Who’s Getting What This Week?

Well…shit. Another volume of Bakuman!? I haven’t even gotten a chance to buy the one that came out last week. And another issue of Invincible!? It’s picked a fine time to start shipping on schedule. Normally I would be ecstatic that both of these titles are coming out but not this week. Why, you ask? Because I am kind low on funds for things I don’t really need. Like the “I’ve been eating ramen and grilled cheese sandwiches for the last 5 days” kind of low on funds. Luckily I find ramen quite yummy and also kinda sorta have a small thingy lined up that will help out immensely so everything should be all good this time next week (or the week after)…I hope.

Anywho, here’s what is going to be waiting for me from my pull list when I go pick up my LCS:

Bakuman Vol 12
Invincible #93
X-Factor #239

What are you getting this week?

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12 Responses to Who’s Getting What This Week?

  1. Locusmortis says:

    I’m annoyed with Viz’s scheduling of Bakuman. It used to be released one volume every 2 months like most manga. This month they’re shipping 2 volumes in 1 month, that fucks up my budget and I don’t like that. In July and August they are shipping volumes each month which means 4 volumes in 3 months whereas there used be 2 volumes in 4 months.

    Action comics 11 will be my last issue of that title, I’m just fed up with it, Morrison is seriously off-form and Morales is meh on this run.

  2. bello1234 says:

    Animal Man 11

    Skipping the shop this week not worth going for merely one week. I hope Animal Man picks up the first 6 issues were amazing now the book is really slowing down. I’m only continuing because of how amazing Swamp Thing is.

    Next week is actually a big one for me not looking forward to that, but its at least for quality books.

  3. tomstewdevine says:

    Animal Man #11
    Dial H #3
    Earth Two #3
    Fairest #5
    Sweet Tooth #35
    Epic Kill #3
    Mind MGMT #2
    Morning Glories #20
    Thief of Thieves #6
    Fury Max #4
    Punisher #13

  4. dimaman15 says:

    Ramen noodles and Grilled Cheeses sound so good right now.

    • dimaman15 says:

      Got to add some bacon to those Grilled Cheeses, but on the topic of what i’m getting this week:
      Invincible #93 (Ryan Ottley is by far my favourite artist)
      Animal Man #11 (I’m content with how Animal Man is right now and also because I collect Swamp Thing)

      • NicktheStick says:

        Can’t say that I can comment on the food. But I do agree with you that Ottley is by far my favorite artist as well.

  5. Dectective #11
    Action #11
    Smallville #3
    Animal Man #11
    Fairest #5
    Masters of the Universe #1
    Hellraiser #15
    Thief of Thieves #6
    As much as I don’t want too, I’m thinking Swamp Thing and Animal Man may get the cut after #12 unless something epic happens. And It may get to all but a few DC title I stick with *cough*Demon Knights*cough* that I drop since my dad is starting to get meh about the Superman family titles.

  6. I’m quite familiar with the ramen diet. With that mind, I’m getting these books this week.

    Action Comics #11
    Earth 2 #3
    Fairest #5
    Red Lanterns #11
    Worlds’ Finest #3
    Creator-Owned Heroes #2
    Hack/Slash #17
    Invincible #93
    Deadpool #57

  7. kurumais says:

    dial h
    earth 2
    the infernal swamp thing

  8. NicktheStick says:

    Invincible and fury max for me. I’m pretty sure I’m king to drop most of my titles. I’m just not reading anything that is truly exciting me. I think I’m going to go down to 5-7 titles. With only one them coming from the big two. I wish I had the extra money to catch up on Bakuman and some other mangas that I want to read. Anyways that’s really all I have to say.

  9. Matthew Guy says:

    FAIREST #5 (MR)


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