All Systems Go! SpaceX Dragon Rocket Launches, Heads Toward International Space Station [HD VIDEO]

Shortly after this successful launch, SpaceX revealed that 308 capsules of cremains had also been placed in the second stage of the capsule. The second stage will orbit around the Earth for approximately one year before falling back to the planet.

While many of the “people” launched into space were “Average Joes”– a few notables’ remains also made the space trip, including Mercury program astronaut Gordon Cooper and Star Trek’s first (and most fierce) engineer, James “Scotty” Doohan.

With this news, I am expecting one or two things to happen within the next seven days: 1) The launch draws the attention of the Vulcans, leading to First Contact or 2) William Shatner makes a catty comment about James Doohan.

Also, no word yet if the continued success of Marvel Studios will force SpaceX to rebrand their next Dragon rocket “The Avengers 2”.

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