The Walking Dead’s Zombie Survival Machine of Choice – HYUNDAI?

I opened up my August 2012 copy of MacLife and saw this.

Now before you go, “Hey the lines in the car windows don’t match!”… I mutilated my magazine to get this scan… So live with it. Otherwise, I swear my scanner had nothing to do with the color disparity between the two pages. That’s entirely on MacLife.

I’m not the least bit against Hyundai (they’re relatively inexpensive, fuel-efficient cars) nor am I against Robert Kirkman LLC making an extra buck on The Walking Dead #100.

But I am questioning the term “Ultimate Zombie Survival Machine”.

This little gizmo might be good for a quick in and out mission in the middle of a zombie-filled city… But is it the “Ultimate” Zombie Survival Machine?

No. This is the Ultimate Zombie Survival Machine:

This is Billionaire Mark Cuban’s Yacht, Fountainhead.

Slap a desalination machine on the stern, some solar panels on the top and you could flit from port to port getting all the booty (and fuel) you’d ever need for 100 lifetimes.

I was originally going to say THIS was the Ultimate Zombie Survival Machine:

But then I got a tear in my eye thinking about Frank Darabont. 😉

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2 Responses to The Walking Dead’s Zombie Survival Machine of Choice – HYUNDAI?

  1. stamps1723 says:

    I don’t think Hyundai would be my choice either. Oh marketing.

    I’ve always held the belief that in a zombie apocalypse you would only need to wait a year or so. The zombies would rot away to the point of nothing after awhile so I would take Mark Cuban’s yacht and take it to Australia and be safe.

    As you can tell like a good nerd I’ve given ridiculous amounts of thought to the purely fictional zombie outbreak situation.

  2. Locusmortis says:

    I just noticed that the tank Andrew Lincoln is jumping off is a russian one, probably a T-62

    Another thing that Kirkman and the producers seem to have ignored is that petrol and diesel are perishable commodities. After about 6 months they start to evaporate, within a year unless someone is still pumping crude oil, refining it and distributing it they would be out of gas.

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