Insideman’s Pull List™ Hot Hardcover, Graphic Novel Manga Picks for 5.9.12!

As MSpot warned us a few weeks ago, be careful what you wish for.

Well, okay… I didn’t wish this dump on anybody but I did warn it was coming last week. And it did. While all the singles collectors rejoiced with a light week, we trade waiters got slammed… Hard.

The sad thing is, in this midst of this huge dump, I almost purchased the Avengers The Crossing Omnibus too. I was just about to pull the trigger on this $99.99 doorstop when I had second thoughts and emailed Jose instead.

His response? He said it is stories like the ones reprinted in this omnibus that made him stop reading the Avengers comic… It’s just “… 90s Image shit.” “And,” he added, “I bet you can find them all in quarter bins.”

Ouch. He actually said a lot of other unfavorable things too… But I think I’ve already made his point.

Now for one of my own: Look at the cover on the left. This poorly drawn piece of shit is actually what prompted me to email J. in the first place. Nothing looked quite right in it– a massive red flag. But I thought, “This is a KANG time travel story– so maybe that’s why Thor looks so fucking weird.” Then I looked at Tony Stark as Iron Man and thought, “Why does Tony look like a slightly heftier version of Ed Helms (The US Office TV Series, The Hangover comedy films) with a pencil thin moustache?” That was the real clue something was very, very wrong here.

Sadly, Marvel has also released a Direct Market version with a much snazzier cover by Mike Deodato. Don’t get drawn in by that, my friends. Jose tells me Deodato’s work is in the book (somewhere) but not worth the hefty price of admission either.

About the other OAS (Old Avengers Shit) on this week’s release list: There are two other reprints actually worth the price of admission– and neither one of them qualifies as “shitty”.  The Avengers Kree Skrull War HC and the Avengers Private War of Doctor Doom HC are both recommended. But if you only have cash for one— buy the Kree/Skrull War Hardcover… Even if you’re burned out on Skrulls from their more recent Invasion of the Marvel Universe (which we all know was more like an incursion or infiltration).

At least with this Roy Thomas penned classic, you can see/read a Kree/Skrull story done right.

Yeah, I’m going here. I love Milo Manara and I love his erotic comics. In fact, it was his over-the-top erotic fantasy Click! that first introduced me to Manara’s comic book work. I remember reading those comics very carefully– to make sure no one caught on I was perusing something other than Amazing Spider-man or Superman. I went to great lengths to hide my Manara obsession back then… Which is why I am now coming out as an adult and professing my obsessed love for same in a very public forum.

Milo Manara has always drawn his erotica respectfully and with a determined sense of whimsy. Could it be classified as lewd? Well sure, by some. There’s always some nutbag ready to plaster anything with a bare man or woman pornography. But the Manara Erotica Volume 1 Hardcover is not pornography. It’s adult comics written for adults– who love a strong sense of story (and fantasy) along with their beautiful women and wonderful art.

Manara’s women are universally strong and extremely sensual. But they don’t work overtime to achieve the effect– they come by their sensuality and looks genetically. If you’re an adult who enjoys good stories filled with fun and gorgeous art, then these Manara Collections from Dark Horse (there are already two not tagged with the “Erotica” Label) are for you.

Under 18? We’ll you’ll be there soon enough. Keep dreaming.

Amazing Spider-Man Secret OriginsOh, please just stop already!
Anne Rice Servant Of The Bones HC
Archie Sundays Finest HC – I like Archie comics. Newspaper strips? Not so much
Astonishing X-Men Vol 7 Monstrous – Own the Hardcover
Atomic Robo Vol 6 Ghosts of Station X
Avengers Academy Second Semester HC
Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis Vol 3 HC – See Spider-man comment above
Avengers Crossing Omnibus HC – This Week’s POS*!
Avengers Kree Skrull War HC – Recommended
Avengers Private War of Doctor Doom HC – Recommended
Avengers X-Sanction HC
Baby’s In Black HC
Batman Vol 1 Court Of The Owls HC – Can’t wait for the other “16” Hardcovers!
Bible HC – Runner-Up Pick of the Week
Boondock Saints Limited Edition HC
Brightest Day Vol 2 – Own the Hardcover
Captain America by Ed Brubaker Vol 2 HC
Choker Vol 1
DC Universe Legacies
Dead Rising Road To Fortune
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 58
Epic Mad
Essential Black Panther Vol 1
FLCL Omnibus
Forgetless Live To See Last Call (New Edition) – Own the Original GN
Green Wake Vol 2
Grimm Fairy Tales The Library
Halo Fall Of Reach Covenant– Own the Hardcover
Hulk Return of the Monster HC – Own the Trades
Judge Dredd Crusade
Justice League International Vol 1 Signal Masters
Kolchak and Lost World SC
Kung Fu Panda Vol 2 Elemental
Legion of Super Heroes Archives Vol 13 HC
Lone Ranger Vendetta SC
Magneto Not A Hero
Manara Erotica Vol 1 HC – HOT Pick of the Week!
Mastering Comics
Megaplex Complete Story HC
MMW Avengers HC Vol 12
Oz Ozma Of Oz– Own the Hardcover
Oz Wonderland Chronicles Vol 2
Powers Vol 6 Sellouts – Own the Definitive Hardcovers
Pro One Shot (New Print) – Recommended (NSFW)
Pterodactyl Hunters in the Gilded City
Richie Rich Vol 1 Welcome to Rich Rescue
Savage Sword of Conan Vol 11
Shadow Double Novel Vol 60
Silver Surfer Parable HC
Space Ducks Infinite Comic Book Musical HC
Spider-man Identity Crisis (New Print)
Spider-Man Season One HC
Steve Ditko Archives Vol 3 Mysterious Traveler HC
Superman Grounded Vol 1
Thing Serpent Crown Affair HC
Three Stooges Vol 1 Bed Bugged
Transformers IDW Collection Vol 6 HC
Ultimate Spider-man Vol 12 HC
X-Men Mutant Genesis 2.0 HC – Oh, please just stop already!

Blood Blockade Battlefront Vol 2
Certain Scientific Railgun Vol 4
Gon Kodansha Edition Vol 5
Haruka Beyond The Stream Of Time Vol 16
Inu Yasha VizBig Edition Vol 11
Love Hina Omnibus Kodansha Edition Vol 3
Nausicaa Of Valley Of Wind Vol 1 (2nd Edition)
Nausicaa Of Valley Of Wind Vol 2 (2nd Edition)
Nausicaa Of Valley Of Wind Vol 3 (2nd Edition)
Nausicaa Of Valley Of Wind Vol 4 (2nd Edition)
Nausicaa Of Valley Of Wind Vol 5 (2nd Edition)
Nausicaa Of Valley Of Wind Vol 6 (2nd Edition)
Nausicaa Of Valley Of Wind Vol 7 (2nd Edition)
Negima Vol 34
One Piece Vol 62
Oresama Teacher Vol 8
Psyren Vol 4
Story of Saiunkoku Vol 7
Tegami Bachi Vol 9
Tokyo Mew Mew Omnibus Vol 3

Yeah, I’m going here too. From Milo Manara Erotica to DC’s Reprint of their short-lived Bible series… All in one column. Who says diversity is dead? Not me.

With all the “F-words” and “G-Damns” that pepper my prose, I think it’s fairly obvious that I am not that religious. And on the days that find me thinking of such subjects, I don’t choose to believe that I’ll be denied admittance into anyone’s Heaven for typing a few “bad” words. That quick, personal insight mercifully over, I highly recommend DC’s The Bible Hardcover.

The adaptations are written by long-time DC stalwart Sheldon Mayer, with cover art (and a few interior pages) by the incomparable Joe Kubert… With the equally incomparable Nester Redondo doing most of the art inside. (Thanks for the clarification, MikeBo— my memory failed me on that one… It’s been a while since I flipped through those pages.)

As the blurb states:

“In 1975, DC Comics published a comics adaptation of the Bible as part of a series of tabloid-sized comic books. This first book in the projected series adapted the earliest chapters of the book of Genesis, including the stories of The Garden of Eden, the Flood, and Sodom and Gomorrah.

While the adaptation never continued, this first volume has become something of a legend among collectors. Now, for the first time, DC reprints this hard-to-find classic in a deluxe hardcover edition.”

I don’t usually use a blurb to fill out a review space but since I agree with all of it, then why the hell not?


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17 Responses to Insideman’s Pull List™ Hot Hardcover, Graphic Novel Manga Picks for 5.9.12!

  1. Locusmortis says:

    Avengers: The Crossing is from the Bomber Jacket era of the Avengers iirc which was a real low point, Bob Harras and Terry Kavanagh should not have been left write comics. I think that volume contains the “Teen Tony” reboot of Iron Man which was quickly shunned for being so bloody awful.

    Looking down your list I can see that you’ve gotten one of the worst Judge Dredd stories ever, Crusade. This is from the brief period when John Wagner was busy with other things and the Dredd strip was given to Morrison and Millar for a while. Although the art was as sterling as one would expect, neither Morrison or Millar “get” Dredd’s character and the whole thing is a bit of a travesty.

    I’d wholeheartedly agree with your opinions on Manara, I’m expecting this in my next shipment of books arriving next week, I’ve championed Manara’s work here for a while now. Theres nothing wrong with erotic stories as long as they are GOOD erotic stories.

    • Insideman says:

      I blissfully missed much of the “bomber jacket” era of The Avengers and never really collected (and read even less) many early Image comics. This means I missed many of the Bob Harras/Scott Lobdell, et al, runs on different titles at Marvel and Image. But what I did read from both men seemed to universally suck. I continue to miss these stories due to my good pal J.– who warns me off shit like this when I ask.

      I heard about “Teen Tony” but I seriously don’t want to even think about it past writing this sentence. 😉

      What still boggles my mind months later: Harras is now DC’s Editor in Chief… And Lobdell seems firmly in place at DC as well. I have no personal “jones” against either guy. This comment comes purely from a critical creative standard– as I know well Harras was Marvel’s EIC and then worked closely with JIm Lee for years at Wildstorm… So his DC hiring was like “old home week” and a “no-brainer” for Lee.

      Per Dredd, I did see who wrote this particular volume… But I love Dredd (and many other 2000 AD comics) and I’m trying to expand my knowledge fully in this area… Because when I was younger, while I didn’t have any prejudice against reading “European” comics whatsoever… I did have trouble reading BLACK & WHITE comics. It seems weird but I also rejected black & white Movies at the time too. (Weirdly, didn’t mind black & white TV shows.)

      But I grew up (a little) a ways back and, like Art Books, I count many black & white comics and many movies among my favorites of all time. Now– especially with my Manga collection growing weekly– I like to feel I’m very open to ALL the art form has to offer. I buy the most mainstream shit and some of the weirdest independent shit you could possibly imagine.

      When I saw this Dredd volume was written by Morrison & Millar– I hoped it was more Grant than Mark. Sorry to hear that neither of them got the character. I always look at misfires like this like science projects. I’m hoping it will at least be interesting to see “how” they didn’t get Dredd and his world. (And there’s still the beautiful art to ogle.)

      Since I know you order in advance “like clockwork” from DCBS every month– you could always warn us less educated Dredd newbies off this shit in advance, you know. 😀 I, for one, would be grateful not to have to read another shitty comic– no matter what country it comes from. (Hey! Now that I think of it, didn’t you used to write a column like that on the old CCW site?)

      As far as Erotic comics go… I totally agree with you. But I will also admit that back in the mid-90s I enjoyed some of the utter shit Fantagraphics put out in the XXX arena (under the EROS Comix banner). Now that was some porn. But some of it was well drawn and completely outrageous– so I chose to overlook some of the other less than savory creative elements/decisions in the stories. If that’s not an indictment of the shape of most 90s mainstream comics– that I would rather have read a Fantagraphics porn book than The Avengers— I don’t know what is.

      Then again, if I didn’t read a few dozen of those– I would have never read Wendy Whitebread Undercover Slut and wouldn’t have been standing in front of creator Don Simpson (going under the hilarious nom de plume Anton Drek for his Adult stuff) at his booth in San Diego… And I wouldn’t be the proud owner of the very first page of Wendy Whitebread #1… A splash page that has some of the FUNNIEST dialogue EVER written in ANY comic book.

      Here’s the cover (NSFW)

      If you never read another “fun” american Adult Comic– you can’t go wrong with the hyper outrageous Wendy Whitebread (available in trade form too).

      • Locusmortis says:

        I always look over the eros and eurotica sections just in case the have something good, this month they have a Frank Thorne hardcover, I always like his Ghita and Lann stories.

        Sorry about the bad Dredd volume, Grant Morrison was doing fantastic work on Zenith at the time but anything Millar did for 2000AD stunk to high heaven, its one of the reasons that I have so little time for him now, I reckon that Morrison was just lending Millar a hand on the Dredd strips they did because they were buddies at the time, I don’t think he had any interest in Dredd as a character.

        And yes I did do a Previews column in the CCW days, is that you’re idea of a subtle hint? 😀

  2. TheMSpot says:

    I’m so glad you articulated why you enjoy Manara’s art in a simple an sensible manner. Compared to the tool bags over at Inkstuds who pretty much talked out of their ass for over two hours on what they liked about Manara’s art. Anyway, as always great column and thanks for the shout out.

  3. M. Fewko says:

    Ian, you have my interested now! ><

  4. ed2962 says:

    Cool column. Speaking of Manara, a couple of month ago Comics Alliance ran a series of articles on sex in comics. Here’s one that tries to contrast Manara with mainstream comics.
    I’m not 100% convinced of the writer’s point of view, but regardless of one’s feeling about erotic comics or superheroes, it’s still pretty interesting.

    • Insideman says:

      I haven’t looked at the column you linked to yet, Ed (but I definitely plan to in a few minutes). I have zero problem with sex in Comics, Movies or TV… When they are produced for– and distributed to– the correct audience. I would much rather see consenting adults going at it than another senseless act of gratuitous violence.

      The idea that Expendables 2 might be rated PG 13– while a shot of a woman’s bare breast for more than 20 seconds can get a movie Rated “R”– really burns my biscuit. 🙂

    • J. says:

      Most of the comments after the article made my fucking brain hurt.

      • Locusmortis says:


      • ed2962 says:

        Yeah, it’s kinda interesting that when they run an article like this or cover the Starfire controversy, etc they’ll hit triple digit comments in just a few days. A good chunk of the comments will accuse ppl at CA of being either prudes of humorless feminists. Then when CA gives an example of sex in mainstream comics they feel is portrayed well, someone will try to call them hypocrites.

        What’s funny to me is that CA will run other articles about indie or web comics that deal with sex or relationships, and occasionally erotica, but in those instances there’s hardly a peep ( I mean ppl comment, but it’s nothing like when something like Greg Land comes up). It’s only when they criticize DC or Marvel superheroes do some ppl get upset.

  5. mikebo says:

    One correction re: The Bible. “The adaptations are written by long-time DC stalwart Sheldon Mayer, with art by the incomparable Joe Kubert.” Kubert only contributed the cover artwork, and four interior pages. (As well as editing.) The bulk of the artwork is by Nestor Redondo.

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