Expendables 2 Character Posters Show Us Older Women Can Be Expendable Too

Like GI Joe: Retaliation before it, these Expendables 2 character posters premiered on a bunch of different movie and geek related sites late last week. Also like GI Joe: Relation, you will find all of the character posters collected here for you in one handy gallery.

I never got around to seeing the first Expendables–and I’m not planning on seeing the second one, but that won’t stop me from posting news about it. I mean, I write about Marvel on a semi-regular basis and I can’t stand the company. While I am indifferent to the Expendables films I know some of you are fans… So that’s why I’ll cover whatever news is out there.

I do like the IDEA behind The Expendables– and I think that throwing a woman into the mix in the sequel is a good idea. But isn’t the premise behind The Expendables to have a cast of action oriented stars (past and present) featured in the movie? Nothing against Nan Yu, but she isn’t an action star. In fact the only sorta action film audiences may have seen her in is the greatly underrated Speed Racer.

Where is Michelle Yeoh or Cynthia Rothrock? These two women were kicking more ass during the 80s and 90s than most of the original Expendables cast (Jet Li excluded).

A few reasons I can think of why Michelle or Cynthia aren’t in it are 1) They WERE offered a role but turned it down, 2) The studio didn’t want a female star upstaging any of the macho males and hurting their egos, 3) The studio has no problem with casting aging male actors beyond their prime but will choose to cast a young female actor as opposed to an older one.

If the third reason is why Yeoh and Rothrock are not in the film… Well, to be blunt– that is just bullshit.

So, OK, fine. Let’s say the studio didn’t want any aging female actors in their movie. There are still plenty of young women action stars to choose from. If they chose Yu because they want to appeal to the Chinese movie market (which is kind or redundant, since Jet Li is also in the film)– why not choose an actress from another Asian country to extend the film’s universal appeal?

One female action star who comes immediately to mind is Thai actress JeeJa Yanin. JeeJa pretty much took up the Thailand action star mantle during Tony Jaa’s somewhat brief sabbatical from that country’s film industry. Again, maybe someone like Jeeja wouldn’t have even be considered for the role– primarily because she WOULD show up almost every other over-the-hill “action” star in The Expendables 2.

If either Michelle Yeoh, Cynthia Rothrock or JeeJa Yanin were in Expendables 2, I would make it a point to see the first film… And I would PAY to see the second one in a theater. As it stands, it just seems like another testosterone-laden American action flick that will be forgotten by anybody other than the most ardent fanboys in the next couple of years.

Just for the hell of it (and so you’ll having something to compare if you see The Expendables 2), I’ve thrown in some awesome clips of these true women of action below the gallery.

Via[SlashFilm, Collider, AintItCool, HitFix, IGN, ComingSoon, Yahoo, Moviefone, Fandango, MTV, CinemaBlend]

Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock in Yes Madam

Jeeja Yanin in Chocolate

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5 Responses to Expendables 2 Character Posters Show Us Older Women Can Be Expendable Too

  1. ed2962 says:

    It would have been fun if Michelle were in the flick. She does have a new film soon coming out soon called The Lady, based on a true story I believe.

  2. dimaman15 says:

    The first film was alright, in a sense that it was fun to watch but I won’t go out of my way to see it again. The main reasons I’ll end up watching the second one is Van Damme (bloodsport is all I have to say) and Terry Crews (the guy is hilarious).

  3. Locusmortis says:

    I took a look at Cynthia Rothrocks website and she looks like she’s still in awesome shape. Old codgers like Stallone are probably scared of being shown up by a woman.

  4. I watched the first one a few weeks ago just to have something to kill time on Netflix. I’m not a big action movie guy, but I have to say it was not that bad. I mean, it no cinematic masterpiece, but it was a fun, entertaining movie. And the fact that Stallone wrote and directed it, I was really surprised because it was decent and watchable.

    Now, I probably won’t go see Expendables 2. Like I said, not a big action guy. But when ever it comes on Netflix, if I have another day where I just want some simple entertainment, I’ll probably check it out.

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