start at a mere $1.00 US and only $5.00 gets you a copy of a great eBook. Bigger pledge amounts lead to all kinds of cool special items. Inveterate Media Junkies has contributed to Tim’s efforts on several levels– and Jose and I urge you to contribute as well… If you can.

We are very mindful at IMJ when we make requests for monetary support– as we know times continue to be tough everywhere. But if you can afford to contribute, you will get many hours of reading pleasure for a very small amount of money. Spawned from the pulp fiction of old, a Doc Wilde novel is an ambitious thrill ride… And, on the plus side– you never have to read a Shadow or Doc Savage tale to enjoy Tim’s Wilde stories.

If you love action, adventure and exciting times, then the Astonishing Adventures of Doc Wilde is the Kickstarter Project for you. If possible, please help!

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