Uncanny Avengers #1 Cover

[Via EW]

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19 Responses to Uncanny Avengers #1 Cover

  1. J. says:

    Everything about that cover is hideous.

    • Insideman says:

      They certainly look very angry, don’t they? Like they don’t want to be there?

      I think I am making the same face right now.

      • J. says:

        At least it depicts what the Avengers have been all about for the last few years. When they’re not busy stuffing food in their face, they just stand around doing absolutely nothing.

        • Insideman says:

          … Except looking angry.

          OK, you’re right. 😀

          Only a comic book company would think a cover featuring ONLY people CONTEMPTIBLY SCOWLING at the consumer is a good idea.

          • J. says:

            People love their grim n’ gritty, not to mention boring as shit, comics. I wonder if the 10 variant covers for this will be just as atrocious.

  2. I think it is a great cover. It represents exactly what we will get: bland, uninspired stories.

  3. Tiger Topher says:

    Wow… When did John Cassaday forget how to draw?

    • kurumais says:

      thats exactly what i thought T^2 i can honestly say that is the worst thing i have ever seen fron john cassady. what did they give him 20 minutes to get it in? thats not even cap’s new costume from other promo art. and is that really the look they want to go with for havok? when i first heard about the book i said pass then i heard cassady’s name then said maybe , now its back to pass.

  4. Locusmortis says:

    Teasing this shit before the ending of “the event that will change everything” has been resolved is ridiculous. Just more sausage-making thats all that this is.

  5. M. Fewko says:


  6. TheMSpot says:

    So many things wrong with this image. I’ll reiterate what everyone else is saying, what was Cassaday on when he drew this, and what the fuck does ReEvolution mean?

    Anytime I look at Marvel whether it be stalwert titles like Amazing Spider-Man or certain creators working their all I can think is how the mighty have fallen.

  7. Whats next? The Uncanny Punisher, The Uncanny Thing?…Wouldnt that be cool? 😉 I think we can agree that most people find the Uncanny X-Men way superior then the regular title so it kinda makes sense to start adding Uncanny to our comic books. Its like uncanny makes it more bad-ass..and edgy and new..I like the cover by Cassaday because it may be simple it shows this new fresh start.. And..because this is a zero,zero, one issue..Marvel feels confident enough to aim for at least 100 issues.

  8. Hey look! It’s Wolverine! Ugh.

  9. a13506 says:

    And the poacing continues. Rogue and Havok are the next sacrificial x-lambs to the Ink Gods for the promotion of the Avengers!

  10. Rob F says:

    You know how we can tell Cap and Havok are serious? They are making fists….

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